Lord of the Oasischapter 820: end - the grand finale (vii)

Chapter 917: actions that cross the line

Abel walked out of the office with a dejected expression. The attendant who had been waiting outside the door was walking towards him.

“What you just did was too dangerous!”The attendant glanced at the situation in the courtroom from the corner of his eyes, he warned Abel in a low voice, “If you really take this gnome away, all the soldiers of the entire monitoring station will be sent out to hunt you down. Even I will suffer as well!”

“I’m sorry…”Abel said apologetically to the attendant.

“Hurry up and leave. Don’t stay here!”The attendant waved his hand impatiently and chased Abel and his soldier out.

The group of people returned to the leisure area in silence. A few soldier in the crowd kept sizing up Abel’s expression. One of the Elven soldier said with trepidation, “Captain Abel, what should we do next?”

On the way back to the office, everyone was in a good mood.

However, after this ordeal, everyone’s hearts were clouded.

“Wait here,”Abel said softly. “We can’t send the Gnome to prison.”

“Yes,”the soldier looked at each other and answered in unison.

Half an hour later, the noise and sound of people moving could be heard from the direction of the court. Abel immediately stood up from his seat and walked out of the leisure area. The soldier followed closely behind.

The first people to appear at the door of the public office were the judge and the others. When the judge passed by the soldier, Abel called out to the judge, “Well, Mr. Judge!”

“What’s the matter?”When the judge saw that it was Abel, he frowned.

“May I ask what the execution you gave was?”Abel took a deep breath and asked.

“That Gnome hid drugs and disguised himself as a soldier in the inn. He also caused great psychological and physical harm to the inn’s attendants,”the judge replied emotionlessly. “It can only be a death sentence.”

“This… this execution… is there any possibility of retracting it?”Abel’s voice trembled as he asked.

The judge glanced at him, but did not answer. Instead, he left with his men.

“Captain! We found the waiter from the Inn!”Just as Abel was stunned, a Caradia soldier rushed in front of him and reported.

“Where is he?”Abel clenched his fists and asked softly.

“That Kid was planning to run away from us, but he was met by a soldier who happened to go to the washroom at that time. “He’s being escorted here now.”The soldier explained in detail. “Captain, is it possible that if we catch that kid, the Gnome will be rescued?”

“I don’t know.”Abel shook his head and said, “Don’t stay here. Let’s go back to the inn first. Take the attendant back as well.”

“Yes.”The soldier nodded and replied.

Abel lifted his leg and walked to the door of the surveillance bureau. He boarded the carriage of the inn. Before he boarded the carriage, the attendant who was restrained by two soldiers appeared in front of him.

“Let go of me!”The attendant struggled and shouted.

“Brat! What did we tell you? What absurd things did you do?”The soldier who restrained him increased the strength in his hands, he lectured the attendant. “Tell me, who are you doing this to vent your anger on?”

“Let him go. There are so many brothers here. This attendant won’t be able to escape,”Abel instructed before boarding the carriage. As he spoke, he did not even turn his head to look at the attendant.

In Abel’s heart, there was only confusion and disappointment.

On the way to the inn, Abel stared out of the window. The scene from the court appeared in his mind.

The complexity of human nature was beyond his expectations. He could not understand the thoughts of the waiter. He could not even see the factors that made the gnome choose to compromise.

While Abel was lost in thought, the carriage stopped.

The group walked to the open-air Teahouse and sat down. It was already late at night, and there were few pedestrians on the streets.

After ordering his soldier to go upstairs and call Kant and Bunduk over, Abel immediately caught a glimpse of Nitte and his group standing in front of his inn. He waved at them, he shouted across the street, “Come over too.”

After hesitating for a while, Nate’s group slowly moved in the direction of Abel.

“Did you know he did this?”Abel pointed at the waiter who was surrounded by the soldier and asked Nate.

“… Yes.”Nate gritted his teeth and nodded.

“Pa!”Abel raised his hand and slapped Nate in the face. Nate was only a common orcs attendant, so how could he withstand a blow from an elven soldier of the same weight as him? When Abel’s palm actually touched his face.., there was even a moment of ringing in Nate’s ears.

“Abel!”Kant and Bunduk, who had been rushing here for a long time, saw this scene and immediately screamed at Abel. Abel’s figure also stopped. The inn attendants standing opposite him only silently supported Nate, who had fallen to the ground, and did not speak out to denounce Abel’s actions.

“What happened?”Kant walked between the two and asked.

“That Gnome was sentenced to death by the judge,”Abel replied helplessly, covering his face with his hands.

“What?”Bunduk asked in surprise.

“That servant suddenly accused the gnome in court and said that he was also involved in the fight,”a soldier stood up and explained for Abel.

Kant looked at Nitte and the servant behind him, and his expression turned cold.

“I’m sorry, Lord Kant…”Nitte lowered his head and apologized, “It’s just that we really can’t forgive the actions of those people.”

“Knight, didn’t you notice? You’ve crossed the line.”Kant shook his head gently, he said to knight, “We can hand that gnome over to you and give you a chance to push him towards the beheading platform. “We can also save him from the predicament of dying. “It’s just that you’ve completely lost our trust.”

window.pubfuturetag = window.pubfuturetag || [];window.pubfuturetag.push({unit: "64ce79d606107d003c23ea27", id: "pf-5140-1"})After leaving these two sentences, Kant did not give any other explanation. Instead, he turned to Abel and said, “Let’s go. I have something very important to talk to you about.”

“Yes.”Abel nodded and followed Kant into the teahouse.

“Everyone, go back and rest. You’re all tired today,”Bunduk instructed the soldier around him.

When everyone had dispersed, Bunduk looked at Nitte and the others who had remained where they were and sighed. He walked in front of them. He said, “Take care of yourself.”

Chapter 918: a decision must be made

“Your Highness, what is the important thing you are talking about?”After walking into the inn’s guest room, Abel said to Kant.

“Someone bought the news from the West City Guild: The Dark Side will start a war against the GNOME troops stationed in the monitoring station within three days.”Kant sat down on a chair in the main hall and raised his head to speak to Abel.

“Someone is referring to?”Abel raised his eyebrows and asked Kant.

“The spies the Dragon Clan has deployed in the city,”Kant replied. “Now, Gilbert and the others have also received this news. “Now, the gnome, the gnome, and the Dragon Clan have already convened an interim meeting. “To make a decision on this operation.”

