Infinite Bloodcorechapter 84: the shining young knight

“What is the power of the spirit?” Bai Ya’s heart was immediately doubtful, “It sounds imaginary.”

Cang Xu smiled: “I cannot cultivate, and I am also not very clear about what power of the spirit is. As far as I know, there are actually many that can use it.”

“In the Austerity Continent lives many barbarian tribes, they are elite fighters and most of them possess an intuition for dodging. When they are attacked or even ambushed, they can dodge it. According to a scholar’s research, it is believed that the essence of this intuition is power of the spirit. This strong ability can also perceive traps.”

“The Austerity Continent has many areas with collapsing ice, there is a critical point on every ice sheet that will cause it to collapse. On all other points, one can recklessly hop and run without issues. But as long as that critical point in the ice is even lightly stepped on, the ice sheet would instantly shatter, and one would often lose their life when they slipped.”

“Explorers of other ethnic groups often lost their lives in the collapsing ice zones or died from an ambushing magic beast that was buried deep in the snow. However, the elite barbarians, after having their dodging intuition reach the level to where it can perceive traps, can dodge in advance and walk safely in the snow.”

“As this ability improves, barbarians will no longer fear being surrounded in battle. They can rely on their intuition to prevent pincer attacks as much as possible.”

Hearing this, Zhen Jin’s heart could not help but be touched.

He thought of the time when he took a risk and attacked the lizard group in order to save Zi Di, Cang Xu, and the others.

Facing attacks from all sides, his heart did not become panicked or confused, he handled everything calmly, and skillfully dodged while attacking continuously, it was actually just like the barbarian race.

Cang Xu continued: “In the Wilderness Continent, there is a storm sword saint. He has saint level strength and had specialized in long swords since he started cultivating. He did not need armor nor any other weapon, all of his energy went into upgrading his swordsmanship. Rumor has it that every time his sword comes out, it is so fast that others cannot see it clearly. His swordsmanship is so extreme that every time he swings, it can take away at least one opponent’s life.”

“Among the beastmen, this storm sword saint has extremely high fame and influence with many beastmen worshiping him. Because his battle qi cultivation is very ordinary and his bloodline is not outstanding, however reaching such a high level caused the vast majority of beastmen with low aptitude or battle qi cultivation to look at him as a model that they desire to be.”

“As far as the beastmen asking him for advice are concerned, the storm sword saint had already explained——a peak mind and a peak sword. People guessed that he developed power of the spirit

“Is there such a person among the beastmen?” Bai Ya exclaimed in admiration, “If that is the case, why have the beastmen not beaten humanity back when we arrived?”

window.pubfuturetag = window.pubfuturetag || [];window.pubfuturetag.push({unit: "64ce79d606107d003c23ea27", id: "pf-5140-1"})Zhen Jin shook his head and solemnly said: “Do not underestimate the beastmen. The entire Wilderness Continent is the beastman’s personal fiefdom, naturally they have many towering figures and heroes. Although the imperial occupation is winning, it is in fact only making a breakthrough against a single tribe. The beast race’s true war potential has not broken out yet.”

Bai Ya was only an ordinary nobody who held a dream of leaving for the Wilderness Continent to try and become a knight.

There were many people like this.

Imperial propaganda deliberately downplayed the beastmen’s strength, it proclaimed that the war was in for their benefit and future, thus enticing many forces in the imperial hierarchy to rush towards the Wilderness Continent.

Zhen Jin and the Bai Zhen Clan were among them. However, as a noble, Zhen Jin had a greater scope of things compared to Bai Ya.

Those of the lower class only had optimism for their futures in the Wilderness Continent. The upper elites knew this was only the early stage of the human invasion in order to establish a foothold. In the future, a true war needed to take place to define the outcome of the two races.

“The size of the Wilderness Continent is at least double that of the Shen Ming Continent and also has that storm sword saint. He is special, bloodlines are still the cornerstone of strength. Comparing integrated strength, we humans are far greater than the beastmen.” Zi Di issued her opinion, “In the human and beastmen war, we will be the winners!”

Zi Di having a positive outlook on the future was how humans universally perceived it.

She also had to win.

