Kidnapped Dragons (KR Web Novel)chapter 15: ■■■ (2)

Yeorum who couldn’t endure the stimulation was moving with all her heart. Her body moving was that of a dragon wholeheartedly trying to kill a human.

Even with the adults interfering, it wasn’t easy to handle the situation. Sophia’s guardian ran in and pushed Yeorum away, after which the referee chimed in by throwing his body over Sophia. Afterwards, the interviewers used their skills. A purple light formed a barrier and protected Sophia and the referee as white stems of mana grabbed Yeorum by her neck and stomach. Only after around six to seven staff members were added on top to grab her by the arm and waist were the two girls distanced.

Sophia, who was then revealed, was covered in blood from that short period of time.

“W, what! Is she crazy?”

“Sophia ran in with a sword just then right?”

“Whoa. She’s become a mess.”

Yu Jitae unsealed his vision. By nature humans could only have one focal point with their eyes, but he was currently watching the entirety of the hall clearly. He could see Sophia Vorkova wiping the blood on her face in astonishment as well as her guardian with a flushed expression and a name badge reading Mihailov on his clothes. There was also Yeorum showing her canines and Wei Yan having a small light of disapproval on his face.

“Mages! Make a dimension gap! I announce a momentary pause on the interviews, and because we must solve the situation, reporters please wait where you are!”

Standing up from his seat, Wei Yan shouted. Soon, those that can form a dimension gap from the professors affiliated with the Azure Dragon study group approached and casted a spell around the octagon where Yeorum, Sophia and others including Wei Yan were at.

[Dimension Gap]

It was a 5-circle force field spell that created a space that was alienated from the outside. When the surging mana was completed into a hexahedral shape, the ones inside the octagonal arena disappeared.

From behind Yu Jitae, sighs escaped.

“Haa… this is…”

“…Mhmm. Fighting during a spar might be common with all these guys and their high self-esteems, but running in with a sword was a bit too much.”

“I can understand Sophia more though.”

“Oi, watch your mouth. Following someone after a spar with a weapon is a crime.”

window.pubfuturetag = window.pubfuturetag || [];window.pubfuturetag.push({unit: "64ce79d606107d003c23ea27", id: "pf-5140-1"})“That’s true. Going after her with a sword is obviously something wrong but the body itself is a weapon so the sword isn’t the important bit.”

“Then what is?”

“That redhead. She was provoking people left and right. Same with that French from before as well, and even that spar. Didn’t it feel like she was teasing her?”

“Then Sophia should’ve teased back or something. Grabbing a sword means she was trying to kill her.”

“The redhead was more of a threat. She was trying to kill with her punches.”

Opinions of those watching the situation differed.

“Hmm. Mihailov, that guy is also from RIL and has quite the personality too. What’s going to happen I wonder?”

“Let’s just go. Just think of it as a decent spectacle.”

Whatever the case, it was impossible to know what was happening inside the dimension gap. As the interviewers stopped the interview and made people leave, they all started walking out with disappointment. On the other hand, reporters that had already taken the required photos and videos wanted to leave as soon as possible, but they were blocked by the staff.

Left behind alone, Yu Jitae watched what was happening inside the dimension gap. His eyes could even see through [Laws of Nature], a protective barrier belonging to dragons, so a dimension gap formed by mere professors couldn’t block his vision.

Members of the First Aid team used healing magic and drugs to cure Sophia. Three to four were on the task and fortunately, it seemed like there weren’t going to be any grave, incurable aftermaths. Mihailov, the Russian guardian, who had been holding Sophia not knowing what to do, shot his gaze over to Yeorum with flames burning in his eyes.

Although there were a few around Yeorum as well, they stood a few steps away from her and treated her like a mad dog. There was even a person that took out a kusarigama from their Arms Inventory.

“Stay still, and don’t do anything,” said a certain interviewer.

Inside the dimension gap, Yeorum seemed to be all alone. The shirt near her shoulder that had received a palm strike when Mihailov pushed her away at the start was torn apart, and there was a red shape of a palm imprinted on her skin.

