Transmigrated Scoundrel's Exchange System
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chapter 310: ending the debacle


Han Cai once enjoyed a privileged life, born into the opulence of a wealthy merchant family. Surrounded by affluence, he had everything at his fingertips, shielded by vigilant guards. His family's wealth and influence were unparalleled in the town, discouraging any potential offenders. However, this idyllic existence was about to undergo a profound transformation. Han Cai's father had decided to take him to the Sky Soaring sect, marking the beginning of his journey as a cultivator.

Haunted by regret and loneliness in his past life, Han Cai embraced this chance for a fresh start in the world of cultivation. Yet, he acknowledged his past as a scoundrel, suspecting it might persist into this new life. Gazing at his system panel, he noted key details: Name: Han Cai, Age: 10, Life Span: 40 Years, and various attributes such as Strength, Perception, Agility, Speed, Constitution, Intelligence, and Charm. With an exchange points balance of 820 (1/day), a system update awaited, its nature shrouded in mystery. The tantalizing prospect of initiating the Law of Equal Exchange lingered, sparking curiosity within Han Cai's mind.