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chapter 223: mutation


Alan, a young science teacher, is thrust into an extraordinary challenge orchestrated by alien invaders—participation in the surreal VR Apocalypse Games. Faced with the dire need to save his ailing daughter, Alan embraces a path of weaponry and strategy, determined to ascend as one of the top contenders in this perilous virtual realm.

In this deadly game, survivors must navigate various apocalypse scenarios, from an ice age to nuclear fallout, AI meltdowns, apex predator challenges, and more. All of this hinges on one promise: defeat all rounds, and the alien invaders will leave Earth in peace. Each year, as less than 10% manage to survive, the world watches in terror as loved ones grapple with the harsh realities of life and death.

After enduring seven grueling years, Alan and his team emerge as the last bastion of hope for humanity. However, even their valiant efforts culminate in defeat. Alan is left with nothing—his comrades, his daughter, and the collective hope of mankind.

Given a second chance, armed with knowledge of the game's secrets and insights into the future, can this ordinary science teacher succeed in altering the course of destiny and saving the world?

Author Notes: This novel represents my fifth literary endeavor, a culmination of experience gleaned from crafting over 2000 chapters and securing a position among the Top 20 Webnovel Authors for three years. Combining elements of VR, Squid games, and Apocalypse movies, it promises an immersive and gripping narrative for enthusiasts of these genres.