“Your Highness, why didn’t you go?”Abel sat down beside Kant and asked in puzzlement.

“Because I don’t want to go.”Kant shook his head gently, closed his eyes, and said, “This water is too rough. We still have to keep one foot on the shore.”

“I see. Then Your Highness, what are your plans?”Abel asked after a long silence.

“I discussed with Bunduk for a while. Caradia will participate in this battle.”Kant opened his eyes and looked at Abel, he said worriedly, “It’s just that we don’t know the Elf Kingdom’s position at the moment, so…”

“Yes.”Abel nodded. After thinking for a while, he replied, “Before we left for the battle, we promised your Highness the Elf king that no matter what happens, we would choose to stand on Caradia’s side.”

“If that’s the case, I hope that you can leave this island now,”Kant said seriously. “Return to your own country and tell the elf king that your mission has been completed.”

“Your Highness…”Abel looked at Kant with a gaze that was half sad and half surprised. Words rushed to his mouth, but he didn’t know how to say it.

“Don’t refute me.”Kant put his hand on Abel’s shoulder and said with a smile, “Go back and think about it, or discuss it with the soldier. I’ll give you two days to give an answer.”

“Yes…”Abel lowered his head and replied.

“We’ll think of a way to settle the gnome matter. Don’t have any burdens in your heart,”Kant said. “Those orcs in the inn are too ignorant.”

“Yes.”Abel nodded and then bade farewell to Kant.

After watching Abel return to his room, Kant quietly stood up and walked to the entrance. He opened the door and called out to Bunduk who was standing in the corridor, “Come in.”

“I Heard Your Highness and Abel’s conversation at the door, so I stood there and waited for a while.”After Bunduk gently closed the door, he asked, “Your Highness, how did you know that I was outside?”

“I just felt that you would return here earlier than now.”Kant thought for a moment and replied, “How are Nate and the others?”

“They all went back with a long face.”Hearing Kant bring up this topic, Bunduk couldn’t help but frown and said, “This time, those people have gone too far.”

“They have gone too far. But from our standpoint, we can’t blame them for any reason.”Kant poured himself a cup of hot tea and took a sip, he said to bunduk, “We’ve been to the monitoring station a few times and have some understanding of the situation. It’s quite difficult to get rid of the death sentence on the gnome this time.”

“I asked the waiter in the teahouse. The day of execution in the monitoring station on this island is fixed at the end of the month. “There are still about three weeks before the gnome is put on the guillotine.”Bunduk’s face was a little gloomy.

“We still need to tie the knot. We need to find an opportunity to make the orcs of the inn loosen their tongues.”Kant sighed and said.

“Count on them?”Bunduk’s eyes widened when he heard this. He shook his head and said, “That group of people should be thinking that the gnome will be executed on the spot.”

“We can’t ignore the possibility that they will also be soft-hearted. After all, they are just a group of simple-minded children. The shopkeeper and the accountant have almost never let them walk out of the safe boundary in their eyes,”Kant replied. “Moreover, this matter can only be put aside in the face of the war on the island.”

“Yes.”Bunduk agreed with Kant’s possibility.

“Has the soldier sent by Adonis arrived?”Bunduk asked.

“We have already asked the dragon soldier to go and pick them up. They should be coming to this small town soon,”Bunduk replied.

“Yes, now we can only wait for them to come here before we make the strategic deployment.”Kant nodded and said, “Tomorrow, Gilbert will send more detailed news.”

“Your Highness, you should also go back to your room to rest,”Bunduk suggested.

“Yes.”Kant put down the Teacup and said to bunduk, “You have worked hard today.”

The two of them returned to their respective rooms one after the other. While taking a bath in the bathroom, Bunduk recalled what had happened that day, the feeling of being deceived when he was probed by Gilbert and the others, and when he returned to the inn.., he was shocked and devastated when he saw the hellish scene.

When he thought of Nate, Bunduk’s gaze became complicated.

“Abel should be even sadder than me…”Bunduk muttered silently.

Their sadness was not only because of the gnome who was in danger, but also because of Nate who had planned all of this. From the inn attendant, Bunduk and Abel could not see the future of the inn.

“Are You Alright?”After taking a bath, Bunduk was really worried. He took the initiative to walk to the door of Abel’s room. As expected, the candlesticks in the room were still lit. Bunduk suppressed the emotions in his heart and asked softly through the gap in the door.

“Come in.”Abel got up from the bed and opened the door. “Come in.”Bunduk said without looking back.

Bunduk slowly walked to the dining table in the room and sat down. He looked at Abel and said, “Why are you still awake so late?”

“I can’t Sleep,”Abel pursed his lips and replied.

When he lay on the bed and tried to close his eyes, the surging emotions in his chest continuously attacked his nerves.

window.pubfuturetag = window.pubfuturetag || [];window.pubfuturetag.push({unit: "64cc9e79c7059f003e4ad4b0", id: "pf-5109-1"})It was impossible to ignore their existence.

“It has already happened. We have tried our best.”Bunduk was silent for a moment before he comforted him.

“I know.”Abel covered his face and said, “But I still feel so sad.”

“Rest early.”Bunduk looked at Abel. A thousand words were on the tip of his tongue, but he only said one comforting word.

“Yes, I will.”Abel stood up and said to bunduk, “Don’t worry about me. Go back and rest.”

Chapter 919: Thoughts of renting a carriage

After Bunduk left the room, Abel sat by the bed for a while. He stood up and blew out the candle holder in the corner. After a while, the sound of the door closing came from the other side of the corridor.

A bitter smile hung on the corner of Abel’s mouth. When he lay on his bed again, he closed his eyes wearily.

The next day, when Kant and the others woke up, the sun was already high in the blue sky.

“It’s getting earlier and earlier now,”Bunduk pulled the curtain of the bed and muttered as he pulled back into his bed.

Before he could close his eyes in peace, he heard a knock on the door.

“Bunduk, Get Up!”Abel shouted from outside the door.

“Got it!”Bunduk replied loudly. He barely lifted his upper body and began to put on a coat for himself.

After he finished washing up, he appeared in the main hall. Kant and Abel were already enjoying their breakfast.

“It’s already ten o’clock. Why are you up so late today?”After Kant drank a mouthful of black tea, he raised his head and asked Bunduk.

“Maybe I slept too well,”Bunduk said with a laugh.

“Hurry up and come over for breakfast,”Abel called out. “We still have to go out to welcome the soldier later.”

