What If I Can't Die?
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Song Shi entered an immortal world teeming with demons and monsters, expecting a cautious path to immortality. However, he encountered an unexpected twist, awakening to a death-defying system that granted him strength through death, making him stronger with each demise. His journey took an unconventional turn; while others pursued immortality through cultivation, Song Shi, already immortal, sought it by orchestrating his own demise in various ways.

You were killed 10 times by the Yin spirit, awakening the spiritual root of fire!. You were killed 10 times by the zombie, awakening the innate divine power!. You were killed 10 times for excess cultivation, awakening the Daoist heart!.  You were killed by a formation, formation level +1!" "You were killed by an alchemy explosion, +1 alchemy level!

From the Pure Yang Spiritual Body to the Nine Yang Divine Body, Sun Sacred Body to Vajra Spiritual Body, Golden Divine Body to Draconic Sacred Body, Psychic Sword Body to Innate Dao Body, and mastery in Formation and Alchemy – Song Shi's cultivation became a captivating journey. His pursuit of the immortal path involved finding inventive ways to meet his end.

As the years passed, rumors spread across the world that when Song Shi died, immortals quivered in fear, demons trembled, and ten thousand Buddhas retreated. His unique approach to immortality had left an indelible mark on the realm.