The Evil God Beyond the Smartphonechapter 7: awe and fear (3)

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Payment amount, 69,900 won.

It was a level that could be burdensome to use as a dining cost if the first digit exceeded 5, but I ended up spending 70,000 won on one draw.

It would be a lie if my blood pressure didn’t rise.

I looked at the draw screen with a blank expression.

“Did I really press this with my finger?”

My finger suddenly ran to the draw button.

Even though I had such a memory, it was not easy to believe the surreal memory.

Maybe I pressed it and was mistaken.

I wondered for a moment if I wanted to draw 10 times so badly that I distorted my memory.

I weighed the reliability between reality and memory, and quickly compromised with reality.

“Ah, I don’t know. I guess I wanted to draw that much.”

Compared to the games that cost a lot of money, I hadn’t spent that much yet.

It’s not like I skipped meals because of the draw.

It feels like I’m reminded of the old days.

Now it’s nothing but a romance of my past childhood.

I finished my quick regret and turned my eyes to the draw screen to check the contents.

Items of various colors were displayed on the screen.

-You have acquired [Baguette].

-You have acquired [Iron Sword].

-You have acquired [Stylish Tunic].

-You have acquired [Baguette].

-You have acquired [Baguette].

-You have acquired [Steel Shield].

-You have acquired [Sponge Cake].

-You have acquired [Magic Book: Barrier].

-You have acquired [Torn Tunic].

-You have acquired [Iron Sword].

The guide that said ‘better’ draw seemed to be true, as the items that came out of the draw were mostly different from before.

The biggest difference was that there were no broken items unlike before.

I started to look at the items that came out of the draw one by one.

The first thing to look at was food.

[Baguette]. And [Sponge Cake].

Neither of them were items that I could use.

Eutenia would like them if I gave them to her.

“Come to think of it, she’s eating more expensive than me.”

If you divide the 10 times draw cost of 69,900 won by 10, it would be about 7,000 won each.

I took out the [Sponge Cake] from my inventory and handed it to Eutenia.

Maybe it was because a different food popped out instead of the [Hard Black Bread] she had been eating for days.

Eutenia, who was curious, took a piece of the [Sponge Cake] and put it in her mouth.

She showed a more intense reaction than before after eating the cake.




-(Thankful) (Thankful) (Thankful) (Thankful)

It was a 7,000 won worth of food.

If she didn’t show such a reaction, I would have been disappointed.

I also threw the [Stylish Tunic] that was in my inventory on the floor while I was at it.

It seemed better than what she was wearing now.

She would look neater than now with a [Torn Cloak] wrapped around her if she changed her clothes.

Eutenia picked up the [Stylish Tunic] and thanked me again and accepted the gift.

I watched Eutenia for a while as she ate the cake and was moved, then moved my eyes back to the inventory to check the next item.

“It’s not rusty this time.”

[Iron Sword] and [Steel Shield].

They were quite different from the [Rusty Iron Sword] that came out before.

They could be used if given to a suitable character.

But it was awkward to give them to Eutenia right now.

She didn’t seem like someone who could wield a sword anyway.

If I ever raise a character that needs them, I’ll give them these items then.

“And lastly… today’s only harvest.”

The only magic book that came out of the 10 times draw.

I looked closely at the magic book I got new.

[Magic Book: Barrier].

Barrier was a magic that was used to protect people.

It didn’t seem like a good magic to acquire karma.

I would have learned it in an instant if it was an attack magic, but it was hard to learn because it had a different purpose.

What should I do with this?

I thought of one question as I looked at the magic book.

“Can’t the character learn this and use magic?”

If I acquire a magic book, the magic book disappears from my inventory.

But it’s different if I give it to Eutenia.

As long as she doesn’t eat the magic book, the magic book won’t disappear.

I don’t know if I can get the magic book back, but it’s worth a try.

I dragged the magic book I was holding in front of Eutenia.


As the magic book suddenly fell in front of her, Eutenia, who was eating the cake, looked up at the sky.



