Monarch of Gluttony: System of Sin
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chapter 247: that's why


In a world on the brink of despair, the Tower of Sins emerged—a majestic structure offering a glimmer of hope amidst the apocalyptic onslaught of monsters that pushed humanity to the brink of extinction. As a last refuge, the mysterious tower became humanity's sanctuary, harboring countless survivors. Among them, a select few were chosen by the tower itself and dubbed the Lords of Sins, bestowed with unique abilities tied to their greatest transgressions in life.

Their mission was clear: ascend the tower, overcome challenges, and reach its pinnacle to gain unparalleled strength and freedom. Only the Lords of Sins and their chosen companions were permitted to climb, marking them as the deities of the Tower. Meanwhile, the rest remained stranded on Floor Zero.

Among those left behind was Azekiel, a man who had led a virtuous life without committing any sins. However, fate takes an unexpected turn when Azekiel, in a moment of weakness, succumbs to a sin that thrusts him into the ranks of the Lords of Sins. The unfolding legend of Sins holds the power to unravel reality itself, unveiling unimaginable secrets that lie beneath the surface of the world.