The three Mid Blood Condensation disciples were mainly in charge of the leading operating site’s construction on Huang Li Island. They were accompanied by the other thirty Blood Refining disciples.

The islanders were recruited to build a marketplace. Lu Ping and the rest of the Early Blood Condensation disciples followed the Late Blood Condensation disciple, Senior Martial Brother Zhang Zi-Feng, in setting up the island’s great defensive array formation.

Three days later, the array formation was completed and Lu Ping plunged into his regular life of cultivation in his cave-dwelling.

From time to time, he would head to Di Kun Island’s marketplace to stock up on spirit herbs for his alchemy practice. Every trip to the market, he would sell any unused items he gained from previous battles, hence his wealth didn’t actually shrink too much.

Lu Ping spent 4,000 spirit stones and bought two hauling formation chassis from Multi-Treasure Pavilion’s Manager Jia. The hauling array formations were specially used to transport the spirit veins from one place to another.

He first set the hauling array formation on the spirit vein, then placed the formation chassis on the intended destination. Once the array formation was activated, it would move the spirit vein to the formation chassis. However, moving the spirit vein was not a small feat. During transport, it would cause an earthquake and attract unwanted attention.

One day, Lu Ping had just finished concocting a cauldron of Blood Purification Pellets. He looked at the six pellets in the cauldron and couldn’t contain his smile. He had a breakthrough with the Mid Blood Refining pellets, but his proficiency with the Late Blood pellets still remained at a 40% success rate.

At this time, Lu Ping sensed that his defensive array formation was triggered and a message sword flew into the cave-dwelling. It turned out that one of the Mid Blood Condensation disciples, Senior Martial Brother Li Zi-Ming, was notifying Lu Ping to go over to discuss something.

window.pubfuturetag = window.pubfuturetag || [];window.pubfuturetag.push({unit: "64ce79d606107d003c23ea27", id: "pf-5140-1"})Lu Ping didn’t want to delay and hurriedly left for the conference hall on Huang Li Island. When he arrived, the other five Early Blood Condensation disciples were already there, with Li Zi-Ming sitting in the main chair.

Lu Ping didn’t know what they wanted to discuss and so he glanced at Hu Lili, hoping that she could give him some hint. However, Hu Lili remained unwavering and gave him a troubled look. Clearly, she knew what they were here for, and she didn’t think it was something good.

Sure enough, when Lu Ping entered the hall, the pretentious Lin Sheng welcomed him enthusiastically, “Oh, Senior Lu, you’re finally here! Come, sit down quickly. Senior Li and the rest have waited a long time for you!”

Lin Sheng sounded normal, but Lu Ping caught a triumphant tone between his sentences. He couldn’t help but wonder if today’s matter was related to him.

His guess proved right. As soon as Lin Sheng finished saying his piece, Li Zi-Ming said, “In future, Junior Lu must remember not to be late and to arrive on time for all discussions. After all, Huang Li Island is not the same place it used to be. As the island disciple in charge, you could do anything you liked before, but now, Senior Zhang Zi-Feng is the one in charge. And with the monsters in the seas nearby, Junior Lu, you must stay vigilant and sharp to respond at all times.”

Lu Ping listened and immediately knew Li Zi-Ming was trying to accuse Lu Ping for negligence so he could display his authority.

Lu Ping sat in his chair and said, “Alright. Then may I ask why Master Immortal Zhang Zi-Feng has summoned us?”

After seeing Lu Ping’s response, Li Zi-Ming instantly felt anger brewing in his heart. Lu Ping knew Zhang Zi-Feng was devoted to cultivation and was indifferent towards worldly affairs. So were the other two Mid Blood Condensation disciples. This meant that Li Zi-Ming would be able to naturally take control over the island and its affairs.

window.pubfuturetag = window.pubfuturetag || [];window.pubfuturetag.push({unit: "64cc9e79c7059f003e4ad4b0", id: "pf-5109-1"})Lu Ping’s response clearly showed that he didn’t think too highly of Li Zi-Ming, which naturally caused the latter dissatisfaction. But Lu Ping had brought up Zhang Zi-Feng so Li Zi-Ming couldn’t talk back.

He was determined to use Lu Ping as his target to display his authority. Hence, he said, “Senior Zhang Zi-Feng is focused on cultivation. He has entrusted the island’s affairs to me. So I have called you all here to discuss its spirit fields.”

Lu Ping frowned. “Senior Li, I have been responsible for the spirit fields since the beginning and I have not failed or owed the sect any yields. What is there to discuss?”

