Infinite Bloodcorechapter 18: my knight’s creed

The sudden cry for help made Zhen Jin’s pupils shrink.

“Someone is trapped in the spiderwebs.”

“He is alive!” Zhen Jin exclaimed as he furrowed his brows.

“I am a knight, helping the wounded and helpless is a part of our creed.”

“I need to calm down first.” The youngster warned himself.

He stopped retreating and observed carefully as he changed his direction to enter the spider’s hunting ground once more.

He didn’t step on any spiderweb trap as he entered the ground and raised his head to find the spider web that the cry for help came from.

The spiderwebs softly trembled as they tightly wrapped their prey. One of the webs had the distinct silhouette of a person.

The webs near the face were thinly weaved and so his face was slightly visible. .

The unlucky chap was hung up high, giving him a wide field of vision resulting in him seeing Zhen Jin and immediately calling for help.


“Please...please save me!”

“If you leave I will die!”

“You are from the Hog’s Kiss as well aren’t you? We were on that ship together. Please be kind to me, don't go, don’t abandon me…”

Upon hearing that, Zhen Jin’s heart was moved. He learned a lot of information from Zi Di including that the ship they sailed on was called the Hog’s Kiss.

It seemed to be that this trapped person worked on the Hog’s Kiss.


Zhen Jin didn’t move.

window.pubfuturetag = window.pubfuturetag || [];window.pubfuturetag.push({unit: "64ce79d606107d003c23ea27", id: "pf-5140-1"})Rushing to rescue was likely to end up with him in a trap. Even worse it could endanger Zi Di.

He stood still and stared at the suspended person while watching cautiously for the spiders hidden in the canopy.

He needed to make sure this was not a trap!

Zhen Jin’s muscles were tense, ready to react immediately to even the slightest movement of the wind.

But the spiders made no abnormal movements.

After pleading for help and finding Zhen Jin motionless, the person responded by crying out in a low voice: “Don’t doubt me!”

“The beasts that fell into the spiderwebs would struggle with all their might and the more they struggled the more they stuck to the spiderweb. Eventually they would suffocate in the spiderweb.”

“But that isn’t the case for me.”

“I had fainted before I was covered and tied up in the spiderwebs so I am still alive.”

“Please save me. I don’t want to die…”

At this point, the person drooped his head and began to weep.

The fear of being trapped in a spiderweb and watching death slowly approaching would be unbearable and could drive an ordinary person insane.

When Zhen Jin saw the true human nature of this person, he believed it more.

Every living thing possessed the fear of death. Even if Zhen Jin was a knight that bravely faced the monkey bear and fought with it to the death, he still had fear.

To be scared did not mean one was weak. To always feel fear was true courage.

“They still haven’t responded yet? It seems that these spiders don't hunt through sound.” Zhen Jin took a mental note and decided to take a little risk.

He opened his mouth and softly asked: “Hey, what is your name?”

The trapped person immediately became excited: “My name is Huang Zao. My Lord, I was a sailor on the Hog’s Kiss. Merciful Lord, kind Lord, if you rescue me I will work for you for the rest of my life to repay your kindness!”

window.pubfuturetag = window.pubfuturetag || [];window.pubfuturetag.push({unit: "64cc9e79c7059f003e4ad4b0", id: "pf-5109-1"})Zhen Jin spent most of his attention towards the canopy. When he spoke, the spiders didn’t seem to move at all. This set aside some of his worries as he made sure his prior guess was not wrong.

“In that case, Huang Zao, how can I save you?” Zhen Jin asked.

This question was crucial as he needed to confirm Huang Zao’s intentions and obtain more information.

Currently he still had doubts.

Are these spiders deliberately not killing their prey but allowing them to cry out to attract fellow racial groups?

Perhaps these spiders restrained themselves so Zhen Jin could call more people for a rescue. When there were more people, the spiders could use their webs to trap more people.

Facing Zhen Jin’s questions, Huang Zao knew what to answer and hastily warned: “My Lord you cannot risk it! The spiders here will drop to the ground at night and secretly lay their webs. These spiderwebs are buried in the ground and if someone were to step on them, it would activate the trap. The spiderwebs would close and rise up high and the spiders weave it and hang the prey up in the air.”

“Regardless of how loud I speak, the spiders are unlikely to come out. However if I struggled about and swayed the spiderwebs enough, it would attract spiders to weave the web again. So once you rescue me from the web, the spiders will definitely be drawn out.”

“These spiders are all at the bronze level and have terrifying strength. There are more than a dozen spiders nearby!”

