The Academy’s Weakest Became A Demon-Limited Hunterchapter 66: - hunting evaluation (3)

༺ Hunting Evaluation (3) ༻

The sky bathed in the hues of sunset as darkness descended upon Elt Island. I had to reach the heart of the island before the shadows settled.

Once night fell, it would provide a favorable environment for demonic illusions and summoned familiars and increase the risk of being affected by mushroom spores, making it difficult to discern your surroundings.

「Clairvoyance (Neutral Element, ★7)」

‘You’re doing great, Ian!’

I used [Clairvoyance] from time to time to check up on Ian and Kaya. Fortunately, the two of them were moving toward the center of Elt Island without issue.

That’s the spirit. Stay strong, Ian!

’…I’m the one who needs to stay strong.’

When Hilde had reported she ended up finding a fanged hippopotamus, I gave up on fighting.

From this point on, I was concerned about becoming prey. I wanted to follow the plan and recruit a companion, but I couldn’t find a suitable candidate.

As I approached the center, the demonic illusions of Elt Island began to take notice and constantly targeted me at every opportunity.

To prepare for any crisis, I draped a camouflage cloak I had purchased from an unmanned shop over my shoulders. When the situation demanded, I would immediately raise it, covering my entire body.

The camouflage cloak would change its design to match the surrounding environment.

‘It looks as cheap as a beggar’s rag.’

The incident triggered memories of my time in military service, and I suddenly recalled the annoying sergeant who tormented me during my enlisted days. I felt like punching that jerk.

“Ugh!!! I’m starving─!!!”

“Huh, what the hell?!”

Suddenly, a female student came running, shrieking, and frantically shouting. Her voice was husky.

She had an orange ponytail and golden eyes. She wore a modified school uniform, with pants instead of a skirt. Her white shirt was completely unbuttoned, fluttering like a flag.

As she sprinted towards me, she effortlessly swung a bat embedded with mana stones, amplifying the power of her rock magic to crush the demonic illusions with ease.

She was Lisetta Lionheart, a first-year Class A student of the Magic Department.

[Lisetta Lionheart] Lv: 98

Race: Human

Elements: Rock

Danger: X

Psychology: [Irritated because she is hungry.]

Lisetta had not unlocked her second element. It was a choice that came from her desire to specialize solely in rock magic.

By the way, where has she been hiding until now…? I remember her being in the same boat as me.

“What’s with all the weird stuff to eat around here!!! Argh!!!! I’m hungry!!!!”

My guess was that she must have fallen asleep after eating some kind of strange mushroom.

It would be nice if I could get her to be a companion, but her overwhelming aura made me hesitant to approach her.

‘Well, I guess I don’t really need her as a companion.’

After all, Lisetta was charging straight toward the center, obliterating all the demonic illusions and summoned familiars that stood in her path.

All I had to do was follow in her wake. After all, we were headed in the same direction.


All aboard the Lisetta Express!

How convenient it is to have enemies annihilated for you!

“Get out of the way, you wretches!!!!”

It felt relieving to be hard-carried.

* * * * *

The abyssal blue darkness had descended. Fortunately, I was able to follow Lisetta to the center of the island, near the volcano.

There was an artificially constructed 3-meter-tall door at the volcano. It was the entrance to the volcano’s cave.

I put as much distance between Lisetta and me as possible and activated [Clairvoyance]. She might be able to sense my magic.

I scanned the other side with [Clairvoyance]. Ian and Kaya were currently facing the gatekeeper on the other side. The atmosphere indicated that they were about to engage in battle.

The situation on my side was similar. I released [Clairvoyance] and watched the confrontation between Lisetta and the gatekeeper.

“Hey, let me ask you a question.”

With Rock Bat slung over her shoulder, Lisetta asked the nearly 6-meter-tall magic beast without hesitation. It was a blue-skinned giant familiar with sharp tentacles as its head. Flames flowed like blades from its elbows.

“Behind you, in the doorway, you got anything to eat?”


“Damn it! There’s no one I can communicate with!”

「Flame Fist (Fire Element, ★3)」 「Rock Avalanche (Rock Element, ★4)」

As the gatekeeper swung a massive fist wreathed in flames, Lisetta swung Rock Bat horizontally toward the magic circle she had manifested in the air, casting her rock magic.

Four large rock pillars shot up from the ground, slicing through the air and crashing into the gatekeeper.

Crash! Crash! Kwaang!


A thunderous crash resounded. In quick succession, Lisetta unleashed a flurry of strikes with her rock magic.

Thud! Kwaang! Kwaang! Thud! Thud! Kwaang!

