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List of most recent chapters published for MARVEL: GAME MAKER SYSTEM novel. A total of 203 chapters have been translated and the release date of the last chapter is May 27, 2024

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chapter 203: pokemon trailer!


Meet Alex, an ordinary individual harboring a singular dream – the desire to be transported to a fantastical realm. Little did he anticipate that his transmigration wouldn't be to a mere magical world, but to one far more familiar. Instead of being endowed with an empowering system, he found himself in possession of a unique system enabling him to craft games. The intriguing twist lay in the fact that the more people engaged with his creations, the more formidable powers he acquired.

In this extraordinary realm, Alex's newfound abilities garnered attention from iconic figures. Tony Stark, usually capable of replicating the feats of the Watch Dogs protagonist in reality, found himself captivated by the allure of the virtual realm. Even the Hulk, notorious for his disdain of Dark Souls, couldn't resist the pull, unleashing his frustrations in the gaming world with fervor. Meanwhile, Nick Fury, the stern overseer of Shield agents, issued a high-stakes ultimatum tied to completing the Hitman game.

In this peculiar universe, where superheroes abound, the unexpected puppet master behind the scenes wasn't a cosmic force or a nefarious villain, but rather an unassuming game developer – Alex.