The Rebirth of an ill-Fated Consort
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chapter 201: to stand on trial


In the midst of tearful despair, she made a venomous pledge, and the gods answered her call. Cast back a decade into the past, the rightful daughter of the Jiang family emerged from the depths of hell. Unfazed by the accusations of being a country-wrecking temptress, she resolved to plunge the world into chaos, starting with her enchanting sister, malicious stepmother, cruel lover, and heartless family.

Once a mere pawn in her previous life, she now saw the world as her chessboard. With an enchanting smile and a figure that captured the nation's attention, the woman in red wreaked havoc, a vengeful spirit seeking blood from those who wronged her. I want those who owe me a life debt to lay their hearts before me. Those who once scorned me should only admire me. Lord Zhong Zi must tremble at the sight of me. I aim to traverse these magnificent rivers and mountains! she declared.

A dark-robed figure, as cold as the Northern Star, confronted her. You are a temptress, and I am a thief, he proclaimed, the perfect match to her fiery red dress and icy heart. Despite his stoic exterior, he warmed her frozen heart. In this life, the elegant man resembled a snowy bamboo grove, advancing relentlessly toward her like an unstoppable force.

Ruan Ruan, if you hate the world, then I shall conquer the lands with you, he declared. In response to her question about loving the world, he asserted, I am the world, so you can only love me.