A Practical Guide to Evil
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The Empire celebrates its triumph, with the Dread Empress reigning for two decades over the once Kingdom of Callow. However, beneath the surface of this apparent golden age, threats to the throne are quietly emerging. The Wasteland nobles, hungry for power, conspire with hidden agendas behind amiable facades. In the north, the Forever King contemplates war as he eyes the Empire's expanding borders. The gravest peril lies to the west, where the First Prince of Procer has recently ascended the throne, contemplating a crusade to secure her reign after her people have been divided.

Amidst these challenges, the most formidable threat resides in the heart of the conquered lands, where a man of immense danger engages with an orphan girl, offering her a knife. Named Catherine Foundling, she holds a plan. "A Practical Guide to Evil" unfolds as a YA fantasy novel, centering around Catherine Foundling navigating a world where, in a departure from the conventional narrative, she aligns herself not with the heroes but pursues her own path. The story delves into the complex notions of doing seemingly bad things for good reasons and the blurred lines between Good and Evil, especially as one gains more power.