Celestial Bloodline
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List of most recent chapters published for Celestial Bloodline novel. A total of 459 chapters have been translated and the release date of the last chapter is May 26, 2024

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chapter 459: no mana land i


Kyle, burdened by a perceived lack of talent compared to his peers, endured mockery and condescension from others, leading him to abandon his diligent efforts. Understanding that the world favored the strong in a perilous environment, he felt helpless, convinced that his limited potential left him with no viable path to success.

However, a turning point emerged when his brother proposed an unexpected idea – taking the Royal Academy test to gain valuable experience. Kyle, initially incredulous at the suggestion, couldn't fathom attempting such a feat. He doubted the feasibility of passing a test for one of the kingdom's most prestigious academies, especially considering his lack of dedication even after awakening his talent.

Despite his skepticism and the apparent impossibility of success, Kyle, motivated by familial ties, resolved to undertake the challenge.