Kill the Sun

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chapter 482: not everything


In a post-apocalyptic Earth, ravaged by the Specters with lost technologies and forgotten advancements, humanity struggles to survive. The world is dominated by these horrifying beings with destructive powers, erasing the memories of past accomplishments and leaving the population unaware of the world's former glory.

Amidst this chaos, a young boy with amnesia awakens in the harsh landscape of the Dregs, located in the heart of Crimson Fungus City. As he grows up, he defies the odds and attains strength, earning an opportunity to take the exam for a prestigious role—Zephyx Extractor, tasked with harvesting the powers of Specters.

Unfortunately, his past encounter with a Specter has already bestowed him with abilities, rendering him ineligible for the coveted position. Just when it seems his luck has run out, a mysterious visitor arrives, turning the tide of fortune for the young boy.