God's Eyes (Web Novel)chapter 1113: primordial dimensions

Years passed by, and the threat posed by the Vile existences reached an all-time low.

Ever since the five Universes had merged, the Vile existences had reached out for the merged Universe and were trying to devour it with all their might.

Their deepest desires were hidden, and only they themselves knew the truth behind their reasons.

But even if they had a good reason to pursue their plans to devour the merged Universe, it was not as if Jason or the Primordial God Candidates would remain idle.

On the contrary, their efforts to annihilate every single Vile existence had increased manyfold.

Meanwhile, Jason used a portion of his strength to seal the unstable Veils which led to a rapid decrease in his strength.

However, this didn't really bother him as his strength was manifold higher than that of everyone else'

He could use the entire Abandoned Universe's Origin energy, which made it easy for him to exterminate his opponents as well as close the Veils.

Only a relatively small number of Veils remained, and they were under constant surveillance of, at least, one God.

Meanwhile, every existing God in the known Universe was given a UTC phone in order to reach the restricted Veils if necessary.

This made things much easier for every living being in the merged Universe as they were free of the threat of the beings emerging from the Veils.

An Era of peace was ushered in, and the Universe began to blossom once again.

window.pubfuturetag = window.pubfuturetag || [];window.pubfuturetag.push({unit: "64ce79d606107d003c23ea27", id: "pf-5140-1"})But Jason and the others weren't gonna slack off and trust that their future would be bright.

They knew that they had to take Nial's warning seriously.

More dangerous beings than the Veil's Primordial God existed.

They were hiding in the darkness, and roaming through other Universes. Maybe they were even somewhere entirely different, at places that were ought to be impossible to reach.

Nobody could know where dangers were lurking and it was now the task of Jason and everyone else to get stronger, and to increase the numbers of their brave and powerful Gods!

With the use of Sira's fortelling Blessing, Jason was always trying to look into the future.

He wanted to be able to tell when exactly an attack was going to happen.

However, he was never able to catch even the faintest glimpse of the Veils or things related to the Vile existences.

This was not something Jason could change, but it was still somewhat frustrating as numerous other futures or potential paths of a future were unveiled in front of him.

Because he was unable to tell the exact future, Jason focused on working together with the other Primordial God Candidates and nourishing the Abandoned Universe in an insane way.

Their plan was to create a system with which they would use a highly developed AI that was derived from the combination of various ingredients such as Dungeon of the Primordial Descendant's AI, Jason's Soul Dimensions, Kyle's nurture ability, and the active support of all Primordial God Candidates, the Primordials and many more!

Making use of the reason and the functions behind the UTC phone, Jason altered numerous things over hundreds of years.

window.pubfuturetag = window.pubfuturetag || [];window.pubfuturetag.push({unit: "64cc9e79c7059f003e4ad4b0", id: "pf-5109-1"})And finally, after an unknown amount of time, he completed it!

The moment he finished creating the system he presumed to be close to perfection, the first Dimensional portal that led straight to his Soul Dimension was born. It led to the starting of an entirely new time for the Abandoned Universe… the Universe that looked the least as if it had been abandoned.

After all, the one and only Primordial God had bound it to his soul, and not any other Universe!

And with the Dimension portal, a link to his soul was born which was oddly similar to a soul connection.

That meant, that every single being, who would accept the system he provided, would be linked to his soul.

The connection was nothing noteworthy, but Jason received a soul amplification of 0.01% of their strength, and he didn't feel much when these beings met their deaths.

He then continued to create numerous cultivation and martial art techniques, thereby perfecting his creation…and the Primordial Dimensions were born!

Jason lost track of time as he worked on many things he had to pay attention to.

His son was born, and Jason lived a quiet relaxed life.

Fighting was not the most important task on his agenda anymore, and his focus was averted to strengthening the Abandoned Universe, to create more and stronger Gods, whether they belonged to the Common races or Ancient races!

The strength of all beings as well as the worlds themselves was bound to be provided to him if only a small percentage.

As such, it was not surprising for him to see another True God, with the potential to become Primordial God, when they looked into the future.

window.pubfuturetag = window.pubfuturetag || [];window.pubfuturetag.push({unit: "663633fa8ebf7442f0652b33", id: "pf-8817-1"})It was a human, a perfectly ordinary existence, whom he had allowed to become unparalleled due to the creation of his system.

This told Jason that his efforts had been fruitful and that everything he did had been correct.

However, it was just a moment later that another image appeared in his mind, which led him to subconsciously mumble.

"A…second system? Where did he get that from?"

Afterward, numerous pictures that were related to different existences entered his mind.

They showed him different scenarios, including ginormous battlefields, destroyed planets, and even the annihilation of some races.

Even without the existence of the Veils, it was a common occurrence where planets were occasionally destroyed, and the races that once inhabited them were wiped off completely.

It was not something one saw every few years, but it was not exactly surprising for him to see all of this.

Only the beings that were related to all of the pictures that entered his mind caused him to feel a little bit weird.

But even in his confusion, Jason knew that only the future could tell what exactly was going to happen.

He couldn't see farther into the future, but that was not something he was all that bothered about because he knew that everyone important to him was by his side!

Looking around himself, he saw his soulbonds, his grandparents, Yaldra, Jennifer, and his little baby that had grown up to be a formidable man.

A faint golden stigma was engraved on his head and was gleaming brightly.

"Let's give our best to create the strongest Universe, and to end the terror of the veils…once and for all!"