The Shen Ming Continent had no space for the Wisteria Merchant Alliance to expand, in order for it to grow, it needed the war between the humans and beastmen.

Zhen Jin did not say his opinion.

He found that as long as he spoke a point, Cang Xu would expand upon it. The others respected Cang Xu’s opinion more than his.

But Bai Ya clung to the topic and did not respect the others: “How can I gain the power of the spirit? I also want to become such a person!”

window.pubfuturetag = window.pubfuturetag || [];window.pubfuturetag.push({unit: "64cc9e79c7059f003e4ad4b0", id: "pf-5109-1"})He did not have an outstanding bloodline and was merely an ordinary hunter, Miss. Xi Qiu also did not subside him. Therefore, Bai Ya was very interested in the power of the spirit.

Zi Di gently smiled and said: The storm sword saint has already answered your question——a peak mind and a peak sword. He says that you must concentrate your heart, your whole attention, and your energy into a singular point. Therefore Bai Ya, to imitate the storm sword saint you must first forget Miss Xi Qiu.

“Eh, how is that possible?! Bai Ya was stunned as he repeatedly shook his head.

Everyone laughed again.

Bai Ya heard the laughter, looked at everyone, and realized he was being teased.

He felt his face turning red.

But despite feeling embarrassed, Bai Ya still gritted his teeth and looked at Zhen Jin with worship and admiration: “Lord Zhen Jin, what do you know about this?”

After a pause, Bai Ya continued to question: “You know how to use the power of the spirit, however you are completely different from the storm sword saint——you love Lord Zi Di!”

Lan Zao and Cang Xu glanced at Bai Ya, he was truly brazen.

Lan Zao was middle aged and Cang Xu was already an old man, in their plentiful life experience, they understood the chasm between the upper and lower class. If they were in Bai Ya’s position, they would never, as an ordinary person, question the cultivation methods of a templar knight.

But Bai Ya was only a youth, he had only lived a short amount of time. It is because of that that he fell in love with his Lordship, Miss Xi Qiu.

Bai Ya had a youngster’s romanticism and naivety.

His heart had already determined: Miss Xi Qiu was waiting for him to become a knight and after he returned in glory, he would take her as his wife.

window.pubfuturetag = window.pubfuturetag || [];window.pubfuturetag.push({unit: "663633fa8ebf7442f0652b33", id: "pf-8817-1"})In addition, he had experienced many things on this island and had been threatened by death.

All kinds of reasons made him thirst for personal strength.

But he also understood that reality was cruel. He did not have an advantageous bloodline or cultivation resources, therefore even though the power of the spirit sounded imaginary, it was his only hope.

This was also the charming reason that the storm sword saint had so much influence.

Bai Ya’s bluntness made Zi Di involuntarily size up Zhen Jin secretly, her gaze exposed her bashfulness.

Zhen Jin coughed and secretly rolled his eyes: “Only demons know what the power of the spirit is!”

He had done everything by cheating with the magic core.

But he also did not want to continue lying.

Constantly lying would create even more lies.

Because as long as it was a lie and not the truth, it would be a flaw. When a flaw appears in a lie, another lie must be told to cover it up.

In this way, more and more flaws would appear, until finally a man would be reduced to drinking poison in hopes of quenching one’s thirst, trapping themselves in a dire situation.

In addition, there was another thing more important to Zhen Jin——telling lies went against the templar creed!

In fact, when Zhen Jin had covered up his lizard eyes with a lie, he was already feeling a lot of pressure.

Thus, he decided to speak frankly: “Bai Ya, this might disappoint you. I do not understand anything pertaining to the power of the spirit. Maybe……it is related to my experiences. Going through many life and death experiences allowed my spirit to sharpen itself.

“Ah, is that so.” Disappointment spread across Bai Ya’s face.

The youngster worshiped and trusted Zhen Jin and did not believe that Zhen Jin was hiding anything deliberately.

Zhen Jin wanted to comfort Bai Ya, however when he opened his mouth, he didn’t know what to say. He had to look towards Cang Xu.

Cang Xu did not disappoint him.

After a moment, Cang Xu said to Bai Ya: “What Lord Zhen Jin has said was reasonable.”

