Married Thrice to Salted Fish
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At the age of eighteen, Lin Qingyu entered into a Chong Xi marriage with the Nan’an Hou Mansion, becoming the male wife of the ailing Lu Wancheng. On the eve of their wedding, Young Master Hou expressed his desire to avoid domestic struggles and simply lead a carefree life, confessing his wish to be a salted fish.

A year later, Young Master Hou fell seriously ill and, foreseeing his own death, proposed the idea of continuing to transmigrate. To ensure future recognition, he and Lin Qingyu devised a secret code. Lin Qingyu, prepared to remain a widow, found himself unexpectedly proposed to by a great general just six months later. Despite his initial reluctance, the general's cryptic statement, If odd, change; if even, remain the same? convinced Lin Qingyu to accept the proposal.

Two years later, the general died in battle, leaving Lin Qingyu in mourning. Before he could fully grieve, he was recruited into the palace by the Emperor, who lamented the shattering of his own salted fish dreams. Lin Qingyu, aware of his late husband's cunning nature, comforted the Emperor and encouraged him to focus on his responsibilities.