[Rock Avalanche], [Rock Avalanche], [Rock Avalanche]

The gatekeeper eventually lost consciousness and collapsed under Lisetta’s relentless series of attacks.

“How boring.”

The Lisetta Express emerged victorious! Applaud!

Lisetta clicked her tongue and walked towards the volcano’s cave entrance, and with one hand, she pushed the door open. The door slid open with such ease that she could hardly believe her eyes.

She smirked in disbelief and stepped inside.

‘The ride on the Lisetta Express is amazing.’

Ah, this must be the taste of a sweet victory.

Inside the volcanic cave, the final boss lurked. I should wait for Lisetta to take him down.

By the way, the volcano’s cave wasn’t very deep, as it was built around a volcano. Lisetta would soon encounter the final boss.

I used [Clairvoyance] again to check on Ian and Kaya. They had also managed to defeat the gatekeeper.

Things were going well. A smile naturally formed on my face.


…Things are going too smoothly.

It felt awkward. For some reason, something always seemed to go wrong at times like these…

Nope. Sometimes things did go smoothly, just as I envisioned them after all.

‘Let’s think positively.’

Today is a lucky day when everything works out well. Let’s think of it that way.

There was the variable of Rose, but overall, everything has been manageable. I even taught her a lesson.

I forced a smile, hid behind a tree, and held my breath.

Time passed.

According to my [Clairvoyance], Lisetta had ventured into the depths of the volcanic cave and defeated the final boss, a giant fire lizard.

I looked over to Ian and Kaya, and they were just about to face the final boss.

In「Act 4, Chapter 3, Underground Giant」of ❰Magic Knight of Märchen❱, Lisetta did not appear at all, which meant that she had most likely left the volcanic cave after defeating the Fire Lizard.

‘I guess I’ll just have to wait until she comes out…’

I used my [Clairvoyance] to look in Lisetta’s direction again.

And I swallowed a sigh of frustration.

The giant, unconscious lizard. And above it… a schoolgirl with an orange ponytail sitting with her legs spread open.

She had her Rock Bat rested lightly on her shoulder as if she were waiting for someone.

It wasn’t difficult to guess the situation. Despite me trying to follow her from a distance, it seemed that Lisetta had sensed my pursuit with her feral instincts.

It was clear she expected me to follow, and she was waiting.

‘Oh, no.’

Strangely enough, my lucky day had taken a turn for the worse… The biggest variable had blocked my path at such a crucial moment!

During the end-of-semester evaluation, I had the help of Luce, Kaya, and Ciel. But now, I was on my own…

It wouldn’t be long before the Elphelt appeared. If I wanted to make it in time, I had to get to where Lisetta was right now.

Ian and Kaya would defeat the final boss, and he would emerge. If I followed the path, I should be able to reach them in 20 minutes.

“Haa, what a mess…”

I let out a deep sigh and released [Clairvoyance], resting my head against the tree.

Lisetta had a strong fighting spirit. If she came face to face with me, a battle was inevitable.

It would be impossible for me to defeat her. But…

‘There’s no other choice.’

The fate of the world was at stake. There was no time to whine. I had to face her head-on.

I stepped towards the entrance of the volcano’s cave.

I entered the cave after opening the door. The air was humid. The cave’s walls were a harmonious combination of white stripes on a clay-colored surface. The interior was surprisingly bright for the time of night, thanks to the luminescent lamps installed on the walls.

As I moved forward, the area of the cave grew larger, and not long after, I reached a spacious area where the final boss of the Hunting Evaluation appeared.

“You’ve come.”

From the top of the giant, motionless fire lizard…

…Lisetta Lionheart looked down at me with a mischievous smile.

[Lisetta Lionheart] Psychology: [Feels wary of you.]

“Ah, it’s you. The extra bastard someone mentioned! Kehehe!”


“Did you think I wouldn’t recognize you, huh?”

Lisetta laughed, then suddenly hardened her expression.

Her rock mana flowed like the wind, skimming over my entire body. It was an overwhelming aura that made me keenly aware that this was an opponent I could never defeat.

Lisetta leapt off the fire lizard and landed on the ground, slinging Rock Bat over her shoulder. With her remaining hand, she reached into her pants pocket.

Beneath her undone shirt, a form-fitting tank top accentuated her well-trained physique.

‘I took the wrong bus…’

I didn’t realize this bus was heading for the cliffs…

“Why were you following me?”

I didn’t bother answering. I knew the conclusion would be the same whether I answered honestly or made up a lie.

I chose not to answer.

“Ha! You’re not even going to respond? What’s your name, then?”