That’s how I dumped all the products of the 10 times draw to Eutenia.

It was an act of giving to her who had the <Fanatic> trait, thinking that she was on my side.

Some kind of result will come out soon.

I don’t know if the result is good or bad.

I wanted to see Eutenia’s appearance who learned magic if possible.

“It would be fun if she learned magic.”

Magic books are also items that can be given to characters.

I didn’t think it was possible without any reason.

The game’s interaction itself was more elaborate than I thought.

There must be some preparation for magic as well.

At least I believed that.


I turned off the screen of my smartphone by pressing the button, after giving Eutenia the magic book.

I did everything I could.

Now it was time to wait until my mana came back up.

“Ah. My 70,000 won.”


I looked at my wallet that was rolling on the bed with a dry mouth.

My empty wallet looked pitiful today.

I guess I’ll have to settle for ramen for dinner tonight.

Damn developers.

I cursed at someone who might be somewhere, and threw myself on the soft bed.


Eutenia had been living in the cave for quite a long time.

It was an escape from the world that she no longer wanted to face.

She thought it would be better to avoid meeting people from the outside world, even if it meant starving and freezing in the wilderness.

But she never had to starve in the cave.

It was all thanks to the grace of an Nameless God who was watching over her.

The Nameless God visited her regularly and gave her gifts.

A dagger and a cloak.

And even some edible black bread.

They were things that she needed to survive in the mountains.

If she wanted to eat meat, she could hunt rabbits with the dagger.

If she felt cold, she could wrap herself with the old cloak.

The items were somewhat crude or worn out, but they were good enough for using in the cave.

Thanks to them, Eutenia’s cave life was quite comfortable.

“Thank you for taking care of me every day.”

So Eutenia prayed as usual today.

She had never seen his face, but she was sure of his existence.

She hoped that someday, when she became a better believer, he would let her hear his voice.

As Eutenia was praying with her hands clasped, she heard something falling from the sky.


The sound echoed in the cave and Eutenia looked ahead.

There was a small wooden plate with a soft sponge cake on it.

“…What is this?”

She said as she brought the cake closer to her.

Eutenia was a noble lady of a baron’s family, but she was only a poor noble from a rural village.

Even for her, the sponge cake in front of her was not an easy food to get.

There was also a wooden fork next to the sponge cake.

She took out the dagger from her pocket and cut the cake neatly.

She took a piece of it.

“I should eat it gratefully since he gave it to me.”

She exclaimed as she saw the fork digging into the cake softly.

It was much softer than the black bread that she ate every day.

She swallowed her saliva as she saw the piece of cake on the fork.

She took a bite of it.


The cake melted softly in her mouth.

She tasted the sweetness of sugar from the cake.

It was a sweetness that she could never feel from the hard black bread.

No, she didn’t have many chances to eat such food in her whole life.

She let out an exclamation with a bright face as she chewed on the cake.

“…It’s sweet. It’s so good.”

The cake that she put in her mouth disappeared in an instant.

She finished eating all the cake that came into her mouth and looked at the cake again.

Maybe he gave her a special meal today.

It was a different food from the usual black bread.


Another thing fell in front of her as she tried to eat the cake again with a wave of emotion.

This time, it was not food but clothes.

“This is… clothes?”

Eutenia picked up the clothes that fell in front of her.

It was a refined tunic at first glance.

It looked like something that she could wear outside without any problem.

It was different from the old and dirty items that she had received so far.

It didn’t seem like something that she could use in the mountains.


As soon as she saw the clothes that fell in front of her, Eutenia realized what the god who watched over her wanted.

He gave her clean clothes unlike before.

Eutenia thought there was only one meaning to it.

He wanted her to go outside wearing this.

He meant that her escape in this dark cave was coming to an end soon.

“He wants me to go out.”

She had decided to live for him since he saved her life from the bandits.

She couldn’t stay in this cave forever either.

She had something to do.

And that must be his will.

“If that’s what you want.”

As if to support Eutenia’s determination, one last gift fell from the sky.


A thick magic book rolled on the floor.