Taking the Mafia to the Magic World
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List of most recent chapters published for Taking the Mafia to the Magic World novel. A total of 740 chapters have been translated and the release date of the last chapter is May 26, 2024

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chapter 740: exchange of information


Vicente a notorious criminal from Earth, meets his demise during an escape operation, betrayed by one of his trusted associates. Little does he know, his journey is far from over. As he faces the inevitable end, Vicente unexpectedly finds himself in a peculiar place, occupying a body different from his own.

In a twist of fate, Vicente is granted a second chance at life. However, this time, it's in a magical world brimming with possibilities that defy the norms of Earth. Determined to unravel the mysteries surrounding his rebirth, Vicente embarks on a fantastical journey, seeking answers to the questions that plague his mind.

Navigating this new reality, Vicente employs his cunning methods to survive and grapples with the inevitable losses that come his way. Join him as he forges a unique family, blending the old mafia ways with the enchanting elements of this magical realm.

Note: This is a work of fantasy and is not tied to any real-world events.