“You’ve decided?”Bunduk hurriedly found a chair to sit down and asked Abel with a pleasantly surprised expression. “Will you stay here?”

“Not yet.”Abel smiled and shook his head. He replied, “But before I decide, I still want to complete the mission with you.”

“I see.”Bunduk nodded. He did not ask any more questions. Instead, he focused on eating the waffles on his plate.

They did not waste much time on breakfast. After ten minutes, the three of them appeared at the door of the room in plain clothes.

As they walked down the stairs, Kant thought of something and asked, “By the way, the soldier has been training recently, right?”

“Yes.”Bunduk nodded and explained, “It’s just that they have been training in the backyard of the inn. I wonder where they will move to now.”

“What about the elven soldier?”Kant continued to ask.

“They don’t have the habit of training in the morning.”Abel shook his head helplessly and said, “They are probably still in the room talking.”

“The training method of the Elven soldier is naturally not the same as that of the human soldier.”Kant nodded and replied. There were many differences between the physique of the elves and that of the human race. Kant did not have any position to guide the ELF soldiers on this issue.

“Your Highness Kant, don’t worry. They may be a little lazy on a daily basis,”Abel replied. “But their research on spells will not be slackened. After all, they are inspected in the troops every year.”

Kant nodded at Abel’s explanation and did not say anything else.

Bunduk walked at the front. At this moment, he was discussing with the staff of the teahouse about the matter of renting a carriage. When he saw Kant walk to his side and stand still, he turned his body sideways, he said helplessly, “It seems that the original inn was too lenient towards us. I really didn’t expect that renting a carriage in this small town would be such a difficult thing.”

“What’s Wrong?”Kant asked with concern.

Bunduk looked at the manager of the teahouse. The manager of the Teahouse could only explain helplessly, “My lords, I’m really sorry. The carriage in our shop is used to transport tea leaves. We can’t borrow it.”

“It doesn’t matter.”Kant thought for a moment and said to the manager, “But can we go to the stable to see what your carriage is like?”

“This…”the shopkeeper looked up and sized Kant up, then made up his mind and replied, “Okay, my attendants will lead the way for the Lords.”

“Thank you.”Kant said politely.

“No problem.”The shopkeeper also replied politely, “Sewell, take the Lords to the stable to walk around.”

“Stable?”The attendant who was casually called over by the shopkeeper was stunned and asked in puzzlement.

“If I tell you to go, Go!”The shopkeeper ordered. “Why? Don’t you know the way?”

“Yes!”Under the order of the shopkeeper, Sewell bowed to Kant and the others. “My Lords, please follow me.”

“Sorry to trouble you.”Kant nodded to Sewell and raised his leg to follow behind him.

Abel glanced at the shopkeeper and left as well.

“Your Highness, since we can’t rent a horse, why are we still here in the stable?”Bunduk moved to Kant’s side and asked in puzzlement.

Kant did not answer him. Instead, he put his hand in front of his lips and made a gesture of silence.

Sewell led Kant and the others through one stable after another. Although he had many doubts in his heart, he still carefully introduced the functions of each carriage to Kant and the others.

“Can this carriage be used by US?”Kant stopped in front of a stable and pointed at the carriage placed in the stable. He asked Sewell.

window.pubfuturetag = window.pubfuturetag || [];window.pubfuturetag.push({unit: "663633fa8ebf7442f0652b33", id: "pf-8817-1"})“I’m sorry, customer. Our carriage…”Sewell subconsciously refused. However, when he saw Abel take out the silver coins from his waist, he swallowed his words.

“How is it?”Kant asked again with a bright smile.

Abel had already stuffed the silver coins into Sewell’s hand. He had already noticed the wavering look in Sewell’s eyes.

Bunduk watched the two people’s actions with his mouth agape.

“Then… Okay.”Sewell swallowed a mouthful of saliva and nodded. “However, the three lords must bring the carriage back to its original position before five o’clock in the afternoon. If it goes beyond this time, the owner will also notice.”

“Thank you.”Kant nodded. Before he walked into the carriage, he turned around and said to Sewell, “Actually, even if the boss finds out, you can say that we snatched the carriage.”

“Huh?”Sewell looked at Kant in surprise, but Kant had already walked into the carriage.

When he saw that the carriage had begun to move under the command of Abel. Sewell hurriedly ran to the door of the backyard and opened the door for the carriage that Kant and the others were riding in.

“Be careful on your way!”

Kant and Bunduk, who were sitting in the carriage, heard Sewell’s shout coming from behind them.

“Hehe.”Bunduk cheerfully lifted the curtains and looked in Sewell’s direction. But Sewell had already left the place. Bunduk did not manage to catch his figure.

“It seems that the boss did not lie to us. This carriage is indeed used to transport tea leaves.”Kant sniffed the tea leaves left behind in the carriage. He opened his mouth and said.

“Your Highness, how did you see that the boss would lend the carriage to us?”When things came to this, Bunduk had roughly seen through Kant’s way of doing things, so he asked.

Chapter 920: The Mighty Troops

“I just noticed that when you asked him about the matter of the horse rental, his gaze had been erratic,”Kant replied. “I just thought that maybe we could be more tactful.”

“It seems that I still lack some social experience,”Bunduk reflected. “It’s just that the waiter has been wronged. The money we gave him will soon be put into the boss’pocket. “Who knows, we might even have to blame him.”

“Don’t worry about that waiter.”Kant shook his head gently, he said, “That waiter has been standing near the counter since the beginning of the conversation. “When he took us sightseeing in the stable, he only took us to wander in front of a few old-looking carriages. “It seems that this is not the first time he has done such a thing.”

“How troublesome.”Bunduk scratched his head and said.

“Each family has its own rules, right?”Kant said, “If it really doesn’t work, we can buy a carriage ourselves.”

At this point, Kant couldn’t help but laugh out loud.

Bunduk looked at Kant with a puzzled face. It seemed that he didn’t understand why Kant was smiling.

“I just feel that our current situation is neither too high nor too low. Some irrelevant thoughts have appeared in our minds,”Kant explained after smiling.

“I see.”Bunduk thought for a moment and tacitly agreed with Kant’s thoughts.

“But this is also quite good. If we stay in our own safe zone, it will be easy to confuse our own perceptions.”Kant stopped smiling, he said to bunduk, “This battle may only be the beginning for the people on the island. But for us, it already symbolizes the end.”

