Naruto: The Wind Calamity
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List of most recent chapters published for Naruto: The Wind Calamity novel. A total of 599 chapters have been translated and the release date of the last chapter is May 26, 2024

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chapter 598: avoiding the plague!


The protagonist undergoes a transmigration into the Narutoverse, occupying the body of a civilian orphan. Fortunately, this transmigration grants him the unlocking of chakra. The narrative unfolds as the protagonist navigates the ninja world, diligently growing in power and establishing his presence.


  • The protagonist won't attain overpowering abilities immediately; instead, strength will be achieved through rigorous training and hard work over years.
  • No harem is anticipated (and probably no romance either).
  • Expect a substantial amount of killing, possibly including gore (though the execution of gore is uncertain).
  • The story commences at a deliberate pace, with initial chapters centered on training, orphanage life, and academy experiences, preceding the protagonist's official Genin status.
  • The protagonist is cautious and avoids unnecessary risks.
  • The narrative does not incorporate the Boruto plotline.

What to Expect:

  • A smart and consistent protagonist.
  • Extensive training sequences.
  • The protagonist manipulating the plot to his advantage.
  • A plethora of original story arcs.
  • While the overall plot stays true to the source material (at least until Shippuden), scenes and dialogues from the manga will not be duplicated.


  • The author does not own Naruto or its characters (except for the original characters created). The cover image is not the author's and belongs to R. J.