SSS-Grade Cafe in Front of The Dungeon
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List of most recent chapters published for SSS-Grade Cafe in Front of The Dungeon novel. A total of 167 chapters have been translated and the release date of the last chapter is May 27, 2024

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chapter 167


Imagine being engulfed in a dungeon explosion while giving your all at work, only to find yourself waking up three years in the past! Determined to make the most of this second chance, I bid farewell to the monotonous life of a salary s*ave and seized the opportunity to transform my grandmother's store into a cozy cafe.

Situated near a dungeon, my quaint establishment lacked customers, but that didn't bother me. My new mantra was working two days and savoring five days of play. However, my newfound freedom took an unexpected turn.

[Class: I woke up as the cafe owner (F)]
[Skill: I have the coffee in my hand (Lv.1)]
[Mission: Brew 100 cups of mixed coffee (0/100)]
[Item: Mixed Coffee – Increases recovery speed by 100% faster]

No longer a wage save, I found myself becoming a coffee save. The attractive regular customer, who seemed unusually persistent, added a curious twist to my daily routine. It felt oddly reminiscent of an RPG storyline, where the protagonist, initially running an errand, gets entangled in a troublesome quest involving a devil. Resolute, I vowed not to succumb to such a fate. My role was that of a novice innkeeper, and I had no intention of playing beyond those bounds.