Infinite Bloodcorechapter 97: giving pointers to bai ya

The boat craftsman slowly opened his eyes, the first thing he saw was the wooden house’s shattered roof.

“Father, you are awake! You are alive again!” The oaf yelled.

The thunderous voice intimidated the befuddled old boat craftsman.

He pursed his brows and loudly berated: “Shut up, I am not your father. I cannot have such a foolish son!”

Hearing signs of activity, the sailors came into the wooden house.

Hearing the old craftsman’s berating someone laughed: “That’s enough, when you picked up that abandoned baby, you did not wish to throw him away. You also raised him up through feces and urine. If you are not his father, then who is?”

Someone else said: “You were unconscious, so you didn’t see what happened. Your foolish son used his body as a shield to protect you. If not, those bat monkeys would have torn you to pieces.”

“This big guy protected father! Father doesn't need to worry.” The oaf beat his chest with a slamming sound.

The old craftsman looked at the oaf and coldly snorted: “I am a pure blooded human; at best I am considered your foster father.”

“Foster father!” The old boat craftsman repeated again.

His tone was full of disdain, however his gaze nevertheless revealed tenderness.

Seeing the idiot bandaged from head to toe, he exposed his concern.

“How are your injuries, let me look……” The old boat craftsman waved.

window.pubfuturetag = window.pubfuturetag || [];window.pubfuturetag.push({unit: "64ce79d606107d003c23ea27", id: "pf-5140-1"})“Don’t look at them, if you can walk, then you should hurry and go pay your respects to Lord Zhen Jin.”

“Lord Zhen Jin?”

The sailors then told the old boat craftsmen everything that had happened.

The old boat craftsman was amazed, he knew that if Zong Ge did not stop the silver level rhinoceros, he would have entered the underworld already.

He could not help but feel a spell of lingering fear.

At the same time, worry stirred in his heart: “This Lord Zhen Jin, did he actually take the initiative to invite Zong Ge and his companions to this camp?”

“He is a templar knight, but isn’t he too young?

“Alas, regardless of the explanation, I will go see this major character first.”

The boat craftsman was supported by another as he left the broken wooden house.

In the camp clearing, several bonfires were burning. Large chunks of lizard meat were roasting in the fire, the aroma they emitted became increasingly dense.

There was plenty of drinkable water.

Zhen Jin even had a small bottle of rum in his hand. This came from the sailors’ supplies.

This was the first time the boat craftsman had seen Zhen Jin; he immediately placed his arm on his chest and knelt to pay his respects to Zhen Jin.

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“We will need to rely on you a lot in the future, old boat craftsman, if we are going to understand how to build a ship.” Zhen Jin encouraged.

The old boat craftsman got up; however, his head was still drooped: “This humble one will do his best!”

Zhen Jin raised his hand: “Go eat and take care of your body.”

The young knight then took some well roasted meat and gave it to Zong Ge’s group.

Zong Ge’s people had gathered on one side and Zhen Jin’s on the other, they were as separate as the rivers Jing and Wei.

As Zhen Jin stepped over, he attracted the gazes of everyone. With countless eyes gazing at him, Zhen Jin came in front of Zong Ge, and gave him the roasted meat.

“For you, taste the lizard meat’s flavor.” Zhen Jin laughed, his handsome face shined in the flames and his eyes dazzled with radiance.

Zong Ge calmly took the lizard meat, he tore off a mouthful, and after chewing for a bit, he swallowed it.

“Is this the acid spitting green lizard that lives in the desert?” Zong Ge graded the flavor and soon faintly frowned, “It seems there is nothing great about it. Perhaps a silver level green lizard leader has better quality meat?”

“I have also eaten a silver level green lizard’s meat; the taste is nearly the same. If you want to listen Zong Ge, I can give you a detailed description. Actually, exchanging information will benefit all of us.

Tripleblade gazed at Zhen Jin with an expressionless face: “We have already heard from the others’ mouths the tale of how your Lordship Zhen Jin battled through the island, pitied the weak, and saved others like a hero.”

