Once everyone had disembarked from the Icarus, Ling Yun quickly stored his flying artifact in his item box. He then looked at each member of his group individually, particularly considering their large number. That's why he thought of dividing them into groups, so they could train more freely after they entered the tower, but he certainly wouldn't let his wives and family separate from him.

"So what's your plan? Do you really want them to spread out?" Ling Xi, who was hovering above them, asked Ling Yun.

"Yes." Ling Yun nodded before saying this to his wives and family. "You guys will stay with me, especially Ruxue and the others."

"In that case, we will train in a group, Mo Chen." Dongfang Jingjing said this as she pointed to her sect sisters, and they also agreed with that.

However, Ling Yun immediately pulled Dongfang Jingjing to his side and hugged her waist. "Senior Sister, we have a bet on this tower, remember? That's why I won't allow you to leave my side, and I will immediately claim my victory once I reach the 50th floor, so you have to prepare yourself well before that."

"You-" Dongfang Jinging wanted to refute him, but Ling Yun immediately sealed her lips, making her face blush brightly, especially since there were many people watching them kiss.

"Ha ha!" Bo Xiaoying laughed loudly as she walked away. "Let's go, sisters! Jingjing definitely won't be training with us, so we don't need to wait for her, and it would be better if we went straight into the tower. Otherwise, those people will be ahead of us, and it will be difficult for us to find items that are beneficial for our cultivation."

Without saying anything, Tian Qinglian immediately followed Bai Xiaoying, as did the other disciples, except Ye Xixuan and Yun Gongzhu.

Yun Gongzhu had already planned to join Ling Yun, including his other dual cultivation partners, especially since they were addicted to dual-cultivating with him, and his yang qi was much more precious than the items in the tower.

As for Ye Xixuan, she had already made her own plans and wanted to train with Wu Gui and Ya Xixian. She immediately invited the two of them to enter the tower directly, and they promptly followed her.

window.pubfuturetag = window.pubfuturetag || [];window.pubfuturetag.push({unit: "64ce79d606107d003c23ea27", id: "pf-5140-1"})Meanwhile, Song An decided to lead the demi-humans, especially since she was the strongest among them, and she felt confident she could protect them as long as they didn't encounter strong enemies. However, she left her daughter with Ling Yun, which caused Song Su to continue to grumble in anger at her mother's attitude. She had gotten used to his presence, so she decided to accept it.

Since they had all trained in the tower before, except for the demi humans, Ling Xi and Zhou Yu did not stop them, and that would actually make their group smaller.

After they left, Ling Yun let go of Dongfang Jingjing, who was blushing, and he asked Mu Yan to explain the rules of the tower to them, especially since almost all of them had never challenged the tower.

Mu Yan nodded at Ling Yun and spoke directly to them. "For now, we will move together until we reach the 10th floor, but we will go our separate ways after that floor, especially since the cultivation of the majority of you is still at the Emperor Realm, and the 11th to 20th floors are for cultivators with cultivation at the Saint Realm. Although we are not with you all, you guys don't need to worry about your safety, especially since there is a safe zone every 10 floors and other cultivators will not dare to attack you there. If they do so, the tower will punish them, ensuring your safety as long as you remain within that safe zone. For the upper floors, the rules on all floors are also the same, so I won't explain too much about that. Floors 21 to 30 are inhabited by beasts in the Venerate Realm. From the 31st to the 90th floors, we will face the beasts in the five god realms. That's why only Xiao Xiao, Yun Gongzhu, Shang Meiqi, and Mao Erlong can come with us."

Ling Yu'er and the others sighed in disappointment after hearing that, especially since they wanted to challenge the higher floors, but their cultivation was still lacking, so they could only give up.

Seeing their expressions like that, Ling Yun immediately spoke to them. "All right, you guys don't need to be disappointed like this, especially since we can challenge this tower again in the future. Just focus on your training and cultivation for now, and I will bring you all back here in the future. Moreover, all the beasts in the tower are not ordinary beasts, and their strength is ten times greater than that of human cultivators at the same level, so you cannot underestimate them, and you must be very careful when fighting them."

"Ten times greater?" All of them were shocked after hearing that, especially since it was no different from them fighting cultivators whose cultivation was ten levels higher than theirs.

"Yes." Ling Yun nodded to them. "That's why we won't possibly be able to reach the 10th floor in a short time, and we have to fight hard to beat them first. Furthermore, the boss of the 10th floor is a powerful beast, giving you ample time to train with them and avoid rushing to the next floor.

Zhang Xingcai then said to Ling Yun. "Hey, husband, doesn't that mean you and the others will easily reach the top floor? After all, you guys have your bloodline, and those beasts will definitely submit to you."

"That's true." Ling Yun responded by nodding. "However, we won't use our bloodline power, and I also covered my dragon aura, so they won't be able to feel it. Otherwise, our training in this tower will be in vain, and we won't progress."

window.pubfuturetag = window.pubfuturetag || [];window.pubfuturetag.push({unit: "64cc9e79c7059f003e4ad4b0", id: "pf-5109-1"})"I see." Zhang Xingcai nodded in understanding. "Let's enter the tower now, and I want to fight those strong beasts as quickly as possible."

