The Villainess and I, her Zombiechapter 593.4: final - the final fight (part 4)

A pure white light gathered towards the light-brown-haired girl and a peerless beam even greater than before erupted from her palm with violent power.

Just before the attack could decimate the Cranberry, the villainess herself lifted her head and looked straight at it.


She sighed disappointed and her body started glowing.

The next moment she was charging around the roaring beam, aiming straight at the Caramel as if the destructive attack was merely a guiding light leading her to her target.


The furious self-proclaimed god roared and moved her hands, trying to change the course of the attack.

But just as she was adjusting her aim, Cranberry was adjusting her own position accordingly.

Once she got in the appropriate distance, the red-haired girl gripped her baseball bat a bit tighter, and in the next moment, the body of villainess shone even brighter than the beam that tried to swallow her, and disappeared...!


Caramel couldn't believe her eyes.

"Do you think that putting others down makes you a better person than them...? Or worse - do you think that mere words are able to put ME down?"


Suddenly a voice came from behind her, she growled furiously but the next thing she knew, a series of crushing blows fell on her body, bending and breaking it in whatever way they connected.


Caramel gasped as she spat out blood and saliva.


Next blows fell on her arms, breaking her shoulders have finally made her stop shooting out the beam.


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One more blow, this one to the side of the head, broke Caramel's teeth and send her down beneath Cranberry's feet.

The red-haired villainess, who was standing on the void as if she never fell through it a moment before, crouched and pulled on Caramel's hair, forcing the self-proclaimed god to look at her.

"Haa, honestly, I really hate half-assed people like you, you know?"

She sighed and shook her head.

"You think that you deserve better than others but you don't even put half as much effort into working hard as they do. Let me tell you something, as a villainess to the unexpected and unwanted secret boss after the secret boss."

Cranberry tilted her head and looked coldly into Caramel's eyes.

"Just because you've reincarnated into this world with some mystical knowledge, doesn't mean shit."


Caramel growled and gasped for air, spitting blood.

"S-system... Heal... me...!


/Third party's attempt to connect to the system detected.\\

/Access denied\\

"Pffft...! Ha ha! Ha ha!"

The red-haired villainess laughed mockingly.

"Would you look at that? You are not only annoying, but you are also a moron on top of that."

She smirked looking at the message.

"Did you consider for a second that you go up against not only someone who has the system overseer in her head – but someone who has been living in this world before – and although this one is not on you, do you want to know why I could beat you up so easily despite your sin of origin nucleus's powers...?"

window.pubfuturetag = window.pubfuturetag || [];window.pubfuturetag.push({unit: "64cc9e79c7059f003e4ad4b0", id: "pf-5109-1"})Cranberry asked without changing her expression – but started talking without waiting for the Caramel's response anyway...

"From the information that I have, the supposed strongest super-secret boss in the game – that being Eternal – had over nine billion of physical attack stat- now, do you want to know how much ATK I had during the first playthrough in which I died because of the bullshit one-hit kill ability? Fifteen billion. "


The red-thread girl explained, swiping her hair behind her ear, causing the already wide-eyed Caramel to have her eyes bulge out of her eye sockets once she heard the number.

"Ha! That was of course after counting all the modifiers and strengthening abilities, but overall, I wasn't weakening myself when I asked the system to give me back my old strength in exchange for some silly privileges – I was getting a huge boost. But once again - I cannot blame missing this one detail on you, you clearly didn't keep your memories from the first playthrough, so that put you at a huge disadvantage right from the start - let us just say, tough luck."

The villainess declared with a truly villainous smile blooming on her face.

"Oh, and one more thing."

Cranberry stood up and pulled Caramel up together with her.


The fallen god cried out.

"This world doesn't need a support character turned evil."

Cranberry declared proudly.

"I am the only villainess here, and this world will be mine and my husband's, Zombie!"

She roared and let go of Caramel's head.

And as the defeated foe was falling, Cranberry took a step back and grabbed her baseball bat with both hands.

She clenched her fists so hard that her knuckles turned white, and her eyes, body, and the bat itself, all started glowing brightly.


The villainess's voice filled the air as she swung the baseball bat.


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The mana swirling around the weapon tore into Caramel's body shredding it into small particles of multicolored light.

/Outsider defeated\\

/You receive the EXP\\

/Error – unable to calculate the amount of EXP\\

/Emergency quest completed

Reward granted\\

The self-appointed God never stood a chance.


System message showed up as usual and Cranberry breathed out.

/Say your wish\\

The system asked.

"Isn't it obvious?"

Cranberry let out a tired sigh.

"How can I take over the world where there is nothing to rule? I wish that you will restore the world and everyone in it. We can't let it stay like this. Oh- but don't you dare to bring back the global quest and the overarching scenario – that thing is done and over, forever. And the same thing with that girl Caramel."

The red-haired girl pointed out in a serious expression and waited...

As she looked around there was only darkness and the particles of light left by shredded Caramel as far as the eye could see.

/Request received\\


/Request approved\\

/Restoration of the world in progress...\\

And just as the message stated, the particles of light hovering all around swirled around and started morphing and expanding.

First returned the earth, then the sky, then the plants, wildlife, and buildings – well, the ruins that filled the mountain, but still – the exact same restoration had to be happening all around the world.

Different colored lights were slowly falling from the restored sky and reforming into people that were swallowed by Caramel's gluttony's gula before, although they all were appearing to be sleeping.


Cranberry started frantically looking around immediately after her feet touched the ground.

Red, green, yellow, light blue, orange, and blue particles trickling from the sky reformed into the six capture targets, and the white particles turned into the heroine.

"Nnngh... Wh-what happened...?"

And it was the heroine who was the first one to wake up.

"Cranberry...? What is going on...?"

The brown-haired girl asked in confusion when she noticed the villainess anxiously walking around.

But even though she called to her, Cranberry didn't respond at all.

Even though almost everyone else has already shown up and was regaining their consciousness, there was still someone missing.

"Mary! Are you alright?!"

The blond prince managed to stand up and limped towards the heroine, offering her his hand.

"Ah! Roan! Y-yes I'm..."



A sudden noise interrupted them and they booked turned in that direction.

The source turned out to be Cranberry, she dropped her baseball bat and was walking forward with her hands outstretched, peeling out her eyes and biting her lips.

Blue particles were falling from the sky and the villainess was standing tight under, cradling them in her arms.

And soon enough the blue particles materialized into a tall blue-skinned young man.

He had long black hair, tied up in a low ponytail, and was wearing an eccentric shirt that was showing off his muscular stomach, puffy black short pants, and black thigh-high boots with ridiculously high heels.


Cranberry whispered with a gentle smile as she held her undead up in a bridal carry.


Zombie's eyelids trembled in response.

He slowly opened his eyes and looked at Cranberry's face.


He asked confused and looked around, his eyes widened as he noticed his position.

"Cranberry... Are you alright? You're not wounded, right? What about that piece of filth and everyone getting devoured...?!"

He asked in a worried voice.

"Ha! Do you even have to ask?! Who do you think was the only person left up to clean up that mess?"

Cranberry shook her head happily and started walking, holding her servant close.

"Did... did you win...?"

Zombie asked bashfully just going with the flow and letting the red-haired girl have her way this time.

"Do you even have to ask?"

The villainess snorted and raised her head high with pride.

"As always - I crushed it!"

~The Villainess and I, her Zombie~