Zhen Jin forced a smile: “What kind of hero am I? I did my best, yet I only have four companions. On this island, my abilities are very limited.”

window.pubfuturetag = window.pubfuturetag || [];window.pubfuturetag.push({unit: "663633fa8ebf7442f0652b33", id: "pf-8817-1"})“Take it.” Zong Ge took some meat from the fire and gave it to Zhen Jin, “Perhaps silver level bear meat is even tastier.” Eh……for the time being let's call it a bear, even though it has a long monkey tail and orangutan hands.”

“The monkey tailed brown bear?” Zhen Jin’s heart said, his pupils could not help but contract, however his smile did not change in the slightest as he naturally took the bear meat.

“Oh, right. This can heal the injuries on your body. Miss Zi Di urges that you use it with all speed. After a day, potion will lose its effectiveness.” Zhen Jin tossed a bottle of potion to Zong Ge.

Zong Ge subconsciously took it, he wanted to reply but Zhen Jin had already departed.

After this exchange, Zhen Jin and Zong Ge did not say anything else to the others.

After Dinner finished, Zong Ge and his people left the camp and returned to the tents they had built.

“My Lord, I have another bat monkey for you.” Bai Ya had brought a dead bat monkey from Cang Xu’s tent.

With the supplies of Xi Suo and the others, Cang Xu finally stopped needing to sleep in a hammock. Zhen Jin specifically arranged things, so he had his own tent.

In the tent, there was a plank bed and a long wooden table.

The wooden table had a few lit candles on it, the table was drenched in blood with bat monkey wings, skulls, and eyeballs scattered across it.

Cang Xu was still wearing his shattered spectacles as he used an iron rod to pry open a bat monkey’s throat and used the candlelight to attentively gaze inside it.

“Its resilient vocal cords match with its exceptional lungs, it's no wonder it could produce such an intense sound wave.” Cang Xu murmured, he did not look at Bai Ya, he only stated. “Put the bat monkey down.”

Bai Ya listened and put the bat monkey down, just as he was about to leave, he heard Cang Xu ask: “Is this bat monkey from the goblin Tripleblade?”

“Yes it is.” Bai Ya answered, “I chose this bat monkey corpse according to your request. I also got the others to verify it.”

Cang Xu gently stroked the incision on the bat monkey’s neck: “Direct and efficient, he is a knife expert.”

Bai Ya stood in place, he hesitated in opening his mouth, but in the end, he voiced the doubts in his heart: “Those people are dangerous. Why did Lord Zhen Jin still bring them back to camp? Shouldn’t we be on our guard?”

Cang Xu began to use a knife to trace the incision on the bat monkey’s neck: “Do you think it would be easier to guard against them if we threw them into the murky woods or placed them under our noses?”

Bai Ya stared blankly.

He then asked shortly after: “Since Lord Zhen Jin is on his guard, that also means he definitely does not trust Zong Ge. Why does he not directly interrogate him then? His Lordship is a templar knight and a noble. No one would oppose him interrogating a half beastman. His Lordship really is too benevolent.”

Cang Xu gave Bai Ya a quick glance and then looked back at the dead bat monkey on the table.

Cang Xu lowered his head: “You should also hear what other people have to say. Zong Ge, this half beastman……is very strong.”

Bai Ya immediately refuted him: “But he has injuries.”

Cang Xu faintly nodded, he pressed his hand down and used the knife to completely sever the bat monkey’s neck: “He has injuries. However what condition are they in? Don’t look at the time he coughed out blood twice, that might have been an act.”

Bai Ya’s eyes opened wide: “Is that really possible?”

“Why is it not? Youngsters like you lack fighting experience.” Cang Xu laughed, “Furthermore, the most crucial point is that Zong Ge saved the old boat craftsman. Without his help, the boat craftsman would be dead. As a result of his actions, Zong Ge was wounded, our Lord Zhen Jin does not want to loot a burning house or throw stones at those who fell down a well.”

“His Lordship, sigh……” Bai Ya deeply sighed.

