Infinite Bloodcorechapter 81: i cannot be inflexible

The lizards’ casualties quickly grew, the iron level and bronze level lizards were the first to flee, then the entire lizard group routed.

The fat ball flying fish pursued close behind.

A lizard panicked and actually fled towards the hiding spot of Zhen Jin and the others.

With no way to avoid it, Zhen Jin could only hack it to death by attacking the same spot on its neck three times.

“Move quickly!” Zhen Jin’s face was grave as he covered Cang Xu’s and Zi Di’s retreat.

He was not worried about the lizards, but rather the fat ball flying fish.

The green lizards could see them, but human eyes could not. Faced with an invisible opponent, they had to be extremely passive.

Although Zhen Jin killed the lizard, the croaking still followed closely behind with obvious malice.

It was very clear that the fat ball flying fish were already enraged, regardless of whether it was a lizard or something else, they would attack it.

“Run back to camp. You guys staying here will burden me!” Zhen Jin’s complexion changed as he shouted.

Cang Xu and Zi Di immediately turned around and ran as fast as they could.

However, the croaking still approached more and more.

“Abominable, they are too fast……without someone obstructing them, the two of them will not escape.” As the one bringing up the rear, Zhen Jin clenched his teeth, suddenly stopped running, and turned around to confront the empty sky.

He could not see any enemies and was unable to determine the positions of the fat ball flying fish.

But Cang Xu’s words were now lingering in his ears——

window.pubfuturetag = window.pubfuturetag || [];window.pubfuturetag.push({unit: "64ce79d606107d003c23ea27", id: "pf-5140-1"})“I roughly know the reason. The green lizards’ visual system is similar to many snakes. They can rely on a thing’s body heat to see their figure, the hotter a thing is, the more attention it would attract the green lizards.”

“These fat ball flying fish, let's call them that for the time being, are all more or less hot. We cannot see them with our eyes probably because they have skin similar to a hiding chameleon.”

Although Zhen Jin had warned himself to not rashly use the magic core, however if he did not use it in the current situation, not only would Zhen Jin’s be in danger, Zi Di and Cang Xu would also be chased down and killed.

After a split second, Zhen Jin activated the magic core!

Zhen Jin’s eyes began to transform.

Human eyes had circular pupils, but now his pupils became vertical, yellow, and emitted a cruel ice-cold beast aura.

He had acid lizard eyes!

Zhen Jin then blankly stared.

How lizards saw things was very different to humans, their eyes saw things in monotonous colors, like a novice oil painting, and could not see the outline of food clearly.

Green lizards saw everything in a diluted yellow tint.

The trees were a deep green, and the lake was a deep blue, these two things actually looked somewhat similar to the two people in his vision.

The acid lizards were also green themselves, but not as dark as the trees.

As for the fat ball flying fish……every flying fish appeared red, some were light red, some were bright red, and some were dark red.

“At last, I can see them!” Zhen Jin’s heart was determined, and his spirit was roused.

There were six fat ball flying fish pursuing Zhen Jin and the others.

window.pubfuturetag = window.pubfuturetag || [];window.pubfuturetag.push({unit: "64cc9e79c7059f003e4ad4b0", id: "pf-5109-1"})Among them, two of them were scarlet while the other four were a mild red. Apparently it had something to do with their life level.

Zhen Jin fished out a wooden dart and began to transform again.

Bear arms!

Whoosh whoosh whoosh……

Six darts violently shot out in succession and cut through the air with a sharp noise.

The six fat ball flying fish wanted to dodge, however the darts were too fast.

Most of the flying fish fell to the ground, however two of them, despite being shot, managed to self-detonate on death’s door.

The self-detonation exploded in a torrential rainstorm that enveloped Zhen Jin.

Zhen Jin found that he could not dodge it, he immediately tucked his head into his knees and legs to roll himself into a ball as much as possible.

At the same time, he activated the magic core a third time.

In a split second, red light flashed, and a hard scorpion carapace grew all over his body.

The pitch-black fishbones hit the scorpion carapace with a series of brittle sounds.

Zhen Jin unfurled his limbs and got up to see a great amount of fish bones scattered around his feet.

He inspected his scorpion carapace and found it undamaged.

“After all, my carapace originated from a silver level spear scorpion leader.”

window.pubfuturetag = window.pubfuturetag || [];window.pubfuturetag.push({unit: "663633fa8ebf7442f0652b33", id: "pf-8817-1"})Zhen Jin hurried over to a dead fat ball flying fish.

All that remained of the fat ball flying fish was broken skin. The fat ball flying fish had a head the size of an adult’s human, but because of the explosion disintegrating it, only fish skin remained. The largest piece of skin on the ground was only the size of a palm.

In addition to the skin, there were small holes everywhere——these were due to the fish bones.

Zhen Jin did not see the fisheyes, internal organs, and other body parts, they must have ceased to exist during the explosion.

Besides skin, the biggest substance within a flying fish was water.

The water was nearly boiling, it had a sulfur odor, was very pungent, and quickly seeped into the soil as it pooled on top of it.

It was very difficult to imagine that this boiling water used to be inside a fish.

But Zhen Jin was enlightened: “I know! In the green lizards’ field of view, the hotter something is, the brighter the hue it gives off. The lower one’s body temperature was, the colder the hue.

