Magic's Return: I Can See The Spirits
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chapter 282: i don’t like her.


The God of Magic withdrew his blessings, leaving the Tower of Magic in ruins and casting a shadow over the mage community. Magic fell into disrepute, especially among the surviving mages who faced disdain from the world, except for one notable exception—the Vesta Family. For millennia, this powerful lineage produced exceptional mages capable of resisting external threats, even without the God of Magic's blessing.

However, the Vesta Family now confronted an unprecedented challenge: a lack of capable heirs. The situation changed dramatically when Christopher Davis, a gang leader from the underworld, transmigrated into the body of Vaan Astra Vesta, considered the family's weak link and a waste. Christopher, now inhabiting Vaan's body, discovered an extraordinary ability to see otherworldly magic spirits with knowledge surpassing the Vesta Family's treasured magic books.

Combined with Vaan's innate god-like talent, a new prodigy emerged—the Hope. This prodigy, named Christopher Davis, possessed the strength to safeguard the Vesta Family, restore magic to its former glory, and defy the challenges faced by the family. Christopher's unique approach, marked by his gangster-like tendencies, promised to inject a refreshing perspective into the world of magic.