Ascension Through Skills
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chapter 211: 51st floor, the wolf that brought destruction to the world (1)


Within the labyrinth that had engulfed humanity, they faced a crucial decision. Four distinct paths lay before them: Easy Mode, ensuring survival for all; Normal Mode, where only the fighters endured; Hard Mode, where a mere 1% could persevere; and the Solo Mode, allowing only one to emerge alive. Kang Taesan, humanity's most formidable returnee, had once treaded the path of Easy Mode. The echoes of countless voices haunted him, questioning his decision: What if you had opted for Hard Mode, or even Normal Mode? Lamenting his timidity as destruction closed in, he found himself granted another opportunity to choose. This time, I won't falter. The epitome of strength in Easy Mode returned, determined not to make the same mistake again.