She was glaring at Sophia, who barely raised herself back up with a sulky look. Yu Jitae could not see what was going through the mind of that daughter of the red race

Soon, Mihailov walked towards Yeorum with twitching eyebrows. Seeing that aggressive attitude come from his body that was four times larger than Yeorum, the interviewers surrounded Mihailov and stopped him while saying, “Don’t be like this” and “Calm down”.

window.pubfuturetag = window.pubfuturetag || [];window.pubfuturetag.push({unit: "64cc9e79c7059f003e4ad4b0", id: "pf-5109-1"})“Redhead.”


“What are you trying to do. Sophia wouldn’t be able to harm you in the first place, so why did you hit her like that?”

“Why are you asking me that? Then should I do nothing to a crazy bitch that runs in with a sword in hand?”

“You could’ve simply suppressed her!”

His bellow filled with mana smacked the walls of the dimension gap like a lion’s roar, causing the invisible barrier to wriggle. Wearing an awkward look on his face, an interviewer pacified Mihailov.

“Mihailov. Please calm down first.”

“How can I calm down! Although upsetting, it’s the truth isn’t it? That redhead was stronger than Sophia and could have easily just oppressed her and yet she hit her until she became like that! Can you calm down if you were me?”

“B, but there’s no serious aftermath so…”

“And besides, what’s with that, that attitude? Step aside. I won’t behave rashly!”

Shoving the interviewer away, Mihailov walked up until he was one step away from Yeorum. Yeorum, who was two heads shorter, did not avoid his eyes.

“Aren’t you going to apologise or anything?”

“Why should I apologise?”

“What if something had happened to Sophia. How would you take responsibility.”

“So is she dead? She’s not.”

“This bitch, till the very end!”

window.pubfuturetag = window.pubfuturetag || [];window.pubfuturetag.push({unit: "663633fa8ebf7442f0652b33", id: "pf-8817-1"})Despite saying he wouldn’t act rashly, Mihailov couldn’t endure his anger and raised his hand up.

Yu Jitae made a frown.

Startled, the interviewers quickly ran up and persuaded him. Within that atmosphere filled with doubt of whether he was going to hit her or not, Mihailov roughly wiped his face with his hand.

“I got it. Until the guardian comes, I’ll leave my mouth closed.”

“Aren’t you going to tell her to apologise to me?”

Mihailov, who had turned away, turned his head back to Yeorum.

“What, did you say just then? I hope I heard wrong.”

“You heard right. That side raised a sword first. After a spar, she ran in towards me! I still feel like bursting in anger, so shouldn’t I at least receive an apology from that crazy bitch?”

“…You must truly have a death wish.”

It was in an instant. His body with fully raised mana approached Yeorum in large strides. At the same time, his palm reached towards the sky before falling at Yeorum.

Yeorum twisted her body and dodged it and at the same time, her fist reached forward and drove into Mihailov’s chin. A thud was heard. Although the hit wasn’t strong, it was accurate.

Huh? What was happening? It was an unrealistic situation as if they were in the middle of a dream. The guards, as well as interviewers could not comprehend what was happening despite things happening in front of them realtime.

With a greatly crumpled expression, Mihailov started pouring out a turbulence of mana from his body. The people around that finally realised what was happening started separating Mihailov and Yeorum.

“Calm down!!”

“Oi, hold them back!”

“Please calm down, Mihailov!”

“Oi Yu Yeorum! You too, don’t provoke the guardian and just stay back!”

Yeorum was pushed back. In anger, she tried to push them away but they too, were placed in the top level amongst hunters and were not pushovers.

“Don’t resist and just stay back! Carlton, where’s this kid’s guardian!”

“We just sent someone to call him!”

“Crazy bitch, hitting a guardian’s chin like that?”

“Oi you guys, hold her back tight!”

After being pushed back endlessly, Yeorum clenched her teeth. Her calm rage was soaring back up.

“Why, why am I the one…!”

That was when Wei Yan, who had been watching the situation from behind, walked up to Yeorum. Then, he waved his hand to the surroundings, saying it was okay.

