Return Of The Strongest Player
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chapter 278: gourd of a dragon's blood


Winner of the WPC July 2023, this tale unfolds when the Demons and Angels of the 99th floor unite against a perceived threat to their rule. The Lord of Sins, a formidable figure within the Heaven's Spire, posed an unprecedented challenge to the transcendents. Fearing his potential rebellion, the Demons and Angels hatched a plan to eliminate the Lord of Sins, orchestrating a downfall through manipulation, clan alliances, and the manipulation of fate. The once-mighty Lord of Sins succumbed to their efforts. However, the triumph of the transcendents was short-lived. In a bold declaration, the fallen Lord of Sins vowed a return, stronger and beyond their reach. With a determined spirit, he traveled back in time, focusing solely on reclaiming his position. "Return of The Strongest Player" chronicles his journey, navigating obstacles and forming bonds on his quest to reclaim the summit of strength.