“Interspatial belt!”

“It’s an interspatial belt!”


A burst of amazed mutters broke out from several cultivators who recognized the item.

Manager Pang was satisfied to see the furor of excitement coming from the audience. He raised his hands to calm the crowd before continuing, “Yes, this is an interspatial belt. Normally, only those strong and powerful Late Blood Condensation Realm cultivators or Core Forging Realm Enlightened Masters can possess such a precious item.”

“This interspatial belt is about three cubic feet in size. In comparison, ordinary Blood Refining Realm cultivators’ interspatial pouches are normally a cubic foot in size, and even the better ones can only go up to two cubic feet. Therefore, this interspatial belt is a perfect and most ideal symbolic item to exhibit your status.”

“Furthermore, it comes with two monster-storage spaces that allow you to store away your pets or monsters.”

“The belt also comes equipped with a defensive array formation set up by a Late Blood Condensation Realm expert proficient in the state of “Technique”. When the owner is in danger, the belt will release a life-saving defensive spell.”

The powerful features of the interspatial belt were enticing to the cultivators. Hushed sounds of amazement would burst out every time Manager Pang introduced yet another detail.

Although Lu Ping was highly interested in rare spatial items, he knew he had to keep his distance.

He could somehow be considered as wealthy, but he still hadn’t reached the point where his interspatial pouch couldn’t contain his items anymore. In addition, he still had the exquisite interspatial pouch left behind by Sheng Tao.

An interspatial belt was seen as a symbol of status, wealth, and prowess. But Lu Ping was just a mere Blood Refining Realm cultivator without support from any clans or factions. It was only natural that he avoided such items.

“The opening price is a thousand spirit stones and every incremental bid shall not be less than 50 spirit stones.”

window.pubfuturetag = window.pubfuturetag || [];window.pubfuturetag.push({unit: "64ce79d606107d003c23ea27", id: "pf-5140-1"})As soon as Manager Pang announced the start of the bid, countless cultivators called out in an instant. Lu Ping realized there were still many wealthy Blood Refining Realm cultivators in attendance.

The bidding price went all the way up to more than 1,500 spirit stones in the blink of an eye and continued to exceed 1,800 spirit stones. Only then did the bids begin to slow down.

At this time, only Room 9 and two more cultivators from below the stage were bidding for the interspatial belt.

Not only were these two cultivators bidding more decisively than Room 9, but they didn’t seem flustered at all.

Lu Ping was quite surprised to see their calmness and immediately knew they were from a big clan or faction.

In the end, the more ordinary looking one between the two cultivators won the bid for the interspatial belt with 2,100 spirit stones.

The second finale item was a high-grade mystic instrument that came in a set of flying needles. The needle set was called Barrier Shattering Needles and was suitable for sneak attacks, especially against protective spells. Hence, the name, Barrier Shattering.

With this needle set, even Early Blood Condensation Realm cultivators could kill Late Blood Condensation Realm cultivators in a surprise attack.

During the ambush on the nameless island, Lu Ping witnessed the Xuan Ling Sect disciple launch a sneak attack on Hu Lili with a needle mystic instrument. At that time, Lu Ping was already amazed by its power. After the battle, Lu Ping claimed ownership over the needle set and made it into one of his hidden killing blows.

And that was just for a low-grade needle mystic instrument, let alone this high-grade three-needle set.

Sure enough, the needle set started with the bidding price of 1,200 spirit stones and rose all the way to 2,300 spirit stones. In the end, Room 1 won the bid with 2,400 spirit stones.

Afterwards, the third finale item turned out to be another Blood Condensing Pellet!

This caused another loud uproar. With the previous example of Lu Ping’s victory, the price for this Blood Condensing Pellet quickly exceeded 3,000 spirit stones, catching Lu Ping by surprise.

window.pubfuturetag = window.pubfuturetag || [];window.pubfuturetag.push({unit: "64cc9e79c7059f003e4ad4b0", id: "pf-5109-1"})Fortunately, the previous items Lu Ping sold in the auction gave him more than 7,000 spirit stones. Although he spent about 2,500 spirit stones for the medicinal pellets and some other items, he still had about 5,000 spirit stones on hand.

“3,200 spirit stones.”

“I will bid 3,300 spirit stones.”

“3,500 spirit stones.” Lu Ping tried to keep his voice calm even though his heart was bleeding internally. He knew the competition would be intense if another Blood Condensing Pellet showed up, but he underestimated how fierce the auction would become.

Initially, the bidding slowed down when the price reached 2,800 spirit stones. One could tell that the price was already reaching the buyers’ limits.

But when Lu Ping entered the bid with 3,000 spirit stones, the cultivators were outraged.

“Him again!”

“Who are you? Don’t you think it’s too much to buy both Blood Condensing Pellets?”

“Everyone, band together, we can’t let him have it all!”


All of a sudden, the cultivators had collectively raised the bid price. Even if they were to suffer a huge loss, they wouldn’t let Lu Ping have this Blood Condensing Pellet.

Lu Ping could do nothing but smile bitterly.

“3,600 spirit stones. Let’s see how many spirit stones he owns.” Not only did Bai Changchun bid, he also asked the others to join him.

window.pubfuturetag = window.pubfuturetag || [];window.pubfuturetag.push({unit: "663633fa8ebf7442f0652b33", id: "pf-8817-1"})Lu Ping knew that he’d overdone it by trying to buy both Blood Condensing Pellets. It would take a huge fortune to compete against all of these clan disciples.

Furthermore, 3,500 spirit stones were the highest price he could bid. If he went up any more than that, not only would the price exceed the value of the Blood Condensing Pellet, it would also greatly affect his cultivation plan.

Hence, Bai Changchun’s wish was fulfilled and he won the bid, albeit for a price that was a little overboard.

Lu Ping knew that his actions had attracted much unwanted attention. He initially thought that he could leave early to avoid those people but thinking again, there would definitely be a lot of people waiting outside. He would only make himself stand out more if he left alone.

Hence, the best way was to actually leave with the crowd after the auction was done.

At this time, it was already the last and final item of the auction.

Manager Pang wore a mysterious yet excited expression on his face. Clearly, this was an item that even a Blood Condensation Realm cultivator like him was surprised to see.

“Now, please welcome our last and final item on stage!”

As the red silk was pulled away, a one-inch jade stamp was revealed on the tray. Lu Ping inhaled a deep breath of cold air the moment he saw the item. It was a talisman treasure, the last and final item of the auction was a talisman treasure.

Lu Ping also had a talisman treasure and he’d seen its power before. Hence, he was able to immediately recognize it.

Those knowledgeable cultivators also recognized the item. All of a sudden, the auction house was filled with exclamations, which left the ignorant cultivators puzzled.

“Ladies and gentlemen, this is a talisman treasure. It was crafted by Zhen Ling Sect’s core disciple, Xi Xuanmu, during his free time. A strong and powerful treasure, its usefulness lies not only for defense, but also to exterminate threats. It is—”

Before Manager Pang could finish his sentence, he was suddenly interrupted.