Cang Xu began to saw into the bat monkey’s skull: “Moreover, Tripleblade’s mercenaries are far stronger fighters than the sailors. If arguments arouse, it will spark a melee. Even if his Lordship could defeat Zong Ge, protecting Zi Di and the old craftsman at the same time would be difficult. In the case where the opposite side rushes in and is forced to kill the old boat craftsman, we would be unable to build a ship to escape from this island. Besides, Lord Zi Di would be at his Lordship’s side. Lord Zi Di cannot use magic; she only has potions to protect herself. Why would his Lordship place his fiancé in danger?”

Bai Ya nodded: “It seems his Lordship has carefully deliberated.”

Cang Xu had been sawing for a while, yet the bat monkey’s skull still resisted the saw teeth.

He stood up and beckoned Bai Ya over with a wave: “Come, help me saw.”

Bai Ya did not excuse himself or hesitate, he immediately came over to the table and took the saw.

He used his fractured hand that was still recovering to stabilize the bat monkey’s head and used the other to saw with all of his strength.

Cang Xu stepped to the side, gasped for breath as he watched Bai Ya working hard, and decided to say a few more words to the youngster.

After all, Bai Ya had saved his life.

Even if Cang Xu had publicly proposed to treat Bai Ya as food. However, it was of course because of a severe food shortage, the circumstances had forced him to choose it against his will. Under those circumstances, Cang Xu was even willing to contribute himself as food for Zhen Jin.

Under the current situation, Cang Xu naturally treated Bai Ya differently.

Cang Xu then said: “There are actually many benefits from his Lordship doing this.”

“Firstly, his Lordship keeping these people around increases the possibility that he will be able to recruit them.”

“Didn’t they refuse?” Bai Ya was doubtful.

“Did they really want to?” Cang Xu smiled, “If you were one of them, would you want to follow Zong Ge or Lord Zhen Jin?

“Of course, I would choose Lord Zhen Jin.” Bai Ya said without the slightest hesitation.

“Yes you would.” Cang Xu gave a long sigh, his heart sighed with sorrow, “The mercenary life is a cruel competition, there are only a few mercenary corps that stand at the top. Tripleblade’s mercenary corps is not one of them.”

“The goblin Tripleblade only has an iron level cultivation. His mercenary corps would be considered average at best, nothing more.

“How many mercenaries have a true happy ending?”

“Youngsters like you are perhaps naive, however these mercenaries have already lived half a lifetime, they already understand reality and recognize who they are. What kind of people are they? What kind of bloodline do they have?”

Cang Xu sneered: “The chance to follow Zhen Jin is an incredible enticement because it is a possible opportunity to change their entire life! Receiving the favor of such a major character like Zhen Jin and being allowed to follow him is a rare opportunity! It is unlikely they are unaware of it.”

“Then why did they refuse?” Bai Ya asked.

Cang Xu laughed: “People follow the crowd, those mercenaries obediently follow Tripleblade, they cannot change for even a moment. Moreover, this is the first time they have seen Lord Zhen Jin, they realize how noble his Lordship is. However, Lord Zi Di has already planted the seed in their hearts. In the future, that seed will germinate and when Lord Zhen Jin offers to recruit them, failure will be nonexistent!”

“It is essential that he recruit them.”

“This island is too dangerous; you too have experienced it.”

“As a result, we must unite with anyone we can. We must cherish every bit of valuable manpower.”

“Think about it, a future where we perhaps succeed in building a ship. As we sail the ship, we get caught in a storm. Due to a lack of sailors who are unable to drop the sails in time, we will capsize and drown to the seafloor.”

“Although this is an extreme scenario, who knows what the future truly holds?”

“Did you think the shipwreck would happen?”

Bai Ya shook his head.

Cang Xu: “Lord Zhen Jin has the advantage in the recruitment of these people. Zong Ge is just a half beastman, his status and bloodline are his biggest flaw. As long as they keep in contact, these people will naturally be attracted to Lord Zhen Jin.”

“But Zong Ge is likely the murderer!” Bai Ya softly called, he stopped sawing.

“Continue, don’t stop.” Cang Xu immediately warned.

“Oh.” Bai Ya started sawing the monkey head again.

