༺ Duel (5)༻

There was some information I wanted to extract from Leafa the Illusive.

So I unmasked myself. I wouldn’t be able to talk to him while disguised as the Berserker.

As soon as [Fictional Hell] began to unravel, I quickly began to lock [Ice Sovereign] deep inside my body.

Even with the [Hunter] trait activated, I was weaker than I was in [Fictional Hell], so there was no telling what kind of strain [Ice Sovereign] would put on my body if I kept it activated for even a moment.

As a result, my skin had regained its original color.

“Don’t do anything stupid.”

[O-of course…!]

“From now on, answer what I ask you.”

I said in a cynical tone as I narrowed my eyes.

Leafa was terrified. Like a common idiom, he was shaking like a leaf. The tremors were transmitted through my hands as I held his head.

[Yes, yes! I’ll answer anything! I will answer, so please…]

“How much does Alice Carroll know about me?”

If Alice found out about me at this point in the story, it would be game over. Thus, the amount of information she had about me was of great importance to me.

I was the weakest extra with the worst potential in all of ❰Magic Knight of Märchen❱. In other words, in order to defeat the Evil God Nephid, I had to focus on becoming stronger as quickly as possible.

That was why I prioritized raising [Physical Training Efficiency] and [Magical Training Efficiency] first, but later on, when they’ve reached their maximum potential, it’d be better to increase [vs. Human Combat Power] as well, to help me stand a chance against dark forces like Alice.

So, until I reached the level where I could stand up to Alice, I needed to hide my identity as much as possible.

The reason why I put up an [Ice Wall] before capturing Leafa was to prevent someone from witnessing this.

It’s time for me to take care of things.

[Child, how do you know Alice…?]

「Frost Explosion (Ice Element, ★5)」



I triggered a short burst of a [Frost Explosion] and froze his right arm. If he tried to remove the ice, his right arm would be hacked off.

“Just answer me.”

[Ugh, ah, I don’t know anything… I don’t know… Child, Alice is still trying to find you…]

Leafa gritted his teeth and cried while enduring the pain.

He responded politely. He and Alice had a relationship where it wouldn’t be surprising if one of them betrayed the other at any time, and he was a light-talker in the first place.

‘I expected this for now.’

The student evaluation data of Märchen Academy was kept under strict security. The two who played the biggest role in this were the Headmistress Elena, and the magic of Aria, the Tower Master of the Hegal Magic Tower, which was in a contractual relationship with the Academy.

As long as they were there, I didn’t have to worry about my information being leaked.

“Then next. What is Alice’s plan? Tell me how she intends to find me.”

Since it was me, not Ian Fairytale, who was hunting the demons, it was difficult to predict what Alice would do in the future.

She wasn’t the type to act thoughtlessly, except for when she was around cute things, so she is definitely up to something.

Just looking at how the final boss of Act 6, Chapter 3 of ❰Magic Knight of Märchen❱ had already appeared, I could guess.

‘The story is going to get really twisted.’

[I don’t know, that kind of thing!]


I shot another short burst of [Frost Explosion] at Leafa’s leg.



Leafa screamed at the top of his lungs. However, he didn’t show the slightest sign of defiance.

[Leafa the Illusive] Psychology: [Dreadfully frightened of you.]

Yes, he was afraid.

It must be because my hand was holding Leafa’s head at the moment. If I conjure magic with this hand at any time, it would crack open his skull and he would die instantly.

[Ugh, really, really, I don’t know…, I don’t know… Kuh…]

He really didn’t seem to know.

I wasn’t surprised that there was little information to dig up.

Alice wasn’t the type of person to go around talking about her own plans, much less to a person she didn’t have a close relationship with.

The only thing I could call a harvest this time was that Alice still hasn’t figured out my true identity yet.

[I, s-since I answered your question… ar-are you sparing my life…?]


What are you talking about?

“When did I say I was going to let you live?”


It seemed that he was seriously mistaken. I never said that I would let him live if he answered all my questions.

“You were going to toy with me, the students, the professors, and kill them all, right?”

Human life was like a toy to him.

Now and in the future, he would live with that murderous intent.

“Why would I let a guy like that live?”