Although he maintained contact with the forces on the island, Kant still had a clear position of his position. The reason why they came to the island was to get an explanation for Claremont’s matter. And this explanation naturally caused the dark side to suffer a heavy blow. The Dark Side had taken the initiative to launch a war. For Kant and the others, this already represented the arrival of the end.

However, this was also the first time that Bunduk had heard Kant’s definition. He could not help but feel surprised in his heart, he asked in puzzlement, “Your Majesty, you mean that after this war, we will withdraw from the island’s estate?”

“Yes.”Kant nodded.

“Does Abel Know Your Majesty’s decision?”Bunduk asked anxiously.

“I don’t know,”Kant said frankly. “Even though this is the last war, once we participate in this war. “The image of the Elf Kingdom left behind by the nomads on the island will also be changed. “I still hope that Abel and the others can quietly withdraw from this matter. Then, I will also erase the traces of what they did before.”

“I see.”Bunduk thought for a while and understood Kant’s position.

“But I have placed the decision in Abel’s hands. I believe that he will be responsible for the decisions he makes,”Kant said in a low voice.

Abel chose to come to this small town with them mostly because he felt guilty towards Devitt, Claremont, and the others. That unfulfilled belief supported him to do his best to find the murderer along the way.

However, the matter of the war would overshadow his personal state of mind. Abel had to think from his point of view as the leader of a soldier.

Next, Bunduk discussed with Kant about the arrangement of the soldiers on the battlefield.

Before they knew it, the journey to the city gate had ended.

Abel parked the carriage under the guidance of the soldier at the city gate. He walked into the carriage and said to Kant and bunduk, “We have arrived, but the soldier seems to be on his way here.”

“By the way, how did you receive the News?”Bunduk asked.

“The people from the monitoring station came to the inn earlier and told us,”Abel replied. “You should still be sleeping at that time.”

After hearing Abel’s words, Bunduk smiled awkwardly and continued, “It seems that I rarely sleep so soundly these days. I didn’t even hear someone knocking on the door.”

“The people from the monitoring station told us that the soldier who set off from the harbor will arrive at the town this morning,”Kant replied. “But I don’t know why, but I still haven’t seen the soldier.”

“I guess there’s a problem in adapting to the island’s environment,”Abel thought back to his own experience and guessed. “It shouldn’t be too long.”

“Mm.”Kant nodded. However, he immediately got off the carriage and chose to stand on the street at the city gate and wait for the soldier who had arrived late.

Abel and Bunduk stood on both sides of Kant.

“They’re here!”After a while, Bunduk immediately saw the soldier formation that appeared in the forest outside the city, as well as the uniforms with the Caradia symbol on them.

“Let’s Go!”Kant led Bunduk and Abel to the city gate and commanded the soldier by the city gate to let the Caradia Soldier’s group pass.

The soldier at the city gate recognized Kant at a glance. After hearing Kant’s request, he immediately sent someone to open the city gate.

Caradia’s soldier filed in. When everyone saw Kant and Bunduk, their faces were filled with surprise.

“Your Highness! Commander Bunduk!”The soldier half-squatted in front of Kant and saluted.

Bunduk took a rough look and found that although the number of soldiers sent this time was large, there were many familiar faces among them. These people were the seedlings of the respective companies and battalions.

“Everyone has had a tiring journey. It has been hard on you.”Kant comforted, “What is the number of people captain Adonis has arranged this time?”

“Three thousand people.”As the temporary leader, the captain of the soldier stood up and replied.

“Yes.”Bunduk nodded and replied, “Are you the leader of the team this time? Why do I feel like I have never seen you before?”

“Yes, Commander Bunduk.”The soldier replied cautiously, “My name is Bob. Because I’m older than the other soldiers, I’ve been elected as the captain.”

“Captain Bob, did you encounter any trouble on your way here? How are you adapting to the environment here?”Kant asked.

“Under the protection of the Dragon Clan, we didn’t encounter any unexpected difficulties on the way. It’s just that the soldier had a lot of uncomfortable reactions when he took the boat…”barber replied with his head lowered.

“We also experienced this period,”Abel comforted him. “For people who grew up on the mainland, the sea has always represented many accidents.”

Chapter 921: News of the prison explosion

Kant and the others brought the soldier back to the teahouse.

On the way, many pedestrians cast curious gazes at this large group.

“Your Highness, there are so many soldiers. What should we do?”After returning to the Teahouse, Bunduk asked curiously.

“Gilbert is on his way here. The military barrack of the monitoring station will be the living quarters of the warriors for these few days,”Kant replied.

“Gilbert? Why is he here?”Abel asked in surprise.

“Our troops can be considered the main force in this battle. After Gilbert received the news, he probably already arranged for the use and pomp of the soldiers.”Kant walked into the Hall of the teahouse, he had been carefully observing his surroundings, but he did not see Gilbert.

“I see.”Abel nodded. “Your Highness, are you sure you can entrust your soldiers to the Gnome Tribe?”

“Not to the extent of dispatching them. In the end, the actions of the soldier will still be up to us.”Kant shook his head gently, “It’s just that, up until now, I still haven’t seen Gilbert come. It’s a little strange.”

Even if he had been busy for the past few days, Gilbert should have come personally to welcome him.

Bunduk followed Kant and Abel to the inn’s entrance. After a while, a group of four or five GNOME soldier appeared in their field of vision.

When the captain of the group caught a glimpse of Kant and the others, he immediately greeted them with a smile. He greeted Kant politely, “Your Highness Kant, Commander Bunduk, Captain Abel. Greetings, my lords. This is the first time we meet. I Am the captain of the soldier of the Overwatch Council, Sidt.”

“Captain SIDT, why have you come here?”Kant asked.

“Lord Gilbert heard that your highness had specially transferred three thousand soldiers from your country to assist in this battle. “So he sent me here to have some exchanges with the soldiers of Caradia, and to be responsible for guiding the soldiers to the accommodation arranged by the town,”West answered in detail.

“I see. Then I really have to thank Lord Gilbert and the soldiers.”Kant smiled modestly. “Actually, when the people of the monitoring station came to the hotel to communicate, I thought that I would be able to meet Lord Gilbert today. “I didn’t Expect Your Highness Gilbert to be so busy. It seems that the preparations before the war were a hundred times more laborious than I imagined.”

