The Academy’s Weakest Became A Demon-Limited Hunterchapter 88: - social gathering interlude

༺ Social Gathering Interlude ༻

─‘Senior, are you okay?’

─‘It’s a bit disappointing. I feel like I stepped in shit.’

I wrapped a coat around me and lit a [Frostfire] on my right hand for some simple practice.

Even though the sun was bright in the sky, a slightly chilly wind blew over me.

Lunchtime, corner of the butterfly garden.

I was sitting on the ground, recalling Dorothy’s words.

Dorothy was placed on probation for 14 days by the decision of the disciplinary committee. It was a surprisingly light punishment.

It was possible because of the loopholes in the disciplinary system at Märchen Academy.

Depending on the severity of the case, paying a certain amount of fines gave the one punished an opportunity to lower the level of disciplinary action. Luckily, Dorothy was given this option. The rationale was that the act of protecting me was justified.

Although she must have been fined a fair amount, it would have been chump change for her.

‘I knew this would happen.’

The power of capitalism transcends all bounds, even when it comes to the decisions of the disciplinary committee.

It was obvious once one considered the mutual dependency between Dorothy and the academy. If they showcased a transcendental genius unlike any other attending their school as a marketing tactic, it was basically a way to print infinite money. On the other hand, if she was severely punished? The public image of Märchen Academy would suffer in proportion to the severity of the punishment.

Investors were already pulling out because of the emergence of demons and Headmistress Elena already had her knees worn out from endlessly begging for their continued sponsorships of gel.

Given the abnormality of this situation, the academy had no choice but to take a more passive attitude when imposing disciplinary action on Dorothy. Dorothy’s punishment was already set in stone due to these factors.

‘It’s honestly such a relief.’

Until the very end, Dorothy gave an energetic farewell, “See you next time. I had a blast!” as she headed to the dorm with the academy’s staff. It was a heartbreaking sight to see.

Even if it was a mere slap of the wrist, disciplinary action was still disciplinary action. My heart clenched in guilt.

I couldn’t possibly show my face in front of her without repaying this favor. When Dorothy’s probation was over, I decided to give her a present as a token of gratitude.

The problem was that Dorothy wasn’t an official heroine. So there was no heroine-specific item for her.

I need to think about what gift I should get for her before she’s released.

By the way…

‘It really is frustrating.’

I can’t believe my plan to hang out with Dorothy ended in disaster… I’m so disappointed.

Of course, it wasn’t like I hated the situation. Pretty girls fighting over me? It was heaven on earth.

However, I really wanted to play with Dorothy deep into the night…

“Ugh, whatever.”

There was no point in lamenting the past. They all did it out of affection for me, so it was hard to hate either one of them. I should just think about Dorothy’s present instead.

And to my relief, there was never another encounter with Alice.

It would be an oversight to think that she had lost interest in me. However, for now, she didn’t seem to think of me as the disruptor.

‘To be honest, I wouldn’t think so either if I was her.’

If one solely considered that situation, I was nothing but a weakling who got dragged around by more competent girls.

I was way too lacking to ever be considered as the disruptor.

Either way, since I met Alice face to face, It wouldn’t hurt to be cautious.

‘I think everything else has been resolved nicely.’

In the morning, I visited Mateo Jordana to talk to him. It was to maintain as much of the distorted scenario as possible.

Ian, who had regained consciousness, did not know why the Cherubim’s Necklace was hanging around his neck, so he tried to return it to the Four Constellations.

However, after some discussion, the Four Constellations said that ‘the treasure had found its owner and they were going to distribute it anyways, so there was no need to return it.’

Ian was still skeptical about why the Cherubim’s Necklace chose him, but I asked Mateo to gaslight him appropriately for me.

Next, I visited Eva Hielov, the one who sold my information to the Red Elephant Constellation.

Among the Four Constellations, the members of the Red Elephant were victims of Marlog’s illusion magic, thus influencing their minds to accept him within their midst.

In other words, since Marlog was eliminated, the memories of the Red Elephant members must have been altered. I wanted to see how their memory changed.


As soon as Eva saw me, she jerked backward in horror, landing on her behind while screaming. The dolphin-like scream continued to ring in my eardrums.

