Rise Of The Infinite Sovereign
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chapter 321: terrified, mystified


Kevin Reed experienced a profound revelation on the verge of death, witnessing the betrayal of those he had pledged allegiance to, including long-time comrades. Closing his eyes for what seemed like the last time, he lamented, If only I had known. However, against all expectations, he found himself transported back in time, inhabiting the body of the fourth prince in an Empire on the brink of collapse.

Thus begins the tale of a Knight using the Empire's intricate web of machinations to exact revenge on those who betrayed him. Armed with knowledge of the future, Kevin navigates every situation with strategic precision, preparing for the impending Era of Prodigies and Disaster. Yet, to realize his ambitions, he must confront adversity and navigate a journey fraught with twists, enemies, and challenges.

Witness Ezra's rise from what may not be the most humble beginnings to the pinnacle of existence, as he transforms into a True Sovereign, rising from the ashes. However, even Ezra couldn't predict the chaos this single irregularity would unleash. Join us on this journey, as the knowledge of the future unfolds in unexpected ways.

Note: The narrative maintains a balanced pace, neither too slow to induce boredom nor too fast to cause confusion. The events unfold dynamically, ensuring a captivating reading experience. While the novel's title may initially seem unrelated to the story, its significance becomes apparent over the long term.