Florida Man's General Store in Cultivation World
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chapter 340: epilogue


In a realm dominated by martial prowess, where might is synonymous with power, there emerged an exception—Leo, the enigmatic Florida Man. Forged in the crucible of a nuclear wasteland, Leo emerged as the mightiest mutant, wielding an alien artifact capable of bartering his lifespan for contemporary items. Having endured 50,000 solitary years in a world bereft of humanity, he amassed sufficient lifespan to embark on a transmigration journey to a newfound habitable world.

Leo's arrival on this mysterious planet unraveled a startling revelation—his very presence emitted radiation, triggering mutations in the surrounding flora. Driven by a genuine concern for the planet's delicate ecosystem, Leo opted for a reclusive existence. However, fate had other plans in store, as the local denizens stumbled upon his existence, sparking a chain of events fueled by misunderstanding.