Have I ever been this feared by someone? Usually, no one would be afraid of a model citizen like me. It was certainly a new feeling.

Anyway, from what Eva told me, the members of the Red Elephant Constellation didn’t lose their memories about Malrog being their head.

Instead, it was said that a parchment paper stating that he was ‘stepping down’ was written in Marlog’s handwriting and left in their base of operations. However, no one seemed to know where this parchment was.

‘Scarlett Atlas has safely returned.’

Scarlett Atlas was the previous head of the Red Elephant. It seemed that she reclaimed her former position.

For reference, she was originally the middle boss of 「Act 5, Chapter 3, Blue Wolf V.S. Red Elephant」 in ❰Magic Knight of Märchen❱.

How should I put it? Sometimes, there were extras who suddenly had a backstory while fighting the main character. It was sort of like that. I’m sure she’ll face Ian sooner or later.

‘The rumor has spread nicely as well.’

The rumors had spread among the students just like I had hoped. It was all thanks to Dorothy, who destroyed Razel for me and declared me as her partner.

This would create the perception that ‘Dorothy was on Isaac’s side, and those who touched Isaac will not be able to escape her wrath.’

‘My favorite character couldn’t be more reliable than this.’

In addition, the perception that ‘Isaac was weak enough to need protection’ spread at the same time, making me seem completely unrelated to the Black Monster.

Instead of being worried that unwanted rumors about me would spread, I decided to take the initiative and spread them myself. Dorothy was a great help in achieving my purpose.

Dorothy is a god and now, I am invincible!

Additionally, strange rumors also began to circulate about me being the incarnation of lust and flirting with any woman I could get my hands on. It was the fault of the altered memories.

I decided not to worry about it because it was a one-off topic anyway.

Ironically, it wasn’t even a lie. I like harem. They were correct to call me the incarnation of lust, so I had no intention of denying it unless it adversely affected me.

I was just suppressing my desires until I got rid of the Evil God.

‘Anyway, I’m glad that everything else worked out just fine.’

I had one last thing to ponder.

‘When should I use this?’

I tossed up an old silver key in my left hand and caught it as it fell.

It was the ‘Key to Mysteries’. The loot I had I acquired by killing Marlog the Envious.

[Key to Mysteries] A key embued with mysterious magic. It is used to open the doors to a certain underground area. It can be used anywhere.

Rank: Tier 1

[※Caution: Numerous deadly threats will target you upon use.]

Although the words ‘underground area’ were used, it would be a mistake to think of it as your average bunker.

‘Since that underground is actually the Nether.”

‘The Nether’.

It was obvious from the name, but it needs to be said…

…The Nether is a fuuuuuuuuucking dangerous place.

However, it was also a place where you can achieve tremendous growth if utilized properly.

In ❰Magic Knight of Märchen❱, after Ian used this key to fall into the Nether, he practically threw an EXP grind party, killing all the enemies who were aiming for his life.

If the player went whenever he wanted while being unprepared, he was likely to experience a game over, and even if he managed to survive, the growth efficiency would be low.

Upon use, the key would send you to the very edge of the Nether. It was the most insignificant corner on the map.

I remembered the map and the situation because everything was just so damn enjoyable. I had a lot of fun playing in the Nether during my gaming days.

Additionally, after using the key, it disappeared after a certain period of time.

If the user mimed the motion of inserting the key into a keyhole in the air and turned it before actually using it, the power of the key would cause the user that traveled to the Nether to return to their original place. Only then, would the key turn into powder and disappear.

In other words, it was a consumable teleport scroll that only had the form of a key.

As mentioned previously, since it moved the user to the edge of the Nether, there would be virtually no chance of encountering horribly strong creatures such as the ‘Nether King’ or the ‘Magic Beasts of Incarceration’ who were refused salvation from both life and death.

‘If I ran into them, I would be done for.’

‘Anyway, if I use this now, I’ll only die a dog’s death.’

After I get stronger, I’ll go on my own grind for EXP. I don’t need it yet.

Let’s call it a day. I should start doing some lunchtime training.

