The Undead King of the Palace of Darkness (WN)
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chapter 135.2: demon king of evernight


I refuse to accept my demise; I yearn for freedom. To achieve that, I must embrace the fate of transforming into a monster. Afflicted by a peculiar disease, my entire body writhes in ceaseless, agonizing pain until I wither away and succumb to death. Enduring this torment for years, I find myself devoid of the luxury to despair. In solitude, I draw my final breath.

Upon reopening my eyes, I discover that, through the sinister powers of a malevolent Necromancer, I have become the lowest-ranked "Undead." Rejoicing at the fulfillment of my earnest desire for a pain-free existence, I soon realize the bitter truth – I remain under someone else's control, reminiscent of my time confined in a hospital ward. Yet, the world isn't content to leave me be. The Necromancer, having resurrected me, dubs me "End" and attempts to assert dominance.

Undead Knights, sacrificing their lives, relentlessly pursue and eliminate creatures of darkness. In a realm where Demon Lords, commanding legions of monsters, vie for supremacy, survival and freedom serve as motivations, and caution and power are essential requirements. This is the chronicle of the timid Undead King, driven by the pursuit of freedom. In his quest, he engages in battle, at times retreating strategically, understanding when to fear his opponents and when to stand firm in his decisions.