“Furthermore……the light red fat ball flying fish should be common beasts. The bright red fat ball flying fish have attained the bronze level.”

Not only are the fat ball flying fish invisible to the human eye, they also don’t have a detectable life aura.

But after death, Zhen Jin could sense a life aura from the skin.

The life aura was rapidly dissipating.

After a moment of hesitation, Zhen Jin still chose to activate the magic core to absorb and convert the remnants of the fish.

After cleaning up the battlefield in a hurry, Zhen Jin immediately returned to camp.

“I have lizard eyes that can see these fat ball flying fish; however they cannot tell if they are surrounded nor can they find targets to counterattack.” Zhen Jin was very worried.

A great amount of fat ball flying fish filled the sky with a steady flow of more emerging from the lake.

The lizard group attracted the overwhelming majority of the fat ball flying fishes, seeing through the lizard eyes, the red dots seemed to blot out the sky.

The new school of fish also joined in to pursue the lizards.

The lizards fled to the desert, the rapid movement put the temporary camp in a terrible position——it was located between the lizards and the lake.

The fat ball flying fish flew in a straight line because there were no obstacles.

This meant that subsequent schools of fat ball flying fish were sure to pass over the temporary camp.

“What bad luck.” Halfway there, Zhen Jin noticed this trend and his complexion sunk.

According to his prior experience, if these fat ball flying fish found Cang Xu and Zi Di, they would most likely attack them of their own volition.

“I must draw them away!”

Zhen Jin took out more darts and constantly shot them.

Every fat ball flying fish that was hit was shot dead, many exploded on death’s door, launched fish fins brought disaster to other nearby flying fish and caused other flying fish to explode when near death.

Upon suffering the attack, the fat ball flying fish group loudly croaked and immediately shifted their primary target from the lizard group to Zhen Jin.

Zhen Jin appeared to succeed in provoking the school of fish, he then activated the magic core with all of his strength.

Red light gushed from inside him and outside him. The red light covered his body, within it a human form rapidly subsided to form a rough outline of a spear scorpion.

After a moment, the red light dispersed to reveal that Zhen Jin disappeared without a trace, there was only a silver level spear scorpion.

The school of fish tenaciously watched Zhen Jin, they had witnessed all of Zhen Jin’s transformation and were still rushing towards Zhen Jin.

“Come then.” Zhen Jin’s heart was happy as he strode forward with his four feet and sped up.

Zhen Jin was very fast.

In fact, spear scorpions were faster than lizards, this had been proven many times in the past.

Zhen Jin had transformed into a silver level spear scorpion.

The only problem was that Zhen Jin found it difficult to change directions when charging. Fortunately, however, the lizards’ route of retreat was a giant arc.

Zhen Jin deliberately moved around the temporary camp to attract the flying school of fish and to overtake the lizard group.

The lizard group that was running away suddenly found that a silver level scorpion had actually inserted itself into their ranks.

Hiss hiss hiss!

The lizards shouted and because of shock and fear, they became even more confused.

Zhen Jin stabbed them one after the other as they tried to pull apart from him.

“Don’t run.” Wherever the lizards ran to, Zhen Jin would follow close behind and stab them.

During this time, the school of fish that floated behind them felt happy.

Because both targets of vengeance were here, there was no need to get confused.

The toxic fish bones hit a lizard and caused it to collapse. They were also shot at Zhen Jin and hit his body with crisp echoes, yet Zhen Jin was still an animated tiger.

Zhen Jin was gradually adapting in the lizard group as he swung his lizard tail again and again.

The slender scorpion tail had a wide range of attack. A lizard that could not evade could only lose its life to the scorpion tail.

The dead lizard’s inertia made it roll across the ground before it lay motionless. The school of fish did not attack any of the corpses.

Under the dual attacks of Zhen Jin and the school of fish, the lizard group suffered disastrous damage. Finally, less than eighty lizards escaped into the desert.

In the end, Zhen Jin took advantage of the chaos to slip away.

He immediately hurried back to camp.

There was actually a fight occurring in the camp!

As a matter of fact, the vast majority of fat ball flying fish had been attracted by Zhen Jin and the lizard group, there was only a small amount of scattered fat ball flying fish in the oasis.

But as luck would have it, four fat ball flying fish visited the temporary camp.

“What bad luck.” Zhen Jin’s heart violently sank when he saw that all signs made known that the fight in the camp had already begun and had been underway for a long time.

Rushing into the camp, he glanced and found Lan Zao.

Lan Zao was in the middle of the camp, he had disheveled hair, still had bloodstains across his face, and had a knife in each hand as he roared: “Get lost! Get lost! Get lost!”

“A group of smelly fish and shrimp also wants to eat me?!”

“Only I can you, none of you can eat me!”

Saying this, his ears twitched as he suddenly turned around to swing his knives and accurately split open a fat ball flying fish.


Power really is a slippery slope, one taste of it and you start using it for everything. Just like technology, when you start living with it for a while, you can’t seem to survive when it breaks. It's like having a car that breaks down and being forced to take the bus for a month. Also it's probably safe to assume that the MC has hulk syndrome, aka even though it's not specifically said he took off his clothes, their continued existence is guaranteed due to plot convenience.