“The power of these spider’s attacks is no different than being rammed by a horse. I was careless and when a spider struck me, I was flung into a tree trunk and passed out on the spot.”

“When I opened my eyes in a daze, I was already hanging in the air, the exploration team had been utterly defeated with the survivors fleeing.


However these spiders also coordinated to set up webs, with two to three of them weaving a bigger web above the ground. The web they weaved fell directly onto the prey from the air and trapped the prey directly.”

“These webs are very sticky and would need a sharp sword and skillful techniques to cut through them. My older brother Lan Zao, the exploration team leader, is good at using the knife. I saw with my own eyes how his knife got stuck in the webs and reduced his mobility as he was unable to cut through the webs.”

“That’s why you should use fire!”

“After running out of options, they used fire to burn the webs and escape. These spiders are actually afraid of fire. At the time, I tried to call for help but I was dizzy and couldn’t shout or even see. I heard people shouting for help and lost consciousness afterwards.”

“By the time I woke up, the fire was gone and I was the only person left.”

Zhen Jin had listened attentively and secretly analyzed the information.

window.pubfuturetag = window.pubfuturetag || [];window.pubfuturetag.push({unit: "663633fa8ebf7442f0652b33", id: "pf-8817-1"})After a short while, he asked: “You are called Huang Zao right? How many people are in your group? Why did you come here? Are there any other survivors apart from your group? When were you attacked?”

Huang Zao didn’t hesitate and quickly replied: “The sea was rough on the night the Hog’s Kiss was wrecked. Although we tried to maneuver the ship, the hull was still snapped into two. The first half of the hull hit a reef and the survivors all managed to reach the beach on that night. Including our group, there were about a hundred of us.”

“The captain went missing so the first mate led us.”

“This island is strange, low level magic and battle qi are restricted here.”

“We set up a temporary camp on the beach. The first mate assigned me, my older brother, and a few others to explore the island in search of wood to build the ship’s hull as well as food and water.”

“Within the jungle, danger lurked at every side and we ran across many strange and ferocious beasts.


The exploration team lost many people and we gained little benefits. After a while, we were unable to continue onwards and decided to go back.”

“However as we were returning, the landscape unexpectedly changed!”

“It had obviously been a rainforest, but before we knew what was going on we had arrived in a desert.”

“Many people thought it was an illusion and when we couldn’t break free, we started to panic. Some even committed sucicide. The team fell into disarray.”

“Food and water were quickly used up; I thought our entire team was done for. Fortunately however, a traveler joined our group, he was a scholar that had served nobles in a desert territory. He was called Cang Xu and he used his methods to find his way through the desert and found an oasis to replenish water. After resting at the oasis for several days, we continued our journey. Our luck changed for the better as we arrived at the edge of the desert and entered this forest.”

“When we arrived here, we encountered the spiders and got ambushed. Most people were able to escape, with only five to six dying. When they were fleeing, I heard my older brother shouting to retreat, he must not have noticed I was missing so he didn’t come to rescue me. In reality, I was captured by the spiders while serving as their food reserves, but I am alive nonetheless!”

Huang Zao’s emotions were agitated.

Zhen Jin had been silent from beginning to end.

Huang Zao gradually calmed down before continuing: “I don’t know exactly how many days it has been. I don’t know how long I was unconscious for because no one told me. However, it has been three nights and two days since I regained consciousness.”

“For Emperor Sheng Ming’s sake, save me. My Lord, we are fellow shipmates! Only you can save me now! I ask you to show mercy, I will surely repay you with all my strength!”

Huang Zao pleaded once again.

“Is there really a desert here?” Zhen Jin doubtfully asked.

“I would never deceive you my Lord!” Huang Zao’s voice rose as he spoke again. “I know, I know, it sounds unimaginable, but it’s really true.


We really ended up in a desert and somehow managed to come here afterwards.”

Zhen Jin slightly nodded and placated him: “I will help you with all of my strength. However I came here alone and need to call for more others to help you. Do you have any ways of contacting your group?”

“I have a whistle that can be heard from far away, however it is in my pocket. In addition I also have semaphore flags.


If I was standing high up, I could signal them using the flags.” Huang Zao hastily spoke.

Seeing that Zhen Jin was silent, he spoke again: “The secret code, yes, I also have the secret signal. We discussed that we would leave behind secret signals along the path and as long as we followed them, we would be able to find my older brother and the others!”

Zhen Jin looked at the sky.

The sky’s color was quickly turning dark, it would not be long till dusk.

“Wait for a moment, I will be back.” said Zhen Jin as he walked away.

