Complete Martial Arts Attributeschapter 2248: the pill in the ore—seven-star sage pill!


Dazzling white light illuminated the surroundings.

The radiance, sealed for countless years, was now completely unleashed.

The brilliance was so intense that it overshadowed all the lights in the hall, and the various gemstones embedded in the walls lost their luster.

People couldn't help but squint their eyes, temporarily unable to see the situation inside the ore.


A chorus of gasps erupted from the surroundings. Everyone couldn't help but feel excited. Judging from this momentum, it seemed like the value was going to skyrocket!

Hengzang Mo and Guizang Yan immediately had unpleasant expressions. They had a premonition that the value of this ore might truly surpass theirs.

Yizang Xinnuo and Shouzang Caiyun widened their beautiful eyes, feeling a bit dreamy. They had indeed bet on the right horse, and it seemed like something extraordinary was about to be revealed.

They were appalled. The remaining volume of that ore was only half of its original size, not even one-tenth of their ores, yet it contained such a treasure. It was truly unbelievable.

"What is this?"

"It must be a light-element treasure, but I wonder what it is exactly?"

"Of course, it's a light-element treasure, but we can't see clearly. There's no way to determine!"

"Could this be the legendary concealing radiance? Now unsealed its radiance is completely unleashed."

"It's likely. The more precious something is, the more intense the radiance when it's revealed."

window.pubfuturetag = window.pubfuturetag || [];window.pubfuturetag.push({unit: "64ce79d606107d003c23ea27", id: "pf-5140-1"})"Wait a minute, do you guys see something inside that crystal?"

At these words, the crowd swarmed forward like a hive of bees, wanting to get a clear look inside the crystal. Originally thought to be a special light-element ore, it now seemed that the true treasure might lie within.

There was something inside the crystal!

Yizang Xinnuo, Shouzang Caiyun, and the others were surprised. They hurriedly came forward too.

"Make way!"

Hengzang Mo and the others felt an increasing ominous premonition. At this point, they didn't care about offending people and directly shouted, wanting to see what was inside.

They wanted to see what was inside with their own eyes.

At this moment, they still held a glimmer of hope. Even if it was a light-element treasure, it wouldn't matter if its value wasn't high enough to surpass theirs.

Many people around were reluctant but dared not voice their anger. After all, they were dealing with the geniuses of the five major families. They could only step aside.

Finally, the radiance on the surface of the crystal gradually converged, allowing them to see what was inside.

"It's… a pill!"

Everyone widened their eyes, and when they saw what was inside the crystal, they were all dumbfounded. They shouted in disbelief.

"One pill!"

"It's really a pill!"

window.pubfuturetag = window.pubfuturetag || [];window.pubfuturetag.push({unit: "64cc9e79c7059f003e4ad4b0", id: "pf-5109-1"})"Inside this light-element crystal is actually a pill that has been sealed for who knows how many years!"

"My goodness, how can a pill be sealed like this!"

The crowd erupted into excitement as a pill was unexpectedly revealed within the ore.

This was an extremely rare occurrence.

While it had happened before, it was so infrequent that many deemed it almost impossible. Some had never witnessed such an event.

However, those who knew understood that pills sealed within ores were exceptionally precious. They possessed a self-protective ability, allowing them to remain sealed to resist external energy erosion. Otherwise, they would eventually degrade into useless pills.

That was why alchemists often stored pills in jade vials inscribed with runes, fearing contamination or the dissipation of medicinal power.

So, if a pill was extracted from an ore, it unequivocally indicated that the pill was extraordinary.

It was no wonder the crowd was so exhilarated.

"This, this, this…" An elder emerged from the crowd, his eyes filled with excitement as he gazed at the pill inside the crystal. He was so overwhelmed that he couldn't find the right words.

"Grandmaster Yun Dang!"

Many people recognized the elder's identity and were shocked.

"It's Grandmaster Yun Dang. He's here too!"

"Grandmaster Yun Dang? Who is that? Why haven't I heard of him?"

window.pubfuturetag = window.pubfuturetag || [];window.pubfuturetag.push({unit: "663633fa8ebf7442f0652b33", id: "pf-8817-1"})"Ignorant! Grandmaster Yun Dang is a famous grandmaster alchemist in our Five Burial Stars' Secondary Career Alliance."

"He's a grandmaster alchemist. No wonder he was so excited when he saw the pill."

"Grandmaster alchemist!" Wang Teng glanced at him in surprise. He didn't expect to meet a grandmaster alchemist here. Was this fate?

"Grandmaster Yun Dang, do you recognize this pill?" Someone couldn't help but ask.

"This is… the Seven-Star Sage Pill!" Grandmaster Yun Dang took a deep breath, his eyes radiating a passionate light as he spoke.

"Seven-Star Sage Pill!"

"What is this pill?"

"Daring to bear the name 'sage,' could it be a divine-level pill?"

Upon hearing the name of the pill inside the crystal, the crowd erupted into discussions with expressions of astonishment on their faces.

"You guessed it right. This Seven-Star Sage Pill is indeed a divine-level pill, and it's an extremely rare light-element divine-level pill!" Grandmaster Yun Dang took a deep breath and said, "I never expected that in my lifetime, I would come across such a rare ancient pill. It's truly worth living for."

"A light-element divine-level pill! Wow!" The crowd gasped, finding it hard to believe their ears.