West’s face stiffened. With his experience in dealing with people, how could he not hear Kant’s reproach in his words. There was a reason why Gilbert could not come. He could only explain helplessly, “Your Highness, you may not know this, but your highness Gilbert has not only been busy preparing for the war recently, but the explosion in the prison of the monitoring station yesterday also caused a mess. “All of these burdens are placed on Lord Gilbert alone. At this time, Your Highness really can’t spare time.”

“What did you say? The explosion in the prison?”After hearing West’s words, Abel’s heart rose to his throat. After West finished his last sentence, he immediately asked.

After yesterday’s matter came to an end, Abel constantly thought about how to save the Gnome Nomads from the death sentence. However, the news from West’s mouth was too sudden, abel’s mind was completely blank.

“Yes.”Siete raised his head and looked at Abel. He seemed to have thought of something. He raised his eyebrows and asked, “Were you present when the explosion happened yesterday, Lord Abel?”

“Last night, Abel went to bring back the soldier who was imprisoned.”Kant glanced at Abel, he replied in his place, “I didn’t hear him mention the explosion. According to your investigation, when did the explosion happen?”

“According to the soldier of the monitoring station, at around 8 pm, there was a fire in the wooden house built near the prison. “There was also a crackling sound of an explosion coming from inside.”Seth sighed, “Yes,”he replied.

“Then the prisoners in the prison…”Bunduk looked at Seth sympathetically. This kind of thing happened in the monitoring station. It should be a disaster-level disaster for the gnome.

“The fire has been put out, but none of the prisoners were spared. And the soldier in charge of the prison. “…”Seth said in a deep voice, “The cause of the accident is under investigation, and this news has not been made public to the nomads in the town. Please, Lord, do not mention this to outsiders.”

“Got it.”Kant nodded slightly, he replied, “If there is anything we can do to help in this matter, please take our soldier with you. This kind of incident is not a good thing for those on the side of the monitoring station.”

“Okay.”Xide nodded and said goodbye to Kant, “Then, your Highness Kant, I will take my soldier and leave first.”

“Okay.”Kant sent Xide and the others out of the teahouse. Three Thousand Caradia soldier were standing on the open space beside the Teahouse, waiting for Kant’s command.

“Everyone will be incorporated into the military barrack of the monitoring station. Captain Xide will lead you to the living quarters of the military barrack. “We will see you in two days!”Kant carefully explained the background of the island and the details of his actions to Barber, he turned around and called out to the soldier.

“Yes, Your Highness,”the soldier replied in unison.

The three thousand-man team, led by Seth and Barber, headed towards the direction of the monitoring station. Kant watched the long team disappear at the end of the Long Street. After pausing for a while, he strolled back to the teahouse.

When the manager of the Teahouse Saw Kant, he immediately hid at the counter. He did not expect this regular customer to be the king of a country who could mobilize troops.

Kant did not notice the manager’s movements, but walked straight to the teahouse he had just stopped at.

Abel was still standing in place, while Bunduk was looking at Abel with a worried expression. When he noticed Kant walking in, he immediately went up to him and said, “Your Highness, Abel, he…”

“What’s Wrong?”Kant asked with a frown.

“The explosion seemed to have happened after Abel brought the soldier out of the prison. “When the explosion started, Abel and the others didn’t seem to have walked out of the prison building.”Bunduk relayed the information he received from Abel, his tone was filled with worry.

Kant glanced at Abel’s depressed figure and immediately understood. He slowly walked to Abel’s side.

Chapter 922:

Without waiting for Kant to say anything, Abel raised his head and said in a low voice, “Your Majesty, I have decided. I choose to stay with you.”

“Do you think I will approve of your decision at this time?”Kant stared at Abel for a long time and asked softly.

“I am the one who made the decision.”Abel took a deep breath and replied, “This decision will not be changed by any factors in the coming days.”

Kant fell into silence again. When the two sides were in a stalemate, bunduk advised, “Abel, haven’t you not discussed it with the soldier in the team? It’s better to make a decision after discussing it.”

“Before this, the person who didn’t want to participate in the battle in the Elven soldier’s team was probably me,”Abel said. “But now, even my intention has changed. “I have the confidence to make this decision for everyone.”

“Okay.”Kant thought for a moment and nodded. “Then we’ll start preparing today. We’ll strive to fight a beautiful war in two days.”

“Yes.”Bunduk and Abel looked at each other and answered in unison.

“Before that, Abel, I still think that you should go and explain to your soldier. After all, they don’t understand the current situation as clearly as we do.”Kant and Abel looked at each other.

“Okay.”Abel nodded. Then, he walked to the dining hall on the second floor. It was almost noon. Most of the Elven soldier got up and were eating in the dining hall. When they saw Abel enter the dining hall, everyone immediately straightened up and stood up from their seats. They greeted, “Captain Abel!”

“Sorry to disturb everyone’s meal. “However, I have something urgent to explain to everyone. I hope that everyone in the team can gather in the lobby downstairs after they finish eating.”Abel looked around, he explained.

“Yes!”Many of the Elven soldier, who were still wearing pajamas, immediately saluted and replied after receiving Abel’s order.

Under Abel’s leadership, this team had already stayed on this small island for more than half a year. After going through so many life-and-death situations, each and every one of them wholeheartedly followed Abel’s every order.

“Thank you, everyone,”Abel replied with a rather touched expression, and then left the restaurant. Slowly walking downstairs, before the soldier arrived, he repeatedly rehearsed what he was going to say next.

Seeing the soldier standing in front of him in groups, Abel took a few deep breaths. He said, “Everyone may not be very clear about the movements of this town. “The ideal date for the dark side to start a war against the GNOME is three days later. “Your Highness Kant advised us to evacuate from this small island, and on behalf of everyone, I made the choice to stay here.”

“Captain!”In the crowd, a soldier said, “What you said is right, we will always follow you!”

“That’s right, Captain! Don’t worry, although we can’t be considered as special combat strength, we still want to avenge the brothers of Caradia!”Another soldier replied loudly.

Abel looked at the soldiers in front of him. There were only about thirty of them in total, but the passion in each of their eyes made Abel feel an unprecedented warmth.

“Thank you, everyone.”Abel bowed deeply, he said gratefully to all the elven soldier, “If any soldier wants to leave early, you can inform me in private. I will do my best to send you to the harbor safely and return to the Elf Kingdom by boat.”

“Captain, don’t worry. No one will think of going back.”A soldier who was closer to Abel put his arm around Abel’s shoulder and said to him with a smile.

