Infinite Bloodcorechapter 21: transformation of the hands

The memory dissipated but anger still filled Zhen Jin’s chest.

Zhen Jin still felt himself bursting with emotions!

“Aahhhh!” He bellowed hideously.


“I cannot die.”

“How can I fall here?!”

“I still need to protect my fiance; I will leave this place alive, control White Sands City and revive the Bai Zhen Clan!”

“My knight’s path…how can my journey as a knight end here?

The teenager roared in his heart.

At this moment, all of his blood seemed to be boiling.

Blood flowed quickly like a surging river. It then changed into a waterfall and rushed into the hands of the youngster.

A transformation started to appear!

The teenanger’s hands violently swelled up. His fingers grew longer and his fingernails turned pitch-black as they turned into sharp claws.

The claws were incomparably sharp. They were like ten daggers!

Zhen Jin tried slashing with his claws and with little effort, the spiderweb was torn apart!

The sharp claws started to become red hot as if they were branding irons.

Zhen Jin didn’t think about it and relied on his instincts to thrust his claws into the spider leader.

The spider leader’s head was but a palm’s length from Zhen Jin. The spiderweb was used again to try and block his transformed hands.

Zhen Jin’s claws had caught the spider leader completely off guard and it could not dodge.


The foot long red hot claws plunged deeply into the spider leader’s body.


Zhen Jin let out a battle cry and pushed his entire palm into the wound.

window.pubfuturetag = window.pubfuturetag || [];window.pubfuturetag.push({unit: "64ce79d606107d003c23ea27", id: "pf-5140-1"})Upon suffering this surprise attack, the spider leader seemed to have been struck by thunder as its body became stiff.

After a short breath, large amounts of spider blood as well as its milky white brains flowed from its wounds.

The silver level spider leader had died on the spot!

When the leader died, the remaining spiders swiftly fled in disorder.

The couple had suddenly averted disaster.


Zhen Jin was stuck in a trance as he slowly took out his hands from the spider leader’s roasted innards.

Or more precisely, his claws.

This was inconceivable!


His hands were like those of a giant gorilla, they had grown several times bigger and had long thick black fur, making his forearms seem tiny.

His ten fingers had extended into long claws. They were as sharp as knives, hard, and released heat as if they were molten iron straight from a furnace.

“This, what is this?!”

Just as Zhen Jin was shocked, another transformation began to take place.

At first the red hot iron claws began cooling off then crumbled to ash and dispersed into the air.

Then, his hands quickly shrunk back to their original human size.

All of the black bear fur fell off, revealing a human’s fair skin.

Zhen Jin’s body suddenly shook.

He felt an indescribable feeling of weakness from the bottom of his heart.

He was not only physically but also mentally exhausted, he felt as if some part of his body was hollowed out.

The surroundings were still burning and shrubs were crackling in the fire.

Without claws supporting its body, the spider leader’s corpse fell to the ground.

It was all like a dream.

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“My lord, Lord Zhen Jin!” Zi Di’s shout at first seemed distant but soon became louder and clearer.

Zhen Jin reacted to the urging voice.

“Hiss…” The teeanger took a breath of air, the spider’s two legs were still stuck in his back.

He tightly grit his teeth as he pulled out the legs, blood immediately spurting out.

Zi Di took out a potion and threw it to Zhen Jin so he could pour it on his wounds.

He took out a potion and then poured it on his wound and rushed to Zi Di’s side.

There wasn't a dagger, however it seemed that the spider’s legs were sharper.

Using the legs, Zhen Jin cut through the spiderwebs and rescued Zi Di.

“My lord, have you awakened your battle qi?!” Zi Di asked with pleasant surprise.

Zhen Jin’s mind stirred: “Zi Di was on the ground, I had my back to her so she didn’t see my hands transform.”

“No. I used my spear to cut the spiderwebs.” Said Zhen Jin without much thought, subconsciously concealing the secret within his mind.

The recent transformation was incredibly abnormal. He didn't want to talk about it as it would cause his fiance to worry.

“That abominable Huang Zao! We must find him and ruthlessly deal with him!” Zi Di ferociously said.

