Chapter 470: Epilogue

[A few years later.]


"Alex, stand up and hug her," Stella's voice rang out from behind him. She had been hugging him tightly during their sleep, but that was over as the baby next room started crying loudly.

Of course, she hadn't said to her beloved to wake up. She knew his eyes had already sprung open, and he gazed ahead with blank and lifeless eyes.

Alex was indeed awake. He looked like someone who hadn't slept for years, and that was indeed the case. He threw a blanket at Stella, slapped her ass gently out of spite, then stood up.

The poor man thought that his battles were over. Oh, no, no. Life was one long battle, wasn't it? Now, Alex fought for a moment of sleep and peace.

"Fighting Elias… Yasir... Blackburn Blade was much easier…" he whispered while going to the next room. After opening the door, Alex went inside, went to the cradle, and then raised a year-old baby.

It was a girl, Stella's daughter.

She instantly stopped crying in Alex's arms; she even giggled. Alex gazed at her with a lot of love, yet he couldn't really bring a genuine smile. His lips trembled, and the black holes beneath his eyes sunk, making him seem like a

Alex sat with her on a chair and thought about his life.

It had been a pretty exciting life. His school life was with an awesome and energetic girlfriend and good homies, then he entered another world through the game as soon as he became an adult, learning about adult life with many lovely women and new friends.

window.pubfuturetag = window.pubfuturetag || [];window.pubfuturetag.push({unit: "64ce79d606107d003c23ea27", id: "pf-5140-1"})He fought many antagonists and bad people and even saved two worlds!

"And she wants ten of you, you know?" Alex whispered to his daughter, who couldn't really understand him. He recalled how Remia wanted ten kids! He couldn't help but tremble at that thought.

After the final battle, Alex waited for his first baby to come out! It was a lovely elven daughter with his eyes and some of his hair! She was so cute that everyone cried when she came out!

But then, jealousy kicked in. Alex spent most of the time with Remia and their child — even before that, he would carefully look after her and stroke her belly. It was such a beautiful time!

Girls were quite too impatient and jealous, though. Alex also had a new job which was Ambassador of the Avander World. The news of this world being the real one shocked the world, but that was inevitable.

People died in the final battle, after all. Still, as the two worlds were connected, people could come in and out, so there had to be a person and whole division to lead it to prevent cultural differences from causing a catastrophe.

Alex led that division.

He had a job and a kid… And then, one year later, another came out… And then, the twins… The man had to work and look after the kids. At one point, Stella ordered a marriage as she was jealous, and the poor man, who was too exhausted from his duties, agreed.

On the honeymoon, Stella became pregnant. And then she became pregnant for the second time — it shocked Alex beyond words. She already had three years old son and now year old daughter.

After putting his daughter back in the cradle, Alex headed back to sleep… He really wanted to sleep as much as he could, and he never thought he would treasure sleeping as much as he had been doing for years now.

But his phone buzzed.

"Hug her."

window.pubfuturetag = window.pubfuturetag || [];window.pubfuturetag.push({unit: "64cc9e79c7059f003e4ad4b0", id: "pf-5109-1"})"But it's the daughter, and they all happily sleep in your arms! Come to me!"

Schnee ordered in a mommy tone. She also has one year daughter now. Of course, that daughter was not the first one. Before having her, Schnee popped twins! As Olivia learned about her pregnancy, she also wanted a kid, so the rivalry continued.

"I must go to Schnee's house," Alex whispered to Stella, kissed her cheek, and went to Schnee's house. Fortunately, he had already bought houses before, so he had all of them close to himself.

Nowadays, it was so hard to buy a house. The prices were absurd because many people brought harems from another world or simply bought houses for Earth Vacation. It was chaos on the market!

Alex lifelessly limped his way to Schnee's house. Here, he hugged his daughter, made her sleep soundlessly, then went to sleep with Schnee, who had fallen asleep with a victorious smile.

Four hours later, Stella scolded her husband for sleeping with another girl like a wronged woman from some drama. Alex stared as if his soul was somewhere else, nodding and accepting her tantrum.

After a small argument, Alex turned around, his lips muttering, "Fighting Elias-"

Alex limped his way to his car. It was time for work after barely sleeping at night, making Alex look worse. Fortunately, Celia, Veronica, and Ubo were with him, their young aura cheering him up.

"Father, don't doze off before the wheel!" Celia grinned as she pinched her father's cheeks from behind the seat. She was already fifteen years old and one of the two popular girls in her school.

Veronica was the other one. And it was indeed a real deal as this school took various races in. It was a super fantasy school!

Ubo nodded while Veronica faintly smiled.

"How is the school?" Alex asked, driving them to the school. It was on his way to the job, so that was okay unless he had to go to another world. For that, Alex would use magic. Of course, using magic without reason was prohibited, so he couldn't teleport to work right now.

window.pubfuturetag = window.pubfuturetag || [];window.pubfuturetag.push({unit: "663633fa8ebf7442f0652b33", id: "pf-8817-1"})And as he was Ambassador, he had to be that example, didn't he?

"I got a boyfriend!" Celia said happily.

Alex nodded, "Just one."

"But of course!" Celia folded her arms and looked at her father with narrowed eyes before smiling brightly at him. She knew how tough his life was.

Veronica comforted her father, too, "In a few years more, everyone's children will be big enough to take care of themselves. Father will be able to enjoy harem wholeheartedly, then! He will go on adventures and many dates."

Ubo nodded.

Alex glanced at the angel, then nodded silently, "I hope so. How about you two, though? Have you found someone?"

Veronica and Ubo shook their heads.

Alex smiled, then said, "Quickly enjoy your youthfulness and don't shoulder too much responsibility. You, Ubo, must tread slowly and carefully with your relationships. Look at me and learn from my experience!"

"Yes, father! I won't become a daddy at twenty years old!"

Alex winced.


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