Cang Xu looked at the youngster engrossed in his work and silently smiled: “Do you think Zong Ge is the murderer?”

“How would I know?” Bai Ya shook his head.

“Then why do you think it is so?” Cang Xu changed his questions.

“Is he not the most suspicious? Xi Suo said that many times during dinner……” Bai Ya wanted to relay the story but Cang Xu soon interrupted him.

“I want you to reflect upon it yourself Bai Ya. Carefully think back to how Zong Ge acted. Do you think he is the murderer?” Cang Xu continued to guide Bai Ya.

Bai Ya earnestly thought back and said with uncertainty: “I feel Zong Ge is a haughty man, as if he is someone who can't assassinate another.

Cang Xu declined to comment on Bai Ya’s guess, rather he analyzed Zong Ge’s actions: “I can say that Zong Ge saved the boat craftsman for his own sake. However, Tripleblade and his people did not make a move on Zhen Jin, Xi Suo and their group, right? Based on the current circumstances, Zong Ge and the others had a good opportunity to kill the oaf and forcefully take the unconscious boat craftsman captive. But they did not do such thing.”

“Although he was not respectful towards Lord Zhen Jin, and said offensive things, he did not attack and instead negotiated with Lord Zhen Jin.”

Bai Ya thought of something and became indignant: “That negotiation of his? He had the audacity to request his Lordship use a divine spell to prove his identity!”

“Ha ha ha, I think that was just probing and not Zong Ge being rude and impetuous. He does not understand how strong Lord Zhen Jin is. After all, a divine spell is a god bestowing power, it is different from battle qi and magic. Zong Ge is unsure if this island can prohibit the usage of divine spells.”

Bai Ya’s eyes shined: “So, Lord Zhen Jin actually saw through it. His berating of Zong Ge made Zong Ge fear the consequences, thus Zong Ge did not dare to rashly attack.”

“Good. You can think through these things well. Next, let us talk about Xi Suo.” Cang Xu said.

“What is going on with Xi Suo? He is a very good person, although he is the third mate, he is not arrogant and is very amicable.” Bai Ya replied.

“Xi Suo is not simple.” Cang Xu pushed up his lenses, “Think about it carefully, the captain was his father. In other words, Xi Suo was the heir of the Hog’s Kiss. The Hog’s Kiss was the captain’s private asset. How have the sailors regarded Xi Suo? Even if he is not a young master, he is still their future boss. Xi Suo is also the third mate, one can easily imagine his status on the ship.”

“When the shipwreck happened, the survivors landed on the beach. Do you think Xi Suo knew the first mate was keeping a large amount of food hidden?”

“If I were the first mate who served as the leader, the first thing I would strive to do is to obtain the backing of the sailors. The third mate has a special status among the sailors, as the first mate, in order to stabilize morale and my personal image, I would also privately show consideration to the third mate.”

“However, the first mate was overthrown by Zong Ge. Zong Ge became their leader and even if he reformed the ship construction process, it did not matter to Xi Suo. As his time as leader grew, so did his influence. In the beginning, the sailors would follow Xi Suo, but as time passed, they would follow Zong Ge.”

“Without a ship and without sailors following him, what would Xi Suo have left?”

Bai Ya listened blankly.

Cang Xu gently stroked his white beard: “Let us examine the captain’s wound.”

“The captain's corpse was discovered after Zong Ge took power. It is a great coincidence that the corpse had a piercing wound that resembles one caused by a spear. What is more of a coincidence is that Zong Ge carries two war spears all day long that greatly attracts the eyeballs of others.

Bai Ya could not help but have his jaw drop, his hand stopped sawing once again.


Lots of conversation this chapter with tempting theories left, right, and center. Rip the theory that the boat craftsman banged a giant though, I wonder how he ended up with a giant infant in the first place? Cang Xu and Bai Ya pull a mini Sherlock and Holmes conversation as Cang Xu attempts to teach Bai Ya that not everything is so simple on the surface. Too bad Cang Xu is unwilling to pull away the veil that is Bai Ya’s simping dream, alas one day perhaps...