"Is this how you do it?" June asked the cameraman filming him.

"Umm, yes," the cameraman said. Isn't this kid 21 years old? Doesn't he know how live streaming works?

"So, like this?" June asked, pressing random buttons on the screen.

"The live stream is already ongoing, trainee."

"Oh," June said.

- HAHAHAHA! So funny right from the start!

- Junie Junie! When are you going to reveal your face?

"What's with all the text floating around? Is it usually like this?"

The cameraman stayed silent this time.

- These are for you, June! We're your fans.

"Fans? Hi, I guess? What are ya'll doing here?"

- To watch your live stream, dummy.

- I'm forever a fan of June! We need more people like you in the idol industry.

- Junie! You ignored my question. When are you going to reveal your face?

- Any advice for a college girl taking her final exams today?

"Advice for final exams?" June read. "I honestly don't know. Don't cram your lessons. And don't review on the day of the exams itself."

June didn't study much when he was still in high school. Granted, he got into a lot of trouble when he was younger. However, he had pretty good grades while he was studying. He even made it into the top 10 of his batch despite being a working student.

- What are you going to do today?

"Right," June said. "I almost forgot about that. We are supposed to use our chosen items today for the live stream."

- We already know.

- What's your item?

"You guys need to come with me," June said, walking away from his original place.

- Woah, where are we going?

- It's like I'm in those POV videos. Why are we moving?

"We're here," June said, opening the plastic door and focusing the camera on one of the trainees' shared toilets.

The cameraman's eyes widened when June suddenly put on cleaning gloves.

What is this kid doing?


- Kekekeke. I was scrolling through the live streams when I suddenly saw a toilet. What is this?

"I'll place you guys here," June said, placing the phone on top of the toilet.

"These are the items that I picked," he said, pointing to the brushes, rags, bleaches, and soaps at the side.

- How could a trainee pick this?

- Is this really part of the hidden items?

"I'll give you guys some tips on how to clean toilets at home. I'm sure your parents, wives, or roommates will be impressed by how white and shiny your toilets will be after you use these tips."

"First of all, you guys need gloves. You can't clean the toilet without gloves—especially if it's shared. Look, the sides are already yellowing," June said, observing the interior of the toilet.

- He's seriously giving toilet-cleaning tips.

- This June guy is so unserious hehehehe.


"These guys don't know how to flush after themselves, so it's best to use bleach to clean it. This one's an expensive kind," June said, pouring the bleach into the toilet. "Then, this is where most people are wrong. They start scrubbing right away. You need to wait for at least five minutes to let the bleach soak. That way, it'd be the whitest toilet ever."

Before the cameraman could realize it, he was already listening intently to June's advice. He definitely needed to tell his wife some of these tips.

"However, if you don't have this type of bleach, you can also make one at home for a much lower price. You can mix a tablespoon of baking soda and a cup of white vinegar instead. That's what I use at home too."

- Our thrifty king~

- Thanks, June! My mom came in and thought I was watching something useful for once.

- My mom approves! She's watching with me.

"Let's read some comments while we're waiting for this to soak," June said, removing his gloves.

- I love you, June! Please tell me you're legal.

"I'm 21 years old," June said. "You guys can see that on my profile."

- What is your real name?

"My real name? I can't tell you guys that. You can keep calling me June."

- What's your desired position in the group?

"All-rounder?" June joked. "But right now, it'd be the main vocalist."

- As expected! Your voice is so pretty.

- I can't wait for the episode tomorrow. The people who watched it live said you guys were really good!

- June! This'll be the last time I'll be asking this. Please pay attention to me! When are you going to do a face reveal?

"A face reveal?" June asked. "Would you guys like that?"

- Yes! Yes! When will it be?

- Do it now.

- It's alright even if you aren't handsome </3.

"I'll do it on—"

"Time's up!" the cameraman said. And just like that, the screen turned black. "You need to return to the main room now, kid."

"Alright," June said. "Shall I take these back with me?" he asked, referring to the cleaning supplies.

Just then, the janitor, who took a huge dump, came out from one of the toilets.

"There's my cleaning supplies!"

"I'll leave it here then," June said, swiftly leaving the bathroom.

As the two of them walked back to the main room, the cameraman complimented June.

"Those were some pretty good advice, kid," he said. "I hope you get good results."

"I didn't get to see the view count before it ended."


Meanwhile, the staff couldn't believe their eyes in the tallying room.

"Is this really real? Zeth didn't win? Or Casper? Or even Jaeyong?" Gun asked, still in disbelief.

"Please announce it to the trainees," Yena said. "Here's the price," she handed Minho a bag of something.

"Let's go," Minho said, pulling Gun back to the stage.

"You announce it," Gun said. "I don't want to say his name."

Minho chuckled and shook his head in amusement.

The training center was excited as the trainees gathered around the stage, eagerly awaiting the winner's announcement for the live stream mission.

"The moment we've all been waiting for is finally here! The results are in, and we have a winner for the live stream mission!" Minho exclaimed.

The trainees clapped and cheered, exchanging nervous glances with each other.

"I think it'll be Zeth or Casper. I only had around 200,000 viewers by the end of it all," Akira said.

"200,000?" Jangmoon exclaimed. "Boy, I had 15,000."

"How many did you have?" Ren asked Zeth.

"Around 450,000?"

Ren scoffed. "I had 400,000."

"How about you, June?" Jisung asked. "How many did you get?"

"I don't know," June honestly said.

"And the winner, with the most viewers during the live stream, is none other than... June! He garnered over 600,000 viewers with his cleaning live stream. Let us congratulate him," Minho announced.

Surprised gasps and cheers erupted from the trainees around June.

"What? That dude won?"

"What did he do again? Cleaning live stream?"

"Congrats, brother!" Jisung sincerely said. "You deserved it."

June tuned out all of their cheering. Instead, he focused his gaze on the prize that Minho was holding.

"Come up here and claim your prize, June."

He wasted no time in walking to the front. Minho gave him the heavy paper bag with a wide smile.

June felt excited. He was finally going to get a new phone!

As he opened the paper bag, expecting to find a valuable reward, he was taken aback by what he saw inside. His smile slowly faded as he pulled out a stack of the expensive bleach he used in the live stream.

This has got to be a joke.