[Status] Name: Isaac

Lv: 76

Gender: Male

Year: 1st

Title: Freshman Who Has Adapted to Student Life

Mana: 9000/9000

– Mana Recovery Speed (B)

– Stamina (B+)

– Strength (B+)

– Intelligence (B-)

– Willpower (A+) [Potential] Stat Points:0 ◈ Growth Rate – Physical Training Efficiency (A-): 70/100 [UP]

– Magic Training Efficiency (S): 100/100 [MAX]

– Learning Efficiency (B+): 60/100 [UP] Owned Skills ❰❰Details❱❱ [Unique Traits] – Hunter – Weapon Master

Last night, 9 of the 18 stat points I earned from killing Marlog the Envious were invested in [Magic Training Efficiency]. Thanks to this, [Magic Training Efficiency] reached the highest level, and the unique trait [Weapon Master] was born.

[Weapon Master] was a unique trait that helped to easily increase the usage proficiency of magic weapons and even increase the power of magic weapons.

There was a restriction where it had no effect on ultimate elemental weapons such as Frostscythe, but it was still very effective when wielding Zhonya’s Staff.

The remaining 9 stat points were invested into [Physical Training Efficiency].

As mentioned previously, a strong body lends tremendous influence when wielding ultimate elemental weapons such as the Frostscythe. This was because the body had to be able to withstand the power of an ultimate weapon.

In addition, when both [Magic Training Efficiency] and [Physical Training Efficiency] reach the highest level, certain unique traits could be obtained. One of these effects was the ability to apply the unique trait [Weapon Master] to ultimate weapons.

Besides this, there were moments when exceptional physical abilities were needed within the scenario.

I had to be prepared in advance.

I clenched my fist and snuffed out the [Frostfire], as I picked up Zhonya’s Staff.

The lights of both sunrise and sunset harmonized as they lit up the mana stone, while the staff made from the wood of a Sage’s Tree glistened. As expected, the quality of Zhonya’s Staff was exceptional.

Immediately, I got up from my seat, held out Zhonya’s Staff, and let my mana flow.

“As expected…”

I felt it last night and even this morning.

The flow of mana, which could not find its place within Zhonya’s Staff just a week ago, became noticeably smoother.

This was the effect of the unique trait, [Weapon Master]. The beauty of it almost brought tears to my eyes.

Now, it’s time for some elemental magic.

I pointed the head of Zhonya’s Staff forward to activate the spell [Frostfire].

As such, an icy cold fire roared out.

「Frostfire (Ice Element, ★4)」


A fairly chilly fire bursted out. Kheuuu, I could only give praise every time I saw its performance.

I was worried about when I could handle such a high-quality magic weapon…

I started to feel ecstatic. I began to use even more elemental magic with Zhonya’s Staff.

Every time I used magic, I automatically let out a “Wow”. I could clearly feel that my [Elemental Firepower] and [Element Efficiency] improved greatly!


For a while, I was immersed in the lingering power of Zhonya’s Staff.

This is better than seggs.1TL Note: Author used ‘sex’ but as Korean slang so we went with seggs.

* * *

The vast sky was very clear with high tides rolling along the sea.

On the West Sea of the Zelver Empire, sturdy fishermen suddenly noticed their shadows gradually lengthening.

“Uh, what? Suddenly, there’s a shadow…?”

“Hey, what’s that?”

“What is it, big brother? Why do you look so stiff all of a sud… de…”

The fishermen’s eyes were all drawn to one place.

They dropped their nets and harpoons, stunned at the sight before their very eyes. Their jaws dropped.

Above the horizon, a mysterious island floated.

Under the vast sky, an unimaginably huge object floated in place, engraving its figure into the minds of anyone who saw it.

“What… is that…?”

It was a fortress. It was an island. It was the harbinger of destruction. It was both heaven and hell.

Once upon a time, in the distant past, it suddenly appeared in the sky, destroying a country and its surrounding lands.

It soon disappeared, leaving its mark in the Zelver Empire’s history as an ‘unknown mystery’.

Now, It had finally reappeared as it imprinted its presence on the wide sky, covering the vast sea.


As if someone was playing a woodwind instrument, a strange sound filled the world. It was akin to a cry that proudly announced its existence.

The Floating Island.

It had reappeared in this world once again.


1TL Note: Author used ‘sex’ but as Korean slang so we went with seggs.