The soldier surrounded Abel and comforted the leader who had experienced disappointment and surprise in a short period of time.

At this time, Bunduk and Kant were in the guest room, discussing the strategy for the next two days.

“You used to work with the ELF soldier, right?”Kant looked at the map on the table and asked Bunduk.

“Yes.”Bunduk nodded. “The strength of a mage is not to be underestimated.”

“I didn’t expect you to say that. I believe that Abel and his soldier will definitely bring me a surprise.”Kant smiled and replied.

“Your Highness, I’m actually more worried about your safety,”Bunduk said worriedly. “Perhaps you can leave the island early and return to Caradia to wait for our news.”

“I still prefer to return with you.”Kant smiled and shook his head gently. “Moreover, I’ve already said to the soldier: see you in two days.”

“Yes.”Bunduk thought for a moment, but still compromised and agreed. “Then this war also means that only success can be allowed, not failure.”

“Who wants to fight a losing war?”Kant glanced at Bunduk, shrugged, and said.

At this moment, there was a knock on the door from the entrance.

“Abel is back,”Kant said.

“I’ll go open the door.”Bunduk put down the military policy scroll in his hand and walked toward the entrance. After opening the door, Abel appeared in front of him.

“How did it go?”Kant followed him to the door. After Abel entered the room, he asked.

“No one wants to leave from here.”Abel looked at Kant and said solemnly, “In the war two days later, every elven soldier will contribute their part.”

“Thank you.”Kant nodded slowly and said to Abel, “Since we’ve made the decision, we’ll have to intensify our training for the next day.”

“I’ll be responsible for supervising them,”Abel promised.

“After this battle, our journey on this island will come to an end,”Bunduk sighed.

“Why?”Abel asked in surprise. “This battle is just the beginning…”

Kant looked at Abel’s face, he explained, “If we can repel the forces of the Dark Side who took the initiative to attack. “Naturally, we can also get an explanation from the dark side about the sinking of the ship. “After that, we have no reason to continue staying on this small island.”

“Your Highness…”Abel said hesitantly.

“Abel, believe me. Claremont and the others also don’t want us to do anything that crosses the line,”Kant said earnestly. “Don’t forget why we came to the island.”

Chapter 923: arrangements for pre-war training

After that day, Bunduk and Abel carried out intensive training for their soldier subordinates.

The Elven soldier changed their usual lazy style. They immersed themselves in the training ground of the monitoring station every day and worked hard to improve their magic abilities.

“Can they really bear it like this?”Bunduk asked Abel, who was in charge of commanding, as he visited the Mage’s training ground during his free time.

“From the looks of it, everyone’s status is pretty good.”Abel’s expression was filled with joy as he said.

“Mm.”Bunduk nodded and said, “The Lord and the others can rest assured.”

“The battle will begin tomorrow, Right?”Abel asked in puzzlement. “I haven’t seen King Kant recently, nor has he come to the training ground?”

“Your Highness has been busy with meetings for the past two days,”Bunduk said. “Gilbert and the others won’t let go of the opportunity to control our forces.”

“But in any case, it’s just a temporary loan.”Abel shook his head in denial. “Once the war is over, we’ll have to return to our respective countries.”

“Yes,”Bunduk replied softly. In his heart, he still had a sliver of precaution against the actions of Gilbert and the others.

“The strategic deployment has already been passed to us. I, the other elven soldier, and the dragon race are in charge of guarding the western city.”Abel raised his head and asked Bunduk, “What About You?”

“The Lord and I are in charge of guarding the headquarters of the monitoring station,”Bunduk replied after recalling for a while.

“I didn’t expect it!”Abel’s eyes widened and said, “Gilbert is actually willing to let the people outside the island stay in the monitoring station.”

“We are only the second last line of defense. Behind Us is the Guild Hall that is equipped with a teleportation formation. Gilbert, Milad, and the dwarf clan chief will all stay there.”Bunduk’s expression revealed a trace of helplessness, “Yes,”he replied in a deep voice.

He had gotten this information from Kant on purpose. Although Kant had repeatedly told him not to think too much about it. However, Bunduk could not help but feel dissatisfied with the decisions made at the meeting.

“I see.”Abel also frowned, but he still did not know what to say.

“Don’t worry about this.”Bunduk raised his head and said to Abel, “I heard that the west city is the area where the Dark Side’s forces are the most concentrated. You must be careful.”

“I understand.”Abel put his hand on Bunduk’s shoulder and revealed a relieved smile. He replied, “The big dragon is holding the fort in front. We just need to gather some manpower.”

“Okay.”Bunduk nodded, accepting Abel’s promise. But he still said, “Don’t force yourself.”

In his heart, he knew better than anyone that when the time came… The Elven soldier was probably the group of people who would charge at the front even more than the dragon soldiers. After all, it was the hatred for the dark side that led them here.

“The war hasn’t started yet, let’s not talk about this.”Abel smiled and waved his hand, replying, “I have to go assist the soldier in training. You should hurry back to the camp.”

After saying that, Abel ran to the training ground. After the lunch break, many elven soldier returned to the training ground ahead of time.

Bunduk looked at Abel’s back as he left and sighed. The three of them had been in the monitoring station for two days. Bunduk did not know what the other two’s situation was like. However, as far as he was concerned, he had only slept for less than six hours in these two days. Moreover, he only had one chance to meet the other two.

From now until the end of the war the next day, it was likely that Bunduk would not be able to see Abel.

Naturally, Abel was also very clear about this matter. His future was unknown, and he did not want to leave too many thoughts for Bunduk during this meeting.

Bunduk strolled around the training ground for a while, and before he knew it, it was time for him to return to the team and command the training. He could only leave the elven soldier’s training ground step by step.

At six in the morning the next day. Only three thousand soldiers from Caradia were left in the monitoring station. Soldiers from other races had already been sent out. After the monitoring station experienced the most noise, it was extremely silent.

Kant sat on the chair in the front hall of the monitoring station, not saying a word.

“Will Gilbert and the others take the initiative to launch an attack?”For Bunduk, a battle of tens of thousands of people was already very common. But at this moment, he could not help but become nervous.

“If they can find the right time…”Kant closed his eyes and recalled the countless meetings he had attended in the past two days. He replied softly.

“Bang!”A bright firework rose in the sky at the city gate. It was still a little dazzling for the early spring morning.