“Based on the analysis and conclusions of many scholars, the true meaning of the storm sword saint’s cultivation is that he puts the sword above his life, in every fight and even every time he cultivates, he will confront death. Under the stimulation of death, he gradually gained the power of the spirit. And on this island, Lord Zhen Jin has experienced this, the storm sword saint activating abandoning armor and fighting power enemies to the death to cultivate is just a different method leading to the same result.”

Bai Ya perked up his brows: “So, to gain the power of the spirit, I have to actively explore and provoke the stimulation of death? That, isn’t that extremely dangerous?”

Cang Xu replied: “That is the reason why the storm sword saint has many disciples yet hasn’t cultivated the next storm sword saint. Although many outstanding seeds have sprung up, most of them died prematurely. His cultivation method is too dangerous, one could say that luck is a large element of it. To this day, a true inheritor disciple to the storm sword saint has not appeared.”

Bai Ya sighed; he could only receive what had been said.

Although Bai Ya wished to take a chance in order to obtain the power of the spirit, he still had his bottom line. In order to pursue the power of the spirit, he had to court death everywhere, this already crossed his bottom line.

Like Zhen Jin shouldering the responsibility of revitalizing his clan, Miss Xi Qiu’s love and expectations were Bai Ya’s motivation and his yoke.

At that moment, Bai Ya looked at Zhen Jin with even more adoration.

“Lord Zhen Jin, you are indeed amazing! You are young yet you have the power of the spirit. Compared to the storm sword spirit, you have a more outstanding bloodline. Among the templar knights, you are the most extraordinary. I am indeed honored that I could meet and follow your Lordship!” Bai Ya’s heart lamented.

Zhen Jin: ……

“It is not just an honor; it is also a hope.” Zi Di took after Bai Ya and looked towards Zhen Jin with tender sentiments.

Cang Xu laughed and said with positivity: “Lord Zhen Jin’s innate skill is extraordinary; it is absolute that his future is even brighter than the storm sword saint’s. But the thing I admire most about you Lord Zhen Jin is your moral character. With you, the Bai Zhen Clan will surely rise once more.

Lan Zao did not speak, but when he heard what Cang Xu said, he silently nodded.

Like Cang Xu, he also approved of Zhen Jin’s moral character.

At this moment, Lan Zao’s mind couldn’t help but shallowly remember the things that had happened since he had met Zhen Jin.

He and Huang Zao were kneeling on the ground when Zhen Jin pardoned their crimes——that was mercy.

Zhen Jin toyed with the bronze level bellwether, killed the flying squirrels, and much more——that was bravery.

Zhen Jin genuinely listened to the recommendations of Cang Xu, Zi Di, and others——he would hear the ideas of others.

Zhen Jin led the entire exploration group, when faced with a difficult situation, he resolutely resolved to lumber wood for bows and succeeded in hunting the flying squirrel group—— that was a wise leader.

Poison, food shortages, pursuing beast groups in the desert, and other crises, Zhen Jin had always boosted the morale of others——that was steadiness and optimism.

Zhen Jin promised: he would do his best to save everyone, although only five people remained in the exploration team, they could not blame Zhen Jin, he had done his best and had fulfilled his promise——he kept his word.

And the things that made Lan Zao feel the most ashamed about yet admired were the experiences he had heard Cang Xu and Zi Di go through. In the volcanic cave and at the most dangerous time, Zhen Jin had held fast to a knightly mentality despite Cang Xu willingly sacrificing himself and did not treat humans as food——what a noble moral character!

No one understood it more than Lan Zao, to hold fast when confronted with death, such a mentality and morality was so noble, so rare, and so praiseworthy.

After leaving the volcanic zone, Zhen Jin suffered from an empty stomach and a lack of food, yet he gave Cang Xu and Zi Di the bits of lizard and rat meat he had——that was pitying the weak and altruism.

The thing most assiduously engraved in Lan Zao’s heart was that even though Zhen Jin knew of his crime, he still pitied him, did not abandon him, and finally let Lan Zao decide to keep on living.

Although Zhen Jin did not say anything to console Lan Zao, Lan Zao firmly believed——Lord Zhen Jin understood him!

Seeing the young knight before him, his handsome face, his blond hair, and his graceful smile, the silent Lan Zao’s eyes became wet.

