VRMMO no Shien Shokunin ~Top Player no Shikakenin~
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List of most recent chapters published for VRMMO no Shien Shokunin ~Top Player no Shikakenin~ novel. A total of 146 chapters have been translated and the release date of the last chapter is Mar 06, 2024

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chapter 146: notos beach, swimsuits and fundoshis


Persuaded by his cheerful childhood friend Miyu, Wataru found himself immersed in the virtual reality massively multiplayer online game, Trailblazer or TB for short. However, when Miyu, brimming with enthusiasm, proposed taking on the role of a rearguard Shinto priest, Wataru surprised her by opting for a different path.

What!? You're not going to fight alongside me!? And you call yourself a man!? Miyu exclaimed, expressing her dismay. Despite her ascent to the ranks of top players and earning the title of Hero, Wataru felt relegated to the role of an extra. The situation took an unexpected turn during a PvP event when a peculiar nickname was bestowed upon Wataru – he was revealed as the Hero's true self.