Li Zi-Ming was displeased with Lu Ping’s interruption and he said coldly, “Although Junior Lu has always submitted the yields on time, we are at war now. Huang Li Island is now fully under the sect’s control and so the spirit fields will naturally be under the sect’s direct management. Junior Lu, you are no longer required to take care of the spirit fields.”

Lu Ping was wealthy now and he didn’t really care about the yields from the spirit fields anymore. But it wasn’t comfortable to have his rights taken away for no reason. He didn’t see the need to suppress his dissatisfaction and said, “So, Senior Li, you will be taking over them yourself?”

“Junior Lu, that sounds misleading. It is not me, but the sect that is taking over. I’m only helping the sect look after the fields.”

Lu Ping didn’t care enough to argue over a trivial matter like this, but neither did he want to see Li Zi-Ming’s plan succeed. So, he said, “So Senior Li wants to manage the fields. Well then, hear me out. There are seven acres of spirit fields on the island. Two of these acres were cultivated by myself after I became Huang Li Island’s disciple. According to the sect rules, I am entitled to their yields for three years. Since it has not been three years yet, they still belong to me.

“As for the remaining five acres of fields; Senior Li has to manage the island affairs and is busy all the time. So let the other five take charge of one acre each. Since you’re already here on duty and cultivating, you can then use your spare time to contribute more to the sect. What do you all think?”

window.pubfuturetag = window.pubfuturetag || [];window.pubfuturetag.push({unit: "663633fa8ebf7442f0652b33", id: "pf-8817-1"})Li Zi-Ming didn’t know that two acres of the spirit fields were cultivated by Lu Ping. The report he heard was the island had seven acres of spirit fields and they were all rich in spiritual energy. Not only were the yields 20% higher than usual, the growth durations were also shorter, so the fields could be planted and reaped six times a year.

Li Zi-Ming couldn’t stand the temptation presented by the person who reported it, so he came up with the idea of snatching the fields away from Lu Ping for himself.

Frankly speaking, Li Zi-Ming’s actions were reasonable, it followed the sect rules. But usually, the disciples would just close an eye to trivial matters like this. After all, the yields were at most worth just a couple hundred spirit stones a year, no Blood Condensation disciple would concern themselves for such a small amount of spirit stones.

Yet, Li Zi-Ming decided to bring up the matter and snatch the fields for himself. Seeing that, Lu Ping also didn’t care to fight with him for the fields, he just didn’t want him to have them so easily.

The rest of them didn’t know what to say. If they agreed to Lu Ping’s suggestion, that would definitely put Senior Li in an awkward position. If they didn’t agree…Senior Li was clearly playing dirty here. More importantly, Lu Ping’s suggestion would also benefit them.

Therefore, everyone was silent and didn’t say anything, including Lin Sheng.

After a while, Hu Lili, who understood Lu Ping’s plan, gave him a look. She chortled and said, “I think that’s a good idea. Recently, our island duties have been relatively simple and we have a lot of hours to spare. It’s not a bad idea to cultivate a small spirit field with our free time.”

Li Zi-Ming didn’t know what to say and stuttered for some time before he finally said, “I can have the Blood Refining disciples take care of the spirit fields.”

Now, those were truly words of pure greed! There was no shame in his tone at all!

At this point, Lu Ping didn’t even want to argue anymore. He started feeling embarrassed fighting with someone like Li Zi-Ming just for five acres of spirit fields. In the end, Lu Ping stood up and left the hall.

After leaving, Lu Ping thought about Li Zi-Ming and couldn’t help but wonder: What had driven Li Zi-Ming to this point? Had he never seen a spirit stone before? How much did he crave spirit stones that he was willing to let go of his pride as a Blood Condensation cultivator?

The more he thought, the more he found Li Zi-Ming a funny guy. Suddenly, he couldn’t contain his smile anymore and laughed out loud.

In the hall, the rest of the Blood Condensation disciples were also stunned by Li Zi-Ming’s words and didn’t know how to react. Then, they heard Lu Ping’s laughter and they all looked strangely at Li Zi-Ming.

They quickly excused themselves and left the hall, and even Lin Sheng didn’t dare to stay. Li Zi-Ming was left sitting alone in the hall and his facial expressions changed nonstop as he stayed deep in his own thoughts.

After Lu Ping returned to his cave-dwelling, he quietly speculated over who would be involved in this matter and why Li Zi-Ming would act this way.

First and foremost, Lin Sheng was obviously one of the culprits. He gloated at Lu Ping as soon as he entered the hall. So, he must be somehow involved.

However, Lu Ping couldn’t figure out Li Zi-Ming’s motive. Lin Sheng was clearly not strong enough to drive Li Zi-Ming to the point of putting aside his pride.