He did not see Zhen Jin nor a templar knight, he saw a sun.

In his eyes and in his heart, Zhen Jin seemed to incessantly emit light from head to toe!

The light existing was not because of Zhen Jin’s status as a templar knight, nor was it because he was the Bai Zhen Clan’s sole heir, nor was it external sunlight reflecting off of him, rather it was because of his moral character and mentality.

He stood there appearing average and normal, yet he was a flag, a knight’s flag!

It made Lan Zao’s heart want to follow the flag.

These past few nights when resting, Lan Zao had to face himself alone, during that time he recalled his memories and imagined things.

“If at that time when we found Zi Di, Cang Xu, and the others trapped on the sand dune and surrounded by lizards, me, and my younger brother in spite of our personal safety, went to go save them, we would have joined back up with Lord Zhen Jin. If that happened, would the current result have happened?”

“But at that time, I listened to my younger brother and did not choose to aid them. Was it the gods and fate that punished and admonished us brothers?

“Lord Zhen Jin, you even saved a sinful person like me and did not abandon anyone!”

“From this day forth, I will do everything to follow you until I faithfully die!”

“Once you saved my younger brother, yet when your fiancé landed in danger, Huang Zao and I chose to escape and abandon her. From now on, I will use my life to atone for my crimes!”

“Following such a person, can my……maybe……can my darkness wane? Can I reduce my sins?

“Like the sunlight, you melt away the darkness……”

From the oasis and until now, Lan Zao had been habitually silent, his psychological process was not known to anyone.

He had demoted himself to a slave that vowed loyalty to Zhen Jin. However, because Huang Zao had offended a person like Zhen Jin, Lan Zao had no choice but to do so.

But now, Lan Zao’s silent vow of loyalty and devotion was of a completely different nature.

This kind of loyalty and devotion was because there were few with Zhen Jin’s noble dignity. What's more, Zhen Jin understood and acknowledged the latter, in addition, Zhen Jin saving his life and soul was a great benevolence.

Apart from this, Lan Zao still felt guilty and was trying to redeem himself, this feeling came from the depths of human nature trying to go towards virtue.

Lan Zao expressionlessly looked at Zhen Jin, however his heart was in a complex mood, between the surges in his heart, his eyes gradually became red, and his field of view became increasingly fuzzy.

Zhen Jin looked at Bai Ya, Zi Di, Cang Xu, and also Lan Zao, and felt his head go numb.

All of these people looked at him with fervor, adoration, love, respect, loyalty, appreciation, and much more.

The young knight couldn’t get over it.

What made him feel even more frightened was when Lan Zao unexpectedly started weeping.

“What is he thinking?!”

“I definitely only sprinkled a small lie so that I could cover up the magic core in the future, nothing more.”

Everyone reacting so strongly was beyond his expectations and Zhen Jin gradually could not bear it, he promptly shook his head: “You guys value me too much. Ok, let us not speak of these things, we need to continue our journey.”

Zhen Jin turned around and continued to guide the way forward.

The others did not know, but did Zhen Jin even know himself?”

He knew: his abilities were in fact finite.

He knew even more: despite showing resolute exterior, he was indecisive, bewildered, and hesitant in the depths of his heart

He yearned for courage yet feared death.

He was a noble, a knight, yet he was at the same time an ordinary person.

“Right, I almost forgot! Lord Zhen Jin also has a humble character!” Lan Zao’s eyes shined.

“It is very difficult to imagine a person of his age with such accomplishments to still maintain a modest and cautious mood. There was absolutely no pretentiousness! I venture to affirm that this modesty comes from his heart. I really think that Lord Zhen Jin will accomplish many grand achievements in the future.” Lan Zao exclaimed with admiration as he looked at Zhen Jin’s back with a sighing heart.


Do you understand what the power of the spirit is? I sure don’t, the characters sure don’t, and I doubt the author does either. (jk) My interpretation of it is battle instincts and perception, as well as keeping calm under pressure. It is one’s survival instinct honed to a blade’s edge where anything is possible as long as one has the will and the strength. Poor Bai Ya, if he wants to develop it, he needs to get grinding and start doing naked runs. Pray that he doesn’t insta cart before he learns the mechanics.