Supreme Lord: I can extract everything!
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chapter 782: dragons, fenrir, and a cat


In a world shaped by the interstellar era, Michael Fang harbors dreams of ascending to the status of a Lord in a realm shrouded in mystery. His aspirations center around exploring ancient ruins and establishing a cherished territory. However, the reality sets in when he discovers his ordinary nature in a world teeming with celestial prodigies. Everything changes when he stumbles upon the Gate to the Origin Expanse, a realm that promises to redefine his understanding of self and destiny. Empowered and resolute, Michael is determined to turn his apparent setbacks into opportunities, navigating a perilous path to fulfill his ambitions. "Witness as I extract everything!" Join Michael Fang on his odyssey through the Origin Expanse, as he confronts challenges and adversaries to realize his dreams and ascend to the coveted status of the Supreme Lord.