I Just Inherited The Arcane Emperor's Legacy
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chapter 250: arrival


Within the Solarian Empire, society was starkly divided along bloodlines. The nobility luxuriated in opulence, relishing fine wines and exquisite cuisine while holding dominion over the common populace. Their supremacy rested on their exclusive knowledge of the most potent force in existence – magic. The nobles meticulously guarded this knowledge, preventing its dissemination among the commoners and thereby maintaining their privileged status.

In Solaria, Leo, a young orphan, harbored an astonishingly potent affinity for magic, unbeknownst to him due to his impoverished circumstances. The barriers of poverty hindered him from seeking education at any magic academy, and his struggle for survival unfolded on the streets of Solhaven. However, everything changed when he stumbled upon the lost tome of the Arcane Emperor.

I can surpass a 7th Circle Mage.

Remarkable! You must have dedicated decades to your training. How old are you?


A seismic shift was imminent in a world on the brink of upheaval.