I Became a Magical Cheat Loli Witch
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List of most recent chapters published for I Became a Magical Cheat Loli Witch novel. A total of 220 chapters have been translated and the release date of the last chapter is Feb 27, 2024

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volume 7 chapter 204: a new journey - feeling our way forward


A self-proclaimed goddess from another world, named Goddess Liliel, bestows a unique skill, Creation Magic upon the protagonist, who is about to be reincarnated into a different world. Despite having knowledge of Japan from a previous life, the specifics elude her. The protagonist, now choosing the name Chise, invents the Seed of Magic to boost her mana and continues creating them with her enhanced mana capacity.

Chise, the forever-young loli cheat creation witch, discovers that obtaining vast amounts of mana halts her aging process, granting her perpetual youth. Embracing her perpetual youth, she brings her golem daughter, Tet, who shares the same ageless trait, on an adventurous journey. Together, they explore various places in a different world, using the safe land Chise personally created as their base.