Shadowless Night

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chapter 165


Venturing into the depths of the forest carried a dire warning – the shadows lurking within hungered for those who dared to enter. These elusive shadows had a peculiar behavior: they would only move when no one was watching. Amidst the ominous tales of the forest, there existed a shadow capable of mimicking the appearance of those who wandered into its domain. Unbelievably, this shadow could speak.

Rosaline, a member of the esteemed Knights of the White Night, vanished under mysterious circumstances after an enemy onslaught during a hunting contest. The search for her led to a startling discovery: she was found unconscious, severely injured, lying beneath a cliff. Days later, when Rosaline regained consciousness, it became apparent that she suffered from a profound memory loss. Communicating even basic words proved challenging, and her behavior was equally perplexing – walking barefoot, clad in pajamas, engaging in informal conversations, and nonchalantly picking up food from the ground. Observers couldn't help but question: Was this truly Rosaline, the valiant knight?