Before Leafa could beg for his life, I shot another short burst of [Frost Explosion] at the back of the his head.


There was a small explosion of light blue cold air, and in the blink of an eye, I saw Leafa’s mangled upper body trapped in a block of ice.

After dispelling the ice mana that had turned into a block of ice, Leafa fell to the ground; his whole body turned into gray powder and piled up on the floor like cigarette ash.


Only then did I relax my expression.

‘Successfully took care of the problem.’

That was really fortunate.

[Congratulations! You’ve defeated the demon [Leafa the Illusive (Lv 130)] and gained EXP!] [Level Up!! Your level has increased to 56!] [You’ve gained 10 stat points!] [You have unlocked the achievement ❰An Illusion Within An Illusion❱! You have gained an additional 10 bonus stat points!]

It was 「Act 3, Chapter 1, Duel」 where I thought I’d just measure my combat ability and move on.

But I somehow ended up getting 20 stat points.

However, more importantly.

“I already got this…”

An ashen bracelet laid on the ground where Leafa the Illusive had disappeared. I picked it up.

[You have obtained the loot [Elemental Bracelet]!] [Elemental Bracelet] Increases the [Elemental Resistance] of certain elements by [40], excluding the light and darkness elements.

Rank: Tier 1

Effect Duration: 24 hours

Cooldown Time: 24 hours

‘Elemental Bracelet’. Naturally, I thought I’d get this in the second semester.

…For now, I had to think about my stat points and the Elemental Bracelet later. There were other things I had to take care of first.

My body suddenly grew heavy. The [Hunter] trait had been deactivated. Before that, I sensed mana around me, but there wasn’t much. Still, there was nothing wrong with being safe.

Afterwards, I put on the mask and the hood on my head and transformed into the Berserker.

I dispelled the [Ice Barrier] placed on Professor Fernando and the [Ice Wall] that imprisoned me.

As soon as the [Ice Wall] dispersed into bluish powder, I turned my head toward Professor Fernando.

If I took his unconscious body out now, the situation would be over.

Although, I was sure Professor Fernando must have instructed his associate professor to come up to the roof after a certain amount of time had passed.

However, I couldn’t just leave a dying man on the roof without confirmation.

I must turn the fainted Professor Fernando over to the administration without revealing my presence.

A professor was injured. If it was discovered that I was with Professor Fernando, I would be summoned by the Truth Investigation Committee for questioning.

The Student Council President was also included in the emergency contact list of the Truth Investigation Committee, so it was better to avoid that situation as much as possible.

“You worked hard, Professor.”

There was an easy way out.

I headed for the rooftop entrance with Professor Fernando on my back.

* * *

Luce Eltania was walking down the hallway of Duke Hall.

The duel had been her triumph. At first, she was going to go easy on Ian Fairytale for his courage in challenging her to a duel, but then she simply finished him off with a 5-star water magic.

This was because Isaac bothered her too much.

He had nosebleeds every day and worked hard, but eventually, he met a dead-end and declared his surrender.

‘How upset would he be?’

With a face of resigned acceptance, Isaac patted Tristan on the shoulder, acknowledged him, and left.

The fact that he was trying so hard to look nonchalant, as if he was relieved, made her feel even more sorry for him.

She hadn’t decided what to say to him, but she wanted to meet him.

She quickly ended her duel and swiftly stepped out into the hallway so as not to be stopped by the guard wizards.

Ever since she was 10 years old, she had not been interested in others, so she was not good at consolation or encouragement.

Even so, if she could pretend to run into Isaac by chance, and then say something along the lines of ‘Cheer up’… she felt like he would feel at ease.

‘Where are you…?’

But Isaac was nowhere to be seen. Had he already left Duke Hall? No, he wasn’t allowed to leave Duke Hall while the dueling evaluation was in progress, which meant he was still somewhere in the building.

I wonder where he is.

Luce headed for the stairs. Since Isaac wasn’t on this floor, he was probably on the upper floor or on the roof.

“Student Luce? What are you doing here?”

Luce ran into an associate professor who was coming toward the stairs from the opposite direction. He was accompanied by examiners and five healers.

Seeing them appear in a group, Luce was puzzled.