After Kant and Bunduk noticed this movement, a soldier hurriedly walked into the front hall and reported, “Lord Kant, the enemy and the orcs are fighting at the city gate.”

“Yes, I understand. You may leave.”Kant nodded and replied.

After receiving the order, the soldier respectfully left the hall.

“They want to seal the city?”Bunduk asked, puzzled.

“If it were me, I would do the same. But they probably didn’t expect that the thing they wanted to defend had already been brought into the city by Gilbert,”Kant replied.

“Three crystals?”Bunduk guessed.

“Yes.”Kant nodded slightly and said, “Gilbert and the others spent a lot of effort to transport the crystals into the city without leaving a trace.”

“What exactly is the strength of three crystals?”Bunduk muttered to himself.

“We probably won’t be able to see them. They are the trump cards of the ‘three volts’. “I reckon that only when their lives are at stake Will Gilbert and the others bring the strength of the crystal back to the world. “The scene of a jade and stone being destroyed together is too tragic.”Kant sighed, he explained.

“Yes.”Bunduk agreed.

Without waiting for the conversation between the two to end, the soldier who had just walked out of the hall barged in again and reported in a panic, “King Kant! Commander Bunduk! A group of very strange people have appeared at the door!”

“Bring us to take a look.”Kant opened his eyes and ordered calmly.

Bunduk took a deep breath and walked in front of Kant. He followed the soldier out of the front hall and came to the front door of the monitoring station.

The CARADIA soldier on the scene was already in an offensive position. Their gazes were all focused on the group of nomads in different clothes standing in front of the door.

After seeing Kant and Bunduk appear, all the soldier made a path for the two of them.

Chapter 924: Kant’s decision

When Kant saw the full view of the formation surrounded by the soldier, he could not help but frown.

There were only thirty to forty people in this group. Elves, orcs, undead, and so on each accounted for a portion. They were dressed in shabby clothes, and didn’t even have a single piece of armor that was used on the battlefield.

“Who are you people?”Bunduk walked forward and asked.

After hearing Bunduk’s question, the group of nomads, whose identities were unknown, looked at each other and snickered.

“What are you laughing at?”A soldier with a lance in his hand walked up to the nomads and asked loudly.

“We are sent by the Dark Side.”All the nomads stopped smiling at this moment. The leading undead replied.

“Don’t waste your breath on them. Attack all the members of the dark side that you meet today.”Kant raised his head and ordered Bunduk who was beside him. Then, he turned around and left the scene.

Bunduk looked back at Kant’s back as he left. After thinking for a while, he ordered the soldier, “Detain them.”

“Yes, sir,”the Caradia soldier replied.

This was the first time that this group of soldier faced off against a non-human opponent. Although they had the advantage in terms of numbers, they still did not let their guard down. This was the result of the military training over the past few days.

The soldier with a shield in his hand carefully advanced towards the nomads. He surrounded them.

The dozens of soldier who were standing in the same spot started laughing again. Bunduk frowned. For some reason, he felt that the laughter was particularly ear-piercing.

When the soldier was less than a meter away from the members of the Dark Side, Bunduk followed the flow of people forward and vaguely heard the contents of the Nomads’whispers.

However, what he heard were mostly offensive terms.

Bunduk looked at the nomads who called themselves the dark side in confusion and found that each of their bodies could not help but tremble.

“Stop!”Bunduk raised his hand and commanded.

The soldier of Caradia stopped their actions. Bunduk walked slowly to the nomads and asked, “You are…”

“Commander! Be careful!”Before he could finish, the leading undead pounced on him. Just as Bunduk was unable to retreat in time, a soldier bravely stepped forward and pushed the undead out.

With a bang, the undead’s body was blasted into ashes.

“Everyone, quickly disperse!”Bunduk was stunned for a moment before he calmed down and ordered his soldiers.

The soldier was also greatly frightened by this sudden scene. However, everyone did not panic. They maintained their formation and carefully retreated.

At such a time, excessive panic would actually cause heavy losses.

“Save us!”Another nomads was blasted into ashes in front of everyone.

Bunduk looked around and did not find any special people near the monitoring station. Caradia’s soldier was scattered all over the monitoring station. Now that more and more soldiers were gathered at the entrance, Bunduk could not help but worry.

“Who is it!”Bunduk shouted loudly.

“Who is it?””Who is it?”In the crowd, nomads supported their bodies that were twisted to the point of twitching. With a strange smile, they repeated Bunduk’s question. It was as if someone’s soul had entered their bodies. When that person’s soul left, they returned to their original painful appearance.

“If this is the method used by the dark side to attack the monitoring station, then please talk to me.”At some point in time, Kant appeared behind Bunduk.

“I haven’t had enough fun yet.”A mocking voice came from a gnome’s mouth. The moment he finished speaking, the Gnome pushed away the orcs beside him with a palm, and the orcs flew back into the soldier group.

“You chose to attack the monitoring station this time just to test us. We won’t support the others in the town, and we won’t report to them. Talk to us, Canon.”

“It’s up to you whether to report or not.”A black elf appeared in front of Kant and Bunduk out of thin air and said disdainfully, “With me here, none of you will be able to escape.”

“I’ve heard of your name from Gilbert. I didn’t expect to meet you today.”Kant lowered his eyes and said softly, “If it were you, it would be very easy for you to deal with us.”

“Yes.”Canon nodded and replied faintly, “But I’m not interested in hunting you. As long as you can obediently stay here until the end of the war, I’ll let you go.”

“I promised you that I would not support the others in the town,”Kant said in a deep voice. “Since I said so, I will definitely do it.”

“Yes.”Canon glanced at Kant and disappeared into the air again.

“Your Highness, what should we do?”After canon left, Bunduk said anxiously, “What is the origin of this guy called Canon?”

“A black elven mages,”Kant replied. “He is proficient in controlling air currents. “Those nomads are not members of the dark side. What they said just now was only changed by Canon’s air currents. “It can be said that there is no solution for such a mage to fight against us.”

“Doesn’t he have any weaknesses?”Bunduk said.

“When this group of nomads appeared, I found something strange about them. I guessed that it was Canon’s trick,”Kant said. “So I began to look for a way to break the situation at that time.”

“What’s the result?”Bunduk asked nervously.

“I observed the situation in the monitoring station and found that his magic needed a medium. Although I don’t know what that medium is, I can see that the strong image he has been creating is just an illusion.”Kant raised his head and said, “As long as we keep a distance from him, he can’t hurt us.”

