The Primordial Record
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List of most recent chapters published for The Primordial Record novel. A total of 825 chapters have been translated and the release date of the last chapter is May 26, 2024

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chapter 825: the strongest god


Rowan Kuranes stirred to consciousness in a foreign realm, inhabiting the fading vessel of a dying prince. This newfound body harbors chilling secrets that demand protection, for within its confines rests the key to Eternity itself. Rowan grapples with the imperative to master his emerging abilities, facing adversaries who stop at nothing to strip him of his newfound powers. As he embarks on this arduous journey, he must strike a delicate balance, preserving a fraction of his humanity even as he undergoes a relentless evolution toward godhood.

Author's Note: Brace yourself for the inclusion of horror elements, drawing inspiration from Lovecraftian Eldritch Horror. Those with an affinity for the eerie realms of Bloodborne and the spine-chilling entities that lurk in the shadows will find solace within these pages. Anticipate epic action sequences, sprawling battles across galaxies, and an immensely powerful protagonist who stands as a formidable one-man army.