The Evil God Beyond the Smartphonechapter 52: under the name of the evil god (4)

< 52 : Under the Name of the Evil God (4) >

Agent Period, the branch chief of Centrius.

He was leading a group of Centrius investigators up the mountain secretly.

In the middle of the mountain where the agents and Cloud’s investigators were climbing, there was a large fortress that belonged to a cult that worshiped an evil god.

According to the information that Agent had gathered beforehand, that place was the headquarters of the cult.

There were hundreds of cultists staying there, including an altar for the evil god.

The information was obtained by torturing one of the cultists that Cloud’s investigators had encountered nearby.

The cult was also responsible for the large-scale missing person cases that had occurred recently.

Cloud had no reason to let the cult members who disturbed the public order go.

Agent decided to attack them right away, judging that the cult was small in size.

“We’re almost at our destination. There will be a battle with the cult soon, so stay alert.”

Agent said cautiously as he climbed up the mountain, followed by his investigators.

The investigators who followed Agent were those who could not be dispatched to the Cuebaerg extermination team.

Most of the elite investigators had been dispatched to the extermination team, so the investigators who participated in this operation were relatively inexperienced.

Agent also took that into account and decided to lead the way himself this time.

It was a way to minimize the damage to the investigators involved in this operation.

As Cloud’s investigators approached the wooden fence of the fortress, a lieutenant who followed him asked Agent.

“The fence is higher than I expected. Are you sure you can handle it?”

“Don’t worry. I’ll take care of it.”

“I’ll trust you and wait for you, chief.”

After finishing his conversation with the lieutenant, Agent spotted the fence and slowly approached it.

He stuck close to the fence and drew his sword from his waist.


As Agent drew his sword and gave a signal, his subordinates followed him and stuck to the fence one by one.

Then they started to move slowly towards the entrance of the fortress, following the plan that he had explained beforehand.

Agent took out three daggers from his pocket and checked on his subordinates’ movements.

“It’s been a while since I did this.”


The daggers that Agent threw stuck into the fence in sequence.

At a glance, they looked like stairs.

Agent tapped on the daggers with his hand and confirmed their stability, then he positioned himself and jumped up from his spot.

Thud. Thud. Thump.

Agent’s body bounced up as he stepped on the daggers embedded in the wall.

Every time Agent climbed up using a dagger, the dagger that was stepped on by him lost its strength and bent.

But Agent’s body went up to the height of the fence in an instant, contrary to that.

Agent quickly jumped over the fence using a dagger and scanned the enemies around him.

‘Two below. Five in front.’

There were also two enemies passing by below where he was falling.

His sword moved swiftly as he identified the enemies he had to eliminate.


Agent slashed one enemy as he fell and rolled on the ground to absorb the impact, then he rushed towards the nearby enemy.

The cultist who was holding a crude wooden spear looked at Agent with a bewildered expression.

He seemed to have not understood the situation properly yet.

“Wha, what…?”

It was very easy for an Agent to take down a confused enemy.


The sword that pierced through the wooden spear and stabbed into the enemy’s chest.

The cultist stared blankly at the scene that unfolded in an instant.

A scream burst out of the mouth of the cultist who was stabbed by Agent a beat late.


“That makes two.”

Agent pulled out his sword and scanned the enemies that were gathered together.

He shook off the blood from his sword vigorously and guarded against the movements of the approaching enemies.

The number of enemies he saw now was only five, but it would increase as time passed.

He needed to quickly suppress the outside and enter before he was surrounded.


Agent made his decision and started running towards the main gate.

Of course, the five cultists who faced Agent did not stay still either.

“It’s an enemy!”

“He’s running to the gate! Stop him!”


One of the cultists fired a magic spell at Agent.

A low-level fire magic, fireball.

It was dangerous even if it was a low-level magic, but it was a familiar magic for Agent.

Agent spotted the flying magic and increased his speed to dodge it.


The fireball that missed its target exploded behind Agent.

“The enemy is coming!”

“Get ready!”

The cultists who were guarding the gate reacted to Agent’s figure running towards them after avoiding the attack.

They pointed their sharp spear tips forward and waited for Agent.

They formed a formation that made it difficult for Agent to approach.

Of course, for Agent who was classified as a first-class in Cloud, the soldiers who had not received proper training were nothing.

As he ran towards the gatekeepers, Agent adjusted his breathing.


It was a technique that only a warrior who had crossed the line of life and death could manifest.



Agent’s sword started to glow with a blue aura.

The materialized aura vibrated constantly and had the property of destroying anything it faced.

That’s why it was impossible to defend against the aura attack indefinitely, no matter how hard the metal was.

Agent, who manifested his aura, charged towards the enemy in front of him.

The cultists were bewildered by the sight of the aura they had never seen before and continued to respond.

“Raise your spears! The enemy is coming!”

“You think you can stop me with that?”

The length of the aura that wrapped around his sword increased greatly, and Agent swung his sword at the gatekeeper.


Agent’s aura, which had stretched nearly five meters, shattered the spears of the gatekeepers in one breath.

Agent’s sword strike could reach much farther than the spears that they held.

The aura pierced through the spears that were pointed forward and cut down the gatekeepers who maintained their formation in one go.

The posture of the gatekeepers who were hit by the vibrating aura collapsed in unison.



“That makes six.”


Agent turned his sword back and looked at the gate of the fortress.