If Huang Zao hadn’t fled at such a crucial moment, the couple would not have fallen into such a dire situation.

Zhen Jin nodded and was just about to speak when a loud bang sounded out. A large burning tree fell to the ground.

Sparks flew in all directions and the fire had grown bigger.

“We need to leave this place quickly.” Zi Di wanted to wrap Zhen Jin’s injuries but he stopped her.

Although his injuries were deep, they had stopped bleeding.

Knowing his remaining vitality, escaping the fire had the highest priority.

“Hold on, that thing is usable, we cannot leave it.” Zi Di pointed to the spider leader’s carcass, her eyes gleaming brighter than the nearby fire.


Thus, the couple used their strength to drag the spider while quickly evacuating from the fire.

window.pubfuturetag = window.pubfuturetag || [];window.pubfuturetag.push({unit: "663633fa8ebf7442f0652b33", id: "pf-8817-1"})After withdrawing to a safe distance, the two people heard a muffled buzzing noise.

Soon after, countless fire-poison bee swarms flew into the sea of flames. The scale seemed to cover the skies and the earth.


There were so many fire-poison bee swarms that the spreading fire was swiftly contained and extinguished.

Fire poison bees had caused great trouble for Zhen Jin and Zi Di. After watching this scene, they didn’t dare stay near and rushed to the hills for miles before stopping to rest and reorganize.

Luckily, they found a habitable spot at the bottom of a cliff.

For the next three days, Zhen Jin and Zi Di rested here.

By using a small amount of the spider’s body fluids, Zi Di mixed an aura potion to disguise their aura as a silver level magic beast and increase the safety of their place of rest.

The magical abilities of Zhen Jin’s body had shown themselves once more as the wounds on his back recovered with astonishing speed. This in addition to Zi Di’s potions had already let his skin regrow over his wounds.

Zhen Jin had been worried the spider’s legs would contain poison, however his worries were unnecessary.

Zi Di had already dismembered the spider’s body. Although her work was crude, she still managed to harvest usable parts after great effort.

Using these materials, she mixed several bottles of corrosive and adhesive potions.

These potions were all basic, but because they used high-end materials so their efficacy was worth looking forward to.

Zi Di regretfully complained to him about this during the three days: “If our circumstances were a bit better I would have been able to make agility potions. It is a great pity that these materials can only be used in such a wasteful way and the best thing we could make were these small gadgets."


Zhen Jin laughed and consoled her as he recognised the value of these small toys she was complaining about.


Zi Di had previously used the monkey bear’s blood as well as the cave’s ore to mix combustion agents and flame retardants, all of which proved to play a great role.

Translator’s corner of rambling

“Even the most noble of us must occasionally dirty our claws”

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The Divine Emperor of the Ancient Empire


I suppose that Zi Di didn’t question the massive burnt hole in the spider’s body as she tore bits of it off at the cliff’s side. I wonder what excuse Zhen Jin gave to convince her otherwise. On to the quesetioning the origins of Zhen Jin’s new ability. Where and when did he get it? I think when has been answered but I don’t think where will be revealed till much later on. Until then, our boy Zhen Jin will be questioning his ideals and decisions every step of the way there. Now that yet another life endangering situation has been passed, what will our intrepid duo do next? I hear there’s some grass that needs to be stomped on.

Translation Notes

(an example of the dumping of adjectives in chinese that sounds awkward AF in english)

(转危为安: to turn peril into safety (idiom); to avert a danger)

(不可思议: inconceivable (idiom); unimaginable)

(遮天蔽日: hiding the sky and covering the earth (idiom))

(大材小用: using a talented person in an insignificant position (idiom)


a sledgehammer to crack a nut )

Editor Notes

[Just realized, the chinese is just ‘a’ (w/ tone), so they probably blend this together?]

[I’m really impressed by this scene]

[Apparently Zi Di is a necrophiliac. This supports my Yandere Di theory, so I’ll record this quote.]

[Little does he know that he’s one of them. Yandere Di is real, I’ll be laughing when you all gasp at the plot twist.]