"Grandmaster Yun Dang, what are the effects of this pill?" Yizang Xinuo glanced at Wang Teng, then at the pill. Her curiosity getting the better of her.

"This pill can help light-element universe-stage martial warriors break through to the eternal stage!" Grandmaster Yun Dang looked at Wang Teng with complicated eyes as he spoke.


"It can help light-element universe-stage martial warriors break through to the eternal stage!"


The expressions on everyone's faces were as if they had seen a ghost. They couldn't believe that a mineral worth just over 50 million could yield such an extraordinary pill.

What luck was this?

Yizang Xinnuo widened her beautiful eyes, looking at Wang Teng in astonishment.

Shouzang Caiyun covered her mouth.

Hengzang Mo, Guizang Yan, and Yunzang Xiao's expressions froze. They stared at the pill in amazement before turning to look at Wang Teng.

What kind of luck did this guy have to find such a treasure?

For a moment, the three of them were filled with envy, jealousy, and hatred.

There was no need for further appraisal. The value of this pill undoubtedly exceeded that of all of them. Even if the value of all the ores they had bid on was combined, it was likely still lower than the Seven-Star Sage Pill.

It wasn't even worth mentioning!

The gap was insurmountable.

Wang Teng remained extremely calm. He had long seen that this should be a light-element pill, and he even noticed strands of eternal matter within it. Therefore, this pill wasn't just a supreme-rank pill, it was undoubtedly of divine-level quality, surpassing the ores of all the others.

He wanted to impress Yizang Xinuo and the others, so he needed to showcase something stunning.

If he only slightly surpassed them, it wouldn't be impressive enough. To leave an indelible mark, he had to find a treasure that would awe everyone present.

As for whether this light-element divine-level pill might attract unwanted attention, he had already considered an escape plan and wasn't afraid of prying eyes.

"How much is this Seven-Star Sage Pill?" Shouzang Caiyun couldn't help but ask.

"Even I cannot estimate its price. This pill is an ancient one, extremely rare in the present era. Its formula cannot even be found anymore. Only an alchemy saint's assessment can determine its value," Grandmaster Yun Dang replied.

"Only an alchemy saint's assessment can determine its value!" The crowd was astounded. They realized that the value of this pill far exceeded their imagination.

Everyone looked at Wang Teng with eyes filled with admiration and envy.

Purchasing such an ore for 50 million wasn't just an increase in value. It was soaring to unimaginable heights.

Many finally believed that the young man before them was undoubtedly a highly skilled mining engineer, as it would be impossible to find such a valuable ore otherwise.

"Brother Han, you're impressive!" Yizang Xinnuo looked at Wang Teng in admiration and expressed her sincere thoughts.

"Yes, such expertise is truly beyond ordinary people," Shouzang Caiyun nodded in agreement.

Her gaze toward Wang Teng now carried not just casualness but also a trace of flattery and eagerness to please.

A universe explorer with such profound skills in the mining field would undoubtedly be treated as an esteemed guest even by universe-stage powerhouses.

"I'm just lucky." Wang Teng smiled calmly.

The two women were speechless. His way of being modest never changed.

Was this explanation plausible?

If so, how would they explain their two previous ores?

They wouldn't believe him.

"May I ask if you, sir, are willing to sell this pill?" Someone couldn't help but ask loudly.

At this point, they dared not casually call Wang Teng "brother" anymore. Instead, they addressed him with utmost respect. A mining engineer who could extract such a treasure deserved nothing less.

Many immediately turned their attention as soon as they heard the inquiry. They were equally interested in this pill.

Those who could enter the Five Burials Hotel had significant backgrounds, likely backed by universe-stage powerhouses. Naturally, they were interested in such a divine-level pill and had the qualifications to purchase it.

The Seven-Star Sage Pill could assist light-element universe-stage martial warriors in breaking through to the eternal stage. Even if their patrons didn't require it, they could exchange it with other light-element universe-stage martial warriors for the treasures they desired.

Those light-element universe-stage martial warriors would undoubtedly be willing to offer significant prices for such a precious and rare pill.

"How do I address you?" Grandmaster Yun Dang asked.

"Han Zhu! A universe explorer roaming the universe!" Wang Teng smiled.

"Universe explorers!" Grandmaster Yun Dang was stunned for a moment. Then, he solemnly paid his respects. A young man with such profound knowledge turned out to be a learned universe explorer. No wonder he was able to find such a treasure. He seemed to possess genuine skills.

The surrounding crowd was also amazed, and their admiration for Wang Teng grew.

"I didn't know you're a universe explorer. I apologize for my disrespect!" Grandmaster Yun Dang bowed and introduced himself. "I'm the grandmaster alchemist guarding the Five Burial Planets from the Secondary Career Alliance."

"Grandmaster Yun Dang, you're too kind!" Wang Teng returned the salute.

"Mister, if you're willing to sell this pill, I can ask an alchemy saint from the Secondary Career Alliance to appraise it. I guarantee you won't suffer any loss," Grandmaster Yun Dang offered.

He was representing the Secondary Career Alliance now. He knew that with his wealth, he wouldn't be able to acquire this pill.

However, for the entire Secondary Career Alliance, this ancient pill with a lost formula held significant research value. There was a possibility that the alchemy saints among them could revive the brilliance of this ancient pill.

"Grandmaster Yun Dang, that's not fair. The five families haven't made their offers yet. How can you act preemptively?" At this moment, a voice came from the rear.