"Me too!" Ling Yun's other wives and family spoke in unison, raising their hands.

Seeing that they were so impatient, Ling Yun immediately led them to enter the tower. Since the area was too full of people, Ling Xi and Mu Yan immediately spread their aura to provide a deterrent to the cultivators, who were also rushing to enter.

Feeling the strong pressure from their aura, those people immediately moved to the side, making way for them to enter first, with almost all of them not daring to glance at Ling Yun's group.

However, they came to a halt directly before the entrance, and Ling Yun raised her gaze to the cloud-covered top of the tower. 'The top, huh? I will definitely reach that floor and retrieve one of the body parts of the old dragon that the Time Lord hid there, and I hope it is the best part, so my strength will increase significantly.'

Knowing his thoughts, the two spirit women shook their heads, and Zhou Yu said directly to Ling Yun. "Don't worry, I will help you get it."

"I know." Ling Yun then walked again, as he said. "Let's start our new adventure in this tower."


[The host entered a special dungeon.]

[New quests have been added.]

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[Normal Quest: Defeat 10 special beasts on the first floor]

[Reward: Tower Gift Pack x1]





[Intermediate Quest: Finding the First Key]

[Reward: Special Gift Pack x1]





[Difficult Quest: Defeat the boss on the 10th floor.]

[Reward: Boss Gift Pack x1]





[Hidden Quest: Clearing the Immortal Tower.]

[Reward: ????]

As soon as the four notifications appeared in his mind, Ling Yun raised his eyebrows, and he then looked up at Ling Xi, who was smiling mischievously at him. 'Hey! I'll spank your ass later! We've been together for so long, but I somehow feel that you still keep many secrets from me.'

'Hehehe.' Ling Xi giggled at that. 'Don't you always want to get new quests? Now you've got four quests at once, so you should be happy with them, right?'

'Well? Although I'm content with them, I find it disconcerting that you continue to conceal numerous other aspects from me. Ling Xi simply smiled at that, causing Ling Yun to sigh heavily. He then opened the map and surveyed the area. "This tower is truly insane! This is only the first floor, but this place is already so spacious! Moreover, the number of beasts here is countless, whether on land, in water, or in the sky. That's why we have to start being alert to avoid their sudden attacks, especially those beasts flying above us."

"Anyway, it would be better if we found a place to rest first, especially since the door to the second floor won't open until all these beasts are dead." Ling Yun and the others immediately turned to Mu Yan, and those who came from the modern side of the earth felt that the tower was like a game. "You guys don't need to react like that, you know? This tower is unique in that the beasts always respawn once we move to the next floor, ensuring their numbers never run out, and those who visit after us can engage in combat with these new beasts.

Ling Yun, whose hobby was playing MMORPGs when he was still an ordinary human, could only shake his head. 'Those immortals are really weird, and they can even come up with the idea of creating such a tower. However, this is really interesting, and I don't need to hold myself back from fighting these beasts.'

"Follow me." As she walked in front of them, Mu Yan spoke. "I've challenged this tower several times, so I'm pretty familiar with the areas on each floor, and I have a place that will make you all very comfortable."

Upon hearing that, the women immediately followed Mu Yan, while Ling Yun casually walked behind them, pondering over the intermediate quest, particularly since it required him to locate a key. 'Hey, Ling Xi, what kind of key is that? What is the purpose of a key? Where should I look for it?'

Instead, Ling Xi asked Ling Yun back. 'Would you believe me if I said that I didn't know anything about the quest and the key?'

'Hmm?' Ling Yun looked up at Ling Xi with a raised eyebrow. 'Weren't you the one who created the system based on my memories of those games I played in the past?'

Ling Xi released a heavy sigh before answering Ling Yun. "You're not wrong about that, and I did create that system based on your memories, but you forgot that Xiao Yin upgraded your system after you got the Celestial Fortress. Furthermore, Tang Xiao was the one who created her, and it was he who left the three prophecies about you to the nature races.'

'You mean Tang Xiao was the one who inserted these new quests into the system?'

'Yes.' Ling Yun felt strange about Ling Xi's answer, so he immediately called Xiao Yin, but she did not respond to his calls. 'You don't need to do that, especially since this tower is covered by some formidable restrictions, so you won't be able to communicate with her as long as you're in here, and you'll have to go out to do that.'

'Forget it then; these quests are not bad, and I can definitely complete them all.' Ling Yun then hurried to catch up with Mu Yan and the others.



A while later, they arrived in front of a cave that was covered by bushes, making it invisible from a distance. Mu Yan then led them in, but to their surprise, the interior became more spacious as they went deeper.

When they arrived at the end of the cave, they saw that the area was almost as large as Yunlong Zhuzhai, and there were so many wooden and stone furnishings there.

"Ha ha." Mu Yan laughed at their reactions. "I told you that guys would love this place. Actually, my group from Misty Manor and I discovered this place by chance, and we chose to use it as our basecamp during our first training session here. That's why we decided to set up everything here, and you are welcome to use the facilities at any time."

- To Be Continued -