“The dueling evaluation has been suspended. Please return to your seats and comply with academic regulations.”


The associate professor spoke in a polite yet urgent voice.

She couldn’t understand what was going on, but it was clear that something unexpectedly bad had happened.

They passed Luce and began to climb the stairs.

Isaac was probably up there as well.

Luce contemplated whether to follow them up or not.

“Student Dorothy?”

Just then, a female student came down from the top of the stairs.

She stopped the associate professor’s party in the middle of the stairwell.


Luce’s eyes widened in surprise when she saw the pretty schoolgirl with long light purple hair wearing a witch’s hat.

Her cosmic, star-shaped pupils seemed otherworldly.

This was the same senior who had recently been spending time at Isaac’s training grounds every day.

“Wait for a moment.”

Dorothy said, a faint smile tugging at the corners of her lips as she looked at Luce and the associate professor’s party standing below.


“Yes, please wait a moment~.”

Why all of a sudden?

Luce and the associate professor’s party couldn’t understand.

“Because it’s dangerous now.”



Closing her eyes, Dorothy snapped her fingers and began to drum a rhythm.

The associate professor’s party watched her eccentricity from afar.

Dorothy Heartnova was a force to be reckoned with at Märchen Academy, a genius whose talents seemed to have come from the very heavens themselves, and the pride of the academy.

That was why, when she used the word ‘dangerous,’ it was unavoidable that the associate professor and his party felt uneasy.

Still, as a professor, he couldn’t be influenced by the words of a student.

“Student Dorothy,” said Philip Meltron, the professor in charge of the Magic Department’s freshmen Class A, as he stepped forward.

“It’s over now~”


Dorothy opened her eyes and moved out of their way. Her eccentricity was over in just five seconds.

The associate professor and his party did not understand why, but they started climbing the stairs again.

After climbing to the second floor.

“Professor Fernando?!”

A man collapsed in the hallway had caught their eyes.

It was Professor Fernando, covered in wounds and unconscious.

His body bore the traces of a fierce battle.

Beside him, Dorothy’s familiar was casting a healing spell on Fernando. A white cat with a pink ribbon on its tail was rubbing its own cheek against Fernando’s.

“He needs healing magic! Please move Professor Fernando quickly!”

Getting Fernando to a hospital room took precedence over assessing the situation.

The associate professor gave urgent instructions to the healers.


Dorothy stood leaning against the corner, listening to the bustle of the associate professor’s party. Soon after, the healing squad passed her on their way down the stairs, carrying Fernando on a stretcher.

The rest of the group seemed to be heading for the roof.

Only then did Dorothy begin to descend the stairs.

‘You’re inexperienced, President. You should thank this older sister for buying you time to escape.’

Dorothy shrugged her shoulders triumphantly.


There must be a reason why such a strong being was hiding his identity. Whatever that reason was, Dorothy decided to keep his secret.

The fact that he had fought to protect the people of the Academy was enough to convince her.

It was natural for her to be considerate, thought Dorothy.

“Huh? You?”

As Dorothy descended the stairs, she met the eyes of a schoolgirl who had been watching her.

Her rose gold hair was delicate, and her detailed features were very elegant. The morpho butterfly-colored hair straps on either side of her head looked exquisite.

Dorothy knew who she was. She was Luce Eltania, the undisputed head among the first-year students of the Magic Department.

She’d often spotted her watching Isaac before he went to training. She was a cute Junior, perhaps she had a crush on him.

Dorothy tilted her head with a bright smile on her face.

“Do you have something to do with me?”

“I was just wondering why Senior was here, since Duke Hall should be off-limits right now.”

“Yeah, that’s right. However, rules are meaningless to me.”

Luce frowned at her.

What the hell?

“Did something happen upstairs?”

“None of your business, cute Junior~.”

After replying in a playful voice, Dorothy walked past Luce.

Luce’s gaze followed her wordlessly.


Suddenly, Dorothy realized something and stopped in her tracks to look back at Luce.

“Your crush, it’s going to be a little difficult.”


What do you mean? Luce asked with a question mark hovering over her head.

Dorothy smirked in amusement and walked away with light steps.