“Then shouldn’t we have taken him down just now?”Bunduk asked, puzzled.

“The people of the Dark Side didn’t target the monitoring station at all. Canon was only sent here to test us,”Kant explained. “Now, the people of the dark side think that we won’t use our actions. Instead, we can create an empty shell for the monitoring station. “Spread out all the people.”

“But canon, he…”Bunduk said hesitantly.

“I didn’t see him bring any companions in the station, so he should still be on the way to deliver the message,”Kant ordered. “I’ll stay here with the soldier in the inn. You take the other soldier and rush out! Rush to the teleportation point.”

Chapter 925: the medal at the end

Under Kant’s firm request, Bunduk had no choice but to agree to his choice. However, before leaving, he still left a small team of around 200 people for Kant. After all, the current battle situation in the city was not clear. He still had to think about Kant’s safety and act as an insurance.

On the way to the teleportation point, Bunduk discovered that other than the monitoring post, the small town was not peaceful. The sound of weapons clashing and the sound of artillery fire could be heard by Bunduk and the others from time to time.

The nomads in the town had no idea about the civil war before this. So when Gilbert’s men confronted the people from the dark side on the street, everyone retreated to their homes. They prayed silently in their hearts that this war would not affect their territory.

The distance between the monitoring station and the teleportation point was not considered far. It was only about ten minutes away. When Bunduk’s group arrived, the vicinity of the teleportation point was already engulfed in flames of war.

“It seems that the dark side has indeed received the news that Gilbert and the others are staying here.”Bunduk beckoned his subordinate soldier to enter the mansion through the side door. After the soldier stationed there learned of Bunduk’s identity.., he immediately let him pass and made a path for him.

At this moment, Kant was pacing alone in the hall of the surveillance bureau. He was guessing the development of the teleportation base in his heart.

At this moment, a voice in his mind pulled him out of his deep thoughts — “Danger is approaching!”

Kant was stunned on the spot when he heard the voice. Ever since the founding of Caradia, he had rarely received any information from the system. When that familiar yet unfamiliar voice rang in his ears, Kant’s hot heart also calmed down.

This surprise also overcame the surprise of canon appearing in front of him.

“As expected, your people were still sent out,”canon said in a calm tone.

“I’m sorry, but you and I are both standing in our respective positions and telling lies. Even if I broke my promise, please don’t take it to heart,”Kant calmly returned to his seat and sat down, saying.

“I didn’t tell the people above about the situation here, and you don’t have to worry that your men will be intercepted halfway.”Canon walked step by step towards Kant, he said, “However, you made me commit such a big mistake, so I still have to ask you to return to the organization with me and explain properly.”

The moment canon approached, Kant suddenly felt that his breathing became difficult. It was as if what flowed around the room was not air, but frozen glue.

Under the suffocating sensation, Kant saw Canon’s face magnified infinitely in front of him. Then, he lost consciousness and fell into shock.

All of this seemed to have not been noticed by the soldier stationed at the door.

After Kant fainted, he fell into a lengthy illusion. The fragments of memories from his previous life and this life mixed together and crossed over his body. When the scene in the dream overlapped with the scene he saw before he fainted, everything turned into nothingness again.

Kant felt that he was in a dark and closed space. The temperature here was neither cold nor gentle. Kant looked down at his feet, but he could not see the real world.

“What is this place?”Kant carefully observed his surroundings, but it was as if he was floating in the night sky, and there was only darkness around him.

“This is the place where you choose to start.”The system’s voice reached Kant’s ears, and it said without a trace of emotion, “You can now make a decision here whether or not you want to start over.”

“Why would I want to start over?”Kant looked around, but he still could not make out the origin of this voice.

“Your body in that world has already been destroyed.”The system repeated, “Will you choose to start over?”

“Start again…”Kant recalled the past, and a sense of unwillingness rose in his heart. He pursed his lips and asked the system, “What if I don’t Make a choice?”

“We don’t recommend you to do this, because if you do, your soul will wither,”the system replied.

The atmosphere fell into silence. Kant closed his eyes and thought about the achievements that the two choices would bring him. In the end, he shook his head and said, “I won’t choose to start over. Send me back to the world where Caradia exists.”

“Received.”The system seemed to be lagging behind in its response this time. After a long while, it replied.

Kant let out a long breath and waited for death to descend.

However, when he opened his eyes hesitantly, he was lying on the bed in his bedroom. When the imperial physician beside him saw that he had woken up, his eyes widened in surprise, then, he shouted to the soldier outside the door, “Your Highness is awake! Quickly call Commander Bunduk and commander Derrick!”

“Water…”Kant wanted to say something, but his throat was so dry that he couldn’t make a sound. From the looks of it, he must have slept for a long time.

After the imperial physician heard the edict, he immediately brought a cup of water and carefully helped Kant’s upper body up. He poured the water into Kant’s mouth bit by bit.

“Your Highness! You’re finally awake! The citizens of Caradia will be so happy when they know that you’ve woken up,”the imperial physician shouted happily as he fed the water.

Kant raised his eyes and looked out of the window. It was noon in the day. The sky was pretty good. The Peach Blossoms in the Bedchamber also meant that it was still in the spring season.

“How long was I unconscious for?”When Bunduk and the others arrived, Kant adjusted his status and asked.

“Three years.”Bunduk, who was in ecstasy, glanced at Kant’s face, he answered solemnly, “Three years ago, the member of the Dark Side who attacked Your Highness was killed. After that, we withdrew from the island.”

“What about Gilbert and the others?”Kant asked with concern.

“Gilbert and the others seem to have chosen to continue their confrontation with the Dark Side. Over the past three years, according to the information we received, the environment of the island has been devastated due to the ongoing war.”

“Yes.”Kant nodded and agreed, “Did anything else happen during the time I fainted?”

“For the past three years, I and Bunduk have been acting as agents for the country’s political affairs. There haven’t been any unexpected disagreements,”Derrick reported.

“Your Highness, Abel… was sacrificed in the war…”Bunduk stated with a heavy tone.

Kant first widened his eyes in surprise and looked at Bunduk. The atmosphere in the room became solemn. Only the peach blossoms outside the window were slowly falling.

Three months later, Kant’s body completely recovered. Under the support of Bunduk and the others, he returned to the internal politics of the country.

When Kant stood on the tall building of the palace again after a long time, overlooking the bustling scene in the city. It had been four years since he last spoke to the system.

The end.