Live Dungeon!

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List of most recent chapters published for Live Dungeon! novel. A total of 227 chapters have been translated and the release date of the last chapter is May 27, 2024

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chapter 227: the threat of explorers


Enter the realm of an old MMORPG, Live Dungeon. Kyotani Tsutomu, just before the game's service termination, utilized five notebook PCs to successfully clear it and found himself invited to a different world. However, upon witnessing a live relay of a dungeon capture in this alternate reality, Tsutomu is left speechless. The approach is reckless, lacking any strategic thinking.

Fate deals Tsutomu an unfortunate hand as he ends up in the healer position. Undeterred, he resurrects the White Mage, a favorite from his gaming days. His new goal: conquering the dungeon to uncover the key that will allow him to escape from this unfamiliar world.