“My Lord, I will wait for you. You must return, do not forget this pitiful man! You are my only hope. I will surely repay you!!”

Huang Zao continued to shout even as Zhen Jin walked away.

He could hear him shouting with all his strength.

His voice became hoarse with fear, confusion, and heavy expectations.

After all, Zhen Jin could be considered his only opportunity of escaping death.

How should he phrase it?

The teenager empathized with him.

Life was so beautiful, therefore Zhen Jin greatly treasured it. Not long ago, he was also at the edge of death’s door as he faced the ire of both the fire-poison and the monkey bear.

As he alternated between states of consciousness and unconsciousness, he was completely full of helplessness, panic, worry, hope, and sincere repentance.

The heavy weight of Huang Zao expectations fell on Zhen Jin’s shoulders.

How do I save him?

How could he resist at least a dozen terrifying bronze level spiders?

Many questions appeared in front of Zhen Jin as he shook his head slightly but his eyes were determined: “Regardless of how, I still need to join up with Zi Di first.”

After a while, the youngster managed to easily meet up with the girl once again.

In fact, after they parted ways, the girl did her best to follow after Zhen Jin. The scaled leopard wasn't that fast and the gap between both parties was not large.

“Did you come across any dangers?” Zhen Jin inquired.

“No. I assure you I am not completely helpless.” Zi Di nodded as she lightly patted her small bag,with a look of pride on her face.

“I have discovered something new on my end.” Zhen Jin gave a simple and straightforward explanation of what happened and asked the girl for her opinion.

After Zi Di finished listening, she thought for a bit then answered: “My Lord, I suggest we save him.”

Although Zhen Jin had some of his own opinions, he still wished to hear Zi Di’s true opinion. So he asked: “Can you explain why?”

Zi Di had a serious look and spoke sincerely: “My Lord, according to what you said, he has a bronze aura. A bronze level person is already a lower class elite. Generally speaking, they normally act as a ship’s captain. Individuals who can fight can also become assault team leaders. This person alone is qualified to be recruited. If Lord rescues him, the possibility of him serving you will be high.”

“In addition, there is still his older brother Lan Zao, the exploration team leader. His higher position is proof of his greater strength. Subduing Huang Zao would lead to bringing Lan Zao to our side. These two are elite bronze level warriors. They must surely have subordinates around them. And in the case they rely on Lord for help, you would gain a group of subordinates.”

“We need manpower now. Even if we don’t consider controlling White Sand city in the future, this manpower will greatly increase our chances of survival on this island.”

As Zi Di spoke, her eyes flashed.

Zhen Jin nodded:”Anything else?”

Zi Di continued: “We still need information. Therefore, even if these two don’t join you my Lord, we can still expand our map and deepen our understanding of this island.”

“According to what Huang Zao said, a large group is building a ship to save themselves. This is a reliable way to leave and go to White Sand City. However even if we had a boat, we have no one to sail it.”

“To sail a boat on the high seas for several months would need a captain, a first mate, a navigator, sailors, a helmsman, a shipwright, an artillery crew, a doctor, a lookout, and other talented people.”

“Saving these people will make our sea voyage much safer and faster.”

Zhen Jin and Zi Di would not be able to control a ship by themselves.

“However to rescue him, we will need to confront at least a dozen or more bronze level spiders…” Zhen Jin muttered.

“My Lord, I have a solution.” Zi Di smiled, “Believe me, I would never invest more than I can earn.”

Zhen Jin laughed: “Hahaha, should I say you are truly worthy of being the current Wisteria Merchant Alliance President?”

The teenage knight looked at Zi Di with admiration, but soon his expression gradually became solemn.

“You are not wrong. But you have forgotten the most important point.”

Zi Di’s smile instantly vanished, and she lowered her head: “Instruct me your Lordship.”

“I am a templar knight, a knight amongst knights, it is my creed to assist the weak and to save the dying! Even in times of distress, I will not abandon my companions.” The youngster’s powerful words echoed in the tranquil forest.


For a moment Zi Di looked at the youngster blankly, then she smiled: “My Lord, I understand.”<br data-text="true">

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Reasons for rescuing some rando in the woods

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(居高临下: to live high and look down (idiom))

(一败涂地: failed and wiped over the floor (idiom))

(危机四伏: danger lurks on every side (idiom) (奇形怪状: fantastic oddities of every description (idiom))

(莫名其妙: (idiom) baffling


inexplicable )




(掷地有声: lit. if thrown on the floor, it will make a sound (idiom)


fig. (of one's words) powerful and resonating)

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