"Their stage is about to start!" Mimi exclaimed. "Stay quiet, guys. We need to pay attention to this."

Lala and Sasha looked at Mimi like she'd gone crazy.

"You're the noisiest out of us three," Lala said.

Mimi ignored her statement and focused on the screen.

- Just another mediocre performance... Let's see if they can prove me wrong.

- Yawn, wake me up when something interesting happens.

- Can't wait to be unimpressed.

- My expectations are so low; they're practically in the Earth's core.

- Let's see if they can dance better than I do in the shower. Spoiler: they won't.

The screen turned black before June's cat silhouette was shown on screen.

"Mafia Melodies," June whispered, and the girls were immediately enamored.

Honestly, Sasha and Lala also had low expectations, but as their performance progressed, they were stunned to silence.

Team Abyss radiated confidence and determination, capturing viewers' attention with their synchronized and well-distributed parts.

"Wow," Lala said. "I never expected this"

"I can't believe I'm saying this, but I already like their rendition better," Sasha admitted.

And as the chorus approached and June started singing, they were even more stunned.

"Oh. My. Goodness. Your bias has such a pretty voice!" Lala exclaimed.

Mimi watched the screen in awe, her mouth agape and her eyes wide. She knew June had excellent potential based on the first few episodes, but he exceeded her expectations with this performance.

The camera focused on June as he hit an impressive high note, causing Lala to lean forward, her eyes widening. "Did you hear that? That's some next-level vocal control!"

- Okay, they might be onto something...

- MyKittyJune: Suck it, haters! June's the fucking best!

- Wait, did I just wake up in a parallel universe? Is this actually good?

- *Reflects in the shower* Yeah, I definitely can't do that.

The performance continued, seamlessly transitioning from energetic dance moves to delicate singing moments. The three idols were visibly captivated, exchanging amazed glances as Team Abyss poured their hearts into the performance.

A close-up shot of Bin captured the sweat on his brow as he executed a particularly difficult dance break.

"They've clearly put in so much effort after June stepped up to lead them. It's paying off big time."

- I take back everything I said! These trainees are incredible!

- Alright, I'm wide awake now! This is seriously impressive!

- Okay, I'll admit it. I'm officially a fan. What's June's fandom name?

- MyKittyJune: We still don't have one! I hope June names us soon.

- My expectations just blasted through the roof!

- Fine, I'll stick to critiquing my own shower moves.

As the trainees took their final bow on stage, the screen faded to black, leaving the idols in awe.

"I—I think I get you now, Mimi," Sasha said, still amazed by their stage. "I might like June too."

Mimi snapped out of her daze and glared at Sasha. "You can like him. But he was my bias first, okay?"

Sasha chuckled and raised her hands in surrender. "Alright. Alright. I'm not stealing him from you."

"It's time for the results!" Lala said, bringing the two's attention back to the screen.

"Who do you think is going to win?" Sasha asked.

"Well, I'd hope it's team Abyss," Mimi said. "I remember their performance more."

"Now that you say it, I do remember their stage more. Team Kingz did a good job, too, though. I just didn't find it that memorable."

"Ladies," Sasha said. "I think we already know what's going to happen, though."

Mimi sighed. "Of course. This happens every season. I still remember when Kara's team won against Lala's when your team was clearly better!"

Lala chuckled. "Well, Kara is our center, and she was very popular back then. It's all good now, though. We all debuted in the end, didn't we?"

Mimi pouted. "I know, but it sucks that I already know how this will end."

The screen showed Team Kingz's victory, and although the three girls were disappointed, they couldn't really say they were surprised.

"It's alright," Mimi comforted herself. "I'm just happy to see June perform."

"It's official," Lala chuckled. "You've fallen in love."

"Wait until Hunter hears about it," Sasha said. "That CHAOS guy is practically head-over-heels for you."

"Shhh!" Mimi exclaimed. "Don't bring that boy into this conversation."

"Sorry, sorry," Sasha chuckled. "But really, this team did such a good job. I don't think I can listen to Mermaid Melodies the same way ever again."

"There's no time to rest," Mimi said, pulling out her phone. "How much do stars cost again?"

"'About ten dollars a bundle," Sasha responded.

"'l'll spend about a thousand dollars tonight."


Minjun and Grandma clapped as Team Abyss' performance came to an end.

"Okay," Minjun said, nodding. "I don't want to admit it, but you did a really good job."

June chuckled and ruffled the little kid's hair. "You can't even give me a genuine compliment, huh?"

"This kid's just joking," Grandma said. "You did a really good job. You should have won that mission."

June shrugged. "The other guys are more popular."

"Still," Grandma said. "Those girls in the arena don't know what they're doing. Here," she said, placing some candied sweet potatoes on the table. "Have some before going back to your room."

June chuckled, removing his mask to eat the scrumptious snack.

As he did, Minjun and Grandma stopped mid-bite to stare at him. June happily chewed on the sweet snack. He's always had a sweet tooth, so stuff like this made him happy.

However, when he felt their piercing stares, he lifted his head and raised one eyebrow.

"What?" June asked.

Grandma and Minjun tilted their heads to the side in confusion.

"Is it just me? Or have you gotten more handsome?" Grandma asked.

"What do you mean?"

Minjun crossed his arms in front of his chest. "I don't remember your face being like this, big bro. You really look like an idol now."

June shrugged, continuing to eat. "It's because of the products that Grandma gave me."

Minjun patted his grandma's thigh. "Can you give me some too, Grandma?"

Grandma clicked her tongue. "You're still too young. But really, are the products that effective? I should start selling them now."

June chuckled. "Give me some of the profit."

Grandma laughed and nodded. "When are you going to reveal your face then? A face like that must be shown off to the world."

June placed his hand under his chin.

"On the next mission," he decided.