Underworld Player
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chapter 121: beings from another dimension


Today, I stumbled upon the realization that this world can be perilous, Bai Zhi remarked with a serious expression, typing out his thoughts on the computer. While I was out, I witnessed a distressing incident—a poor soul being bitten by another person. Fortunately, a group of courageous individuals intervened and apprehended the wrongdoer. However, my relief was short-lived. The person who had been bitten, struggling to stand, was suddenly assaulted by one of the so-called saviors. To make matters worse, they promptly called the police! Having seen my fair share of modern movies, I can deduce the outcome. The potential zombie threat was eliminated before the virus could spread.

A skeptical response echoed through the chat box, Last time, you regaled us with tales of guys saving humanity from an alien invasion... And now it's a zombie outbreak? How is that dangerous?

Bai Zhi's frustration surfaced in his reply, There are also several girls aggressively vying for my attention! It's a chaotic situation in here, and I'd say that's pretty perilous, don't you think?

Confusion filled the chat box with a simple ? from the users.