Infinite Bloodcorechapter 87: i’m dead

“What are those things?”

“I don’t know, this is also my first time seeing them.”

Zhen Jin and the others squatted behind some tall trees to mask their presence as they looked at the beasts devastating the camp.

These beasts had physiques similar to monkeys. Their bodies were covered in black hair, their long foreheads had two small pitch-black horns, and they had a pair of wide bat wings on their backs.

They had sharp claws, and when they screeched, their mouths would open and expose a full mouth of pointed teeth.

Some of them fluttered through the sky and would occasionally swoop down to ferociously smash against the wooden house. Some were bouncing through the mud and grass around the camp.

After Cang Xu observed for a short time, he shook his head: “Their horns make me associate them with demons, however I am certain they aren’t any type of demon. They greatly resemble monkeys, but they have bat wings. For the time being, let us call them bat monkeys.”

Zhen Jin and the others all pursed up their brows, the bat monkeys’ screeching was very ear piercing.

The noise Zhen Jin had heard first previously were sounds produced by these bat monkeys.

There was no lack of bronze level and iron level monkeys in the group, however the magic beast level monkeys flying in the sky were not participating in the attack. It was mainly ordinary monkeys encircling the wooden house, constantly scratching its walls, and wanting to find a place to break through.

All of the doors in the wooden house were tightly shut.

The wooden house had a large chimney that was currently emitting thick smoke, any common monkey that wanted to go in it would immediately be driven away by the choking smoke.

The bat monkey group’s assault did not make much headway.

“What is a wooden house doing here? Don’t tell me that these were the people cleaning up the battlefield?” Zhen Jin guessed internally.

He did not recklessly go out to help them.

Firstly, it was difficult to distinguish friend and foe, he did not know which the people in the wooden house were.

window.pubfuturetag = window.pubfuturetag || [];window.pubfuturetag.push({unit: "64ce79d606107d003c23ea27", id: "pf-5140-1"})Secondly, the camp situation was in a deadlock and immediate action was unnecessary.

Thirdly, there were many nimble and savage bat monkeys constantly leaping about and soaring through the air. If they moved and provoked these bat monkeys, it would likely lead to terrible things happening to Cang Xu and the others.

In the small exploration group of five, only Zhen Jin and Lan Zao could resist these bat monkeys. If Bai Ya and the rest were surrounded, it was certain these bat monkeys would tear them to pieces.

“My Lord……this camp seems like something I would set up.” At that moment, Zi Di said something unexpected.

“Did you come here?” Zhen Jin blankly stared.

Zi Di shook her head.

“I led the others through the rainforest to find you my Lord. Your Lordship was in a coma and could not wake up. I decided to build a camp nearby. I planned to heal you there and cure you as early as possible.”

Speaking of this, Zi Di once again looked at the camp and nodded with confirmation: “Not bad. I have a deep impression of this wooden house and camp. In order to keep your Lordship safe and to have a suitable place for medical treatment, I wanted to stay there for a while.”

Bai Ya was amazed: “How is this camp here……ah, I know, teleportation!”

It was just like when the camp of Zhen Jin and the others was teleported into the desert. The camp that Zi Di had abandoned was also affected and ended up being teleported from the rainforest and into the forest.

After that, a mysterious group occupied it. They renovated Zi Di’s base, extended its area, and turned it into a bigger camp.

Bai Ya gazed and repeatedly nodded: “Lord Zi Di is correct. I have also discovered that the wood used in the wooden house is different from arrow lodges. I am familiar with the wood of arrow lodges; it is from forest trees.”

Cang Xu had misgivings: “Strange……Lord Zi Di built the camp before being teleported. We all know about the teleportation, but do those cronies inside know? Have they even been teleported? Are they not worried about being teleported?”

If they were not worried, that would imply that they are a part of the island master’s faction. Contacting this group of people was very risky.