“I’m Lisetta Lionheart! I was personally interested in you!”

Lisetta’s distinctive booming voice and her usual burning desire to win reminded me of a valiant gladiator.

“I was wondering why the top-seat, the second-seat, and the third-seat were all tangled up with an extra brat like you? Especially the top-seat, that bitch was so smitten with you she couldn’t even think straight!”

With a smile on her face, Lisetta tilted her head to the side

“Well, it’s fine. I wanted to confirm it myself anyway.”

Then, a swirling magic circle of rock magic conjured around Lisetta.

Indeed, this flow again… Lisetta watched me closely, and I could feel the tension rising. A cold sweat trickled down my cheek as I looked at her battle-hardened form.

Well, I didn’t come here without a plan.

My plan was simple. I intended to throw a Xerom mushroom, which temporarily disrupted the mana circuits, and then observe the result. However, I knew that the effect of the Xerome mushroom wouldn’t be as dramatic for Lisetta as it was for me. She was strong, after all. It might just make her spellcasting a little uncomfortable, but I had to try.


I held my breath and conjured a pale blue magic circle, preparing for battle. Using magic to divert attention, I would take the opportunity to throw the Xerome mushroom.

The air grew heavy, and a sense of impending doom weighed down on me.


And then.

”…That’s enough.”

Suddenly, Lisetta withdrew her magic circle, an expression of boredom on her face.

“That amount of mana… makes me want to die of boredom.”

What the hell…?

“Just by looking at it, there’s no way those first-rate bitches would be interested in your mediocre combat skills… Was it for another reason? I got my hopes up for nothing. Next time, bring some companions. You alone won’t make a difference.”

Lisetta scratched my pride mercilessly. My forehead felt like it was pulsating, burning with heat…

“Ah! Do you have anything to eat? I’m starving to death.”


“You got anything? Why aren’t you answering?”

”…Yes, I do.”

…To prevent a bad ending, I have no choice but to do whatever it takes.

Since Lisetta might change her mind, I had to take the lead for now.

“Oh, really? Give it to me!”

Lisetta seemed delighted at the good news as a wide smile adorned her face.

I let out a sigh.

Then, as Lisetta said, “Did you sigh?” and frowned, I hastily pulled out a bundle from my pocket.

“Here you go.”

I presented the bundle to Lisetta, who eagerly received it and examined its contents. It was a ‘Frostbloom flower’ that I had picked along the way, an edible flower that constantly emitted ice elemental mana. The round petals had been pre-cooked by burning them with a 1-star fire magic scroll I had purchased from an unattended shop.

“Isn’t it strange? You try it first.”

Lisetta took out a Frostbloom flower petal that resembled candy and forcefully put it into my mouth.

…It couldn’t be helped. I chewed on the petal, feeling its soft and slightly salty texture, like eating a pickled vegetable dish. It was definitely edible.

Lisetta was relieved to see that. She took out a Frostbloom petal and popped it into her mouth.

“It’s not particularly delicious, but it’s good enough to eat…”

Just then.



The ground began to shake! Dirt and dust fell from the ceiling, and the luminescent lamps were doused with rainwater, causing the cave to succumb to darkness.

The Underground Giant. It was a precursor phenomenon that occurred before the appearance of the Elphelt. That bastard was about to appear!

I shouted urgently, “Lisetta, run!”

“Huh, what?”

“I told you to run, you idiot!”


Lisetta looked at me with a perplexed expression.

There was no time to explain. I had to get to Ian as soon as possible!

I started running towards the inner passage of the cave. If I continued on this path, I would reach Ian and Kaya.

I checked the situation with my [Clairvoyance]. Ian and Kaya were looking around in panic.

If I exerted my muscles for ten minutes and ran at full speed, would I be able to reach them within ten minutes? I wasn’t sure… Either way, I had to run at full speed!

“Hey!!! What’s going on?!!”

No, why is Lisetta chasing after me?!

“You! Do you even know what an earthquake is?!!”

“I told you to run!”

You’re just getting in the way!

“What?! Why do you keep giving orders on trivial matters, huh? Do you want to die?!”

There was no time to convince Lisetta to turn back. Any moment now, the giant’s gaping maw would swallow Kaya, and Ian would jump into it.

Lisetta and I ran toward Ian’s location.

I wasn’t sure if she would follow me until the end, but I hoped she wouldn’t. Otherwise, I would have to show her how I fought against demons.

The last thing I needed was more people – who weren’t even close to me – to know my identity.

…Come to think of it, she was the type of girl who wouldn’t take any orders from someone weaker than her.


My head throbbed.

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