“Calm down everyone. The atmosphere is too heated up. And Cadet Yu Yeorum. We sent an assistant to search for your guardian. Since the situation is like this, it isn’t something that can be solved by a cadet.”

A warm light appeared in his eyes.


“Don’t provoke anyone more than this. I saw everything from the start and won’t stand on any side but I wish Cadet Yeorum could endure from turning the situation worse than it already is. If it gets bigger than this, I can’t help you. Depending on your actions, your entire household can receive harm. Do you get what I’m saying?”


For the first time, a light of trouble flashed on Yeorum’s face. She was about to say something, but bit her lips and decided otherwise. Crimson blood surged out and touched her white teeth.

Seeing the trouble in her face, Wei Yan made a gentle smile.

“So until your guardian comes…”

“There’s no need to search any more.”

A dry voice stopped Wei Yan’s words as Yu Jitae walked in.

In that instant, Mihailov who had been bellowing, Wei Yan, interviewers and guards – their eyes all gathered at Yu Jitae. They all had the same doubt in their mind.

‘When did he come?’

‘How did he come in?’

The barrier around the dimension gap was still swaying gently, without a single trace of it being shaken and yet a person that hadn’t been inside had abruptly entered through the dimension. With his eyes glancing across, Yu Jitae opened his lips.

“I am her guardian, Yu Jitae. I don’t know what you adults are doing with one child in the middle but,”

Facing his eyes that seemed to be piercing through things, they avoided eye contact, and soon wondered why they even avoided his eyes.

“Let me talk to her for a bit.”

When their eyes met, Yeorum formed a frown and turned away – it was the same reaction as always. Without caring too much about that, Yu Jitae looked at Wei Yan.

“Hmm, well. Okay.”

Killing a demon always accompanied a strong pleasure. Even now, Yu Jitae felt an urge to stab a sword into Wei Yan’s throat, but now wasn’t a good time. In previous regressions, he killed whenever he wanted but that was a bad plan. Wei Yan must fall down a cliff with more things on his back.

Thus, now was the time to momentarily stop that trail of thought.

“As soon as the first aid is finished, send Sophia to the hospital please. Mihailov, Mister Yu Jitae – the two guardians please accompany me to my office. Same with Referee Kurosawa and Cadet Yu Yeorum.”

They all moved in perfect order while Yu Jitae approached Yeorum. When he did, the guards and the first aid member that was applying a gel on Yeorum’s shoulder and cheek fell back.

“Does it hurt?”

“What, why. You saw everything so why are you coming now.”

“Then what should I have done.”

“If you were going to come, come earlier! Otherwise, just don’t come…”

Unlike her crude words, Yu Yeorum’s anger appeared to have settled slightly. Yu Jitae’s lips faintly rose up.

At the start, he wasn’t planning to chime in and was planning to become a bystander of the event. As a procedure, he would have come once they called him, but inwardly, he wouldn’t have cared whether Yeorum could solve the problem or not.

The reason he intervened despite that is because Yeorum’s heartbeat turned a lot louder than before.

Human’s mana arose from the Mana Hall but for dragons, the structure was a bit different. They had complete control over the Lower Hall, the Middle Hall, and the Top Hall (heart). In other words, Yeorum couldn’t endure her frustration just then, and was about to gush out her powers as a dragon.

Once things turned out like that, it wouldn’t be a small incident, so he had interrupted before the situation could turn any worse.

“Let’s go.”

They headed towards the office first. Inside the small white office, a small desk and stiff chairs were placed.

He leaned his back on the backrest. Silence enveloped the two for a short while but before long, Yeorum, who hadn’t opened her mouth till now, abruptly opened her lips.

“You know… do you also think I made a mistake?”

Yu Jitae turned his head. Red hair had flowed down and was covering half her face.


“F*ck, I think, I might have made a bit of a mistake.”

Perhaps she thought back on Wei Yan’s words that had been talking about her household. It was his first time seeing an expression like that on her face and apparently, the time he made her spend with others had meaning, considering how a red race was being worried over another.

Shaking his head, the Regressor made a hazy smile.

“No, you did well.”


“Next time, kill them at a place with no eyes.”