Zhen Jin pondered: “The situation is unknown; we cannot move rashly. First let us withdraw to a safe distance, then let me quietly capture a monkey bat. After some research, perhaps Zi Di can create a targeted potion.”

“I will do my best.” Zi Di nodded.

window.pubfuturetag = window.pubfuturetag || [];window.pubfuturetag.push({unit: "64cc9e79c7059f003e4ad4b0", id: "pf-5109-1"})Just as she finished speaking, a shutter in the wooden house suddenly opened and a yellow faced middle aged man holding a strange crossbow from inside the house loudly roared: “Drop dead you brutes!”

As he said that, his left hand held the crossbow up and his right hand grabbed the crossbow’s trigger.

He firmly pressed the trigger and a short arrow shot out.

He took his finger off the trigger and the crossbow string rewound itself.

Pressing it down again, a second arrow shot out.

With this kind of constant firing, the yellow faced man managed to shoot twelve arrows in a short amount of time.

“There is a person in the wooden house!” Bai Ya whispered.

“Is that someone from the Hog’s Kiss?” Zhen Jin soon questioned.

Everyone shook their heads.

It was both possible and not possible.

The Hog’s Kiss was a large ship that could cross the ocean between two continents. The Hog’s Kiss had many personnel and miscellaneous people on it, it was impossible for Cang Xu, Zi Di, and the others to know all of them.

“They have a crossbow. What kind of crossbow is capable of shooting like that?” Zi Di wrinkled her brows.

Zhen Jin had a grave complexion: “The crossbow is good; however, his archery skill is below average. He has no accuracy and is only firing blindly. How rotten!”

The aggressive yellow faced man’s chaotic shooting caused the nearby bat monkeys to retreat.

But the bat monkeys quickly swarmed and counterattacked.

The yellow faced man upon seeing things was anything but good, promptly moved the wooden pole supporting the shutter, the heavy shutter then closed with a bang.

window.pubfuturetag = window.pubfuturetag || [];window.pubfuturetag.push({unit: "663633fa8ebf7442f0652b33", id: "pf-8817-1"})But in that short period of time, two nimble monkeys already made their way in.

The wooden house immediately echoed with screeches and curses.

“Should we go and save them?” Zhen Jin bit his teeth in hesitation.

“Ah, move, move, move, dodge!” In the wooden house, a fatty shrieked while wanting to get under a table.

It was very possible that because he was especially portly, the two monkeys looked at him first.

One of the bat monkeys suddenly crawled on the wall, dodged incoming attacks, and attacked the fatty.

The wooden table the fatty was hiding under immediately broke into pieces with a bang. Saw dust scattered into the air and after a pause, the monkey grabbed the fatty.

The fatty’s eyes nearly fell out, at that moment his extreme fear dispelled any thoughts of dodging, his mind went blank, and he sat paralyzed on the ground like a stone statue.

At that crucial moment, a guard bravely stepped forward and used his sword to repel the bat monkey.

But at that moment, the other bat monkey seized the opportunity to fly onto the guard’s head.


The guard screamed.

The bat monkey immediately dug out his eyeballs.

The sharp pain caused him to crazily swing his sword and forced back his companions that wanted to help.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, the bat monkey suddenly opened its large mouth and sunk it into the guard’s neck.


With a horrifying sound, the bat monkey ruthlessly raised its head, blood bubbled forth like a fountain from the large hole in the guard’s neck

The bat monkey’s wings flapped, the wings’ great strength lifted its small body up and it immediately flew onto the ceiling.

The bat monkey hung upside down on the ceiling, a small piece of a windpipe was hanging from its mouth.

The bat monkey inhaled the windpipe, chewed it over, and then swallowed it.

“Bastard!!!” The people in the house were indigent.

After finally eating something, the blood stimulated the bat monkey’s vicious nature even more.

They were very fast, were outrageously agile, and those in the wooden house were in complete confusion.