It was to open the closed gate and let the investigators outside in.

The rope connected to the gate was tied to a nearby pillar and firmly fixed.

Agent lifted his sword that had lost its aura after confirming the structure.

They hesitated to attack him recklessly after seeing his prowess.

“Who are you!”

“You’re too scared to come close, huh? Is that all your faith can do?”

Agent taunted the cultists who were looking at him and swung his sword at the rope.


The rope that supported the gate was cut and the gate of the fortress slowly opened.

The cultists’ faces darkened as they saw the gate opening.

Beyond the opening gate, Cloud’s investigators were waiting with their swords drawn.

The moment the gate opened wide after losing its rope.

Agent gave an order to the investigators who were waiting for him.

“Everyone! Annihilate the cult of the evil god!”

“The gate is open! Charge!”

Cloud’s investigators poured in like a flood with a fierce shout.

The cult and Cloud.

It was the start of a battle between two incompatible groups.

In the midst of the shout, Agent raised his sword with an aura.


After capturing the eldest son of the count, Archbishop Roan Hebris had dealt with many things in the city.

Mostly about Rex Meyer’s safety or Shuron’s upper class’s behavior.

But he couldn’t leave the cult empty for too long as an archbishop.

There were many things that didn’t work properly without the archbishop’s approval in the cult.

That’s why Roan returned to the cult as soon as his work was done, to organize the state of the cult.

The first thing he did when he arrived at the cult was to gather his officers and hold a meeting.

It was to hear the reports on what had happened in the cult so far and to discuss the future plans.

“So we’re trying to establish a communication method with the new bishop.”

Of course, even when Roan was away, the cult was doing various things.

Like building new buildings continuously.

Or preparing a communication method for the new bishop, as he said.

Roan looked at him and asked him about the communication method.

“A communication method… Do you plan to prepare a communication crystal for the new bishop?”

“It’s hard to communicate with a normal crystal at that distance. It would cost too much to prepare a crystal. So we were working on training a messenger bird.”

“Don’t worry too much about the cost. I’ll contact Rex Honorary Bishop and get a crystal…”


Roan couldn’t finish his sentence and had to look at the door of the meeting room.

A cultist suddenly opened the door and came in.

Blood was flowing from his forehead.

It looked like he had been cut by something sharp.

The cultist who came in bleeding looked at Roan and reported to him as soon as he saw him.

“Archbishop! We have a big problem!”

“What is it? Did you get attacked?”

“Cloud has invaded the cult!”

Roan’s face darkened at the report of Cloud.

Cloud was a name that was familiar to him even before he learned black magic.

It was an organization under the royal authority that captured criminals from various places and maintained public order.

To become a Cloud investigator, one had to pass a strict test, and the combat skills of the investigators were rated as comparable to knights.

Those Cloud investigators had prepared and attacked the cult.

He had thought that Cloud might come someday, but he had never expected it to be now.

“Where are the intruders now?”

He jumped up from his seat and asked the cultist about the enemy’s location.

The cultist who reported to him grimaced in pain, as if his wound was hurting.

But he soon regained his senses and reported the enemy’s location to Roan.

“Ugh… They are fighting with the cultists at the entrance of the main building.”

“What’s the situation?”

“It seems like they will break through the entrance soon. Especially because of the one who uses aura…”

Roan’s face became more grim as he listened to the report.

Cloud’s investigators were ruthless people who fought countless times with vicious criminals.

There was no way that the cultists could hold out for long against the well-trained investigators.

And if there was an investigator who used aura, it was only a matter of time before the main building was breached.

In a desperate situation, Roan ordered the cultists around him.

“The meeting is over. Gather all the cultists you can and bring them to the entrance of the main building.”

It was the first crisis he faced since he founded the cult.

He watched the cultists running around to gather people and moved towards the entrance where the battle was taking place.

He was going to join the battle himself.

Thump. Thump.

Roan’s hurried footsteps echoed in the corridor.

As he got closer to the entrance of the main building, he started to hear loud noises in his ears.


People’s screams.

The sound of weapons clashing.

And a strange man’s voice giving orders.

A battlefield with all kinds of noises unfolded before Roan’s eyes.

Clang! Bang!

The cultists were fighting with Cloud’s investigators, clashing their swords.

“Die! You filthy servants of the evil god!”


They were trying to push back their opponents with all their strength.

And on the ground, there were countless cultists bleeding and falling down.

Many cultists had already fallen victim to Cloud’s investigators who suddenly attacked.

Roan drew his magic sword that he had in his pocket at the sight of the carnage in front of him.

The cult was a place where he had poured his blood and sweat for a great being.

And Cloud’s investigators were trying to trample on it with their muddy footsteps.

He couldn’t stand it as Roan.

“Damn you…”


Roan gritted his teeth as he looked at Cloud’s investigators.

The cult was everything to him.

Trying to eliminate the cultists was denying everything he had done so far.

And it was an insult to the great one he served.

Roan aimed his magic sword that he held in his hand at the entrance of the main building.

And he used magic on the investigators who were trying to break in.

“How dare you try to enter here!”

Crackle. Crackle.

The magic sword Ednos that he held started to spark with a huge amount of electricity.

It was releasing the vast magic power that he had kept inside him again.

The moment he shot the lightning power that he created at the enemy.


The spear of lightning flew and blew away the enemies who were blocking the entrance.