The fatty fell paralyzed to the ground, upon seeing everyone acting confused and another dying in an instant, he incessantly cried out in fear: “Save, save me.”

The yellow faced man with the crossbow that had opened the wooden shutter now turned towards the bat monkey to kill it.

He lowered his head immediately to dodge the swooping bat monkey and his sorry figure rolled three times on the ground.

The pouncing bat monkey hit the ground. It quickly stopped itself and its four claws scarred the ground

It then faced the yellow faced man to attack again.

The yellow faced man could not fight back as he was still getting up from the floor.

At that moment, the pouncing bat monkey was suddenly stabbed from behind by another man’s sword.

The slender sword pierced the bat monkey’s face and skull.

The bat monkey was too fast, it slashed the sword’s hilt and cut its flesh.

But the bat monkey was not dead yet.

Under the sharp pain, the bat monkey struggled while its wings fiercely flapped.

The man holding the sword ferociously threw the bat monkey.

The bat monkey fell to the ground, frantically screeched, and recklessly struggled. But after five breaths, it fell to the ground motionless.

The man holding the sword pulled the yellow faced man up and angrily said: “Mu Ban, this is all your fault. You didn’t need to open the shutter! Isn’t it ok to wait for the others to return?”

Mu Ban coldly snorted with a stiff neck: “I have a treasure in my hands that will kill all of these trifles.”

Saying this, he pulled the trigger again and shot more than a dozen arrows.

There was only one bat monkey in the wooden house and the momentum of the arrows was vast, thus none of the arrows hit the target.

Instead, someone was shot in the thigh, with grief and indignation, he bellowed: “Mu Ban, you shot me!”

One after the other, the people dodged the arrows.


A vibrating arrow pierced the ground.

The paralyzed fatty that was sitting on the ground saw the arrow land close to his crotch, after reacting, his eyes rolled over, and he lost consciousness on the spot.

“Mu Ban, stop at once!”

“Come everyone, stop Mu Ban now.”

“He is more dangerous than the monkey!!”

The people howled and looked at Mu Ban malevolently.

Mu Ban dodged and, in the frenzy, lost his crossbow.

“Kill the monkey, kill the monkey!” Another person shouted.

Just a moment ago, the bat monkey injured another person.

Everyone put their attention on the monkey bat again, and after surrounding it, the monkey bat was also killed.

Holding a sword was a youngster.

He had black hair, black eyes, dark skin, and naturally curly hair.

“Good work Hei Juan!”

“I didn’t expect a boy like you to have such skill.” Everyone praised him with pleasant surprise.

Hei Juan coldly snorted, the thin rapier in his hand was a beautiful flower sword. Just as he was about to sheath it, he heard thuds and booms, it was like if someone was beating a war drum.

“What is that sound?” The people listened with misgivings as the sound grew louder.

“Not good!” Hei Juan who was listening with rapt attention, suddenly realized what it was and threw himself to the left.

At that moment, a huge rhinoceros crashed into the wooden house with extreme unreasonableness and peerless ferocity.

Those that did not dodge were flung to the ground.

The huge rhinoceros kept walking and immediately walked into the wooden house in a giant cloud of smoke and dust.

Without a wooden wall to obstruct them, the bat monkeys perked up with excitement as they all looked to kill everyone inside.

“Oh no! I’m dead!!” Seeing bronze and iron level bat monkeys diving down, Hei Juan sank into despair.


Remember gamers, aiming down sights is more accurate than firing from your hip. Of course, if you're a true chad, you can ignore said advice while carrying more weapons than the usual pleb. When was the last time a named character was introduced? I think the last one was Bai Ya, who was introduced way back before chapter 30 something. Yep, it has been over 50 chapters since any new characters have been introduced. I wonder how these new ones will do against our MC who is more vampire than the literal neck biting bat monkeys flying around. I hear one of them has a cool rapier that someone seems to have an affinity for.