Binding to Geniuses To Become Strongerchapter 161: becoming stronger by accident

There are moments when the disparity between people becomes so massive that it surpasses imagination. It might even be more frightening than the difference between man and dog.

The Circling Lotus Sword was in the All-Seeing Buddha Sect for such a long time. Countless monks visited the All-Seeing Buddha Sect to attempt to retrieve the sword. After all, it was Xuanyuan Taihua's sword. It was a prized sword of a transcendental realm warrior.

However, none of the All-Seeing Buddha monks were successful in retrieving the sword. This was because the task was too difficult. Failure after failure crushed the spirits of numerous monks. Hence, many of the monks chose to give up and accept that this sword could only be admired from afar.

Yet, Fang Lang's actions proved to them that it was not because they could not retrieve the sword. Instead, it was because this sword did not choose them.

The Circling Lotus Sword was retrieved by Fang Lang in a manner that exceeded their imaginations. It was ridiculously simple to the extent that many of them were speechless.

It was like the sword was presenting itself to him, like a dog waiting to be pet.

Fang Lang was not surprised by this. After all, he managed to obtain the Blooming Lotus Sword and the Reincarnating Lotus Sword through Xuanyuan Taihua's aura that he possessed. It was so strong that it had the ability to automatically lure Xuanyuan Taihua's prized sword to deliver itself to him.

Of course, the All-Seeing Buddha monks also understood this. They just could not accept it.

Since Fang Lang had retrieved the sword, his enlightenment in time sword intent became more profound. His power also increased drastically. He could faintly sense the doorway into the fifth-class realm. However, Fang Lang was not concerned about this.

After he had bound so many geniuses, especially the sacred maiden of the demon tribe and the archdevil of the devil tribe, Fang Lang had become more powerful.

The sacred maiden and the archdevil possessed a true divine core that was unlike Fang Lang's tactless divine core. Their innate talent was frightfully powerful.

Since they had suffered a loss at Fang Lang's hands, they would naturally feel unresigned to the result and a little unhappy. This feeling will cause them to have the intention of making sure that they would not lose again the next time they encountered Fang Lang.

Hence, they would train intensely and fervently in order to advance their cultivation. However, they did not know that the more they trained, Fang Lang's cultivation would only become stronger!

window.pubfuturetag = window.pubfuturetag || [];window.pubfuturetag.push({unit: "64ce79d606107d003c23ea27", id: "pf-5140-1"})A gust of wind blew past. As soon as Master Ci Yue entered the ancient monastery, his kind face changed into an odd expression as he looked at Fang Lang.

He had been hoping to see the scene of Fang Lang struggling to retrieve the sword. However, it appeared that he would not be able to watch that scene occur.

"Amitabha, congratulations. Benefactor Fang, you have retrieved the Circling Lotus Sword and are now another step closer to First Sword Taihua's return," said Master Ci Yue with a wide smile, accompanied by a buddhist chant.

Fang Lang smiled and nodded. This world was no longer peaceful. Since a problem has arisen with the Tang Code, it would definitely trigger insolence among some of the warriors. At that moment in time, the world needed warriors to stand out and righteously uphold world order.

Fang Lang could not do this. Even Martial Arts King Jiang might not be able to do this.

In this world, there were only two people who could strike fear in the hearts of the numerous transcendental realm warriors. The first one was the Emperor, while the other was Xuanyuan Taihua.

Fang Lang placed the Circling Lotus Sword in his scabbard and bowed towards Master Ci Yue. He planned to leave the All-Seeing Buddha Sect.

Since that he had the Circling Lotus Sword in hand, his cultivation would also strengthen tremendously.

Fang Lang planned to head onwards to the Meridian Guild and retrieve the last sword, the Withering Lotus Sword.

When that was accomplished, all four lotus swords would be obtained and Fang Lang would have completed the job that Xuanyuan Taihua had entrusted him to do. Fang Lang would be considered to have fulfilled his duty to honor his master.

As for what would happen next, whether a large battle between transcendental warriors would break out in the Tang Dynasty or not would have nothing to do with Fang Lang.

Fang Lang would not pay attention to such matters. The issue that he was truly concerned with was how he would bind more geniuses.

Fang Lang expressed his intention to leave the All-Seeing Buddha Sect. Master Ci Yue was not surprised by this. After all, the main reason Fang Lang came to the sect was to retrieve the Circling Lotus Sword. Even the Battle of Pagodas was merely a way for Fang Lang to repay Master Ci Yue for saving him. It was also the token that allowed him to retrieve the Circling Lotus Sword.

window.pubfuturetag = window.pubfuturetag || [];window.pubfuturetag.push({unit: "64cc9e79c7059f003e4ad4b0", id: "pf-5109-1"})"Since you wish to leave, I won't stop you. However, I would still like to remind you that the world is no longer at peace."

"Asi Luohan has joined forces with the third prince and their armies are suppressing the territories. Asi Luohan says that the Emperor is being threatened and deceived. Hence, he is calling for a clean-up of the monarchy. At the moment, the army has already invaded numerous cities. A majority of the foreign warriors have responded to Asi Luohan's call, forming a terrifying torrent."

"Besides that, Asi Luoshan has also visited many sects and joined forces with numerous transcendental realm warriors of the various sects. The transcendental realm warriors of the Main Path Guild, the Four Rings Tower, the Medicine Valley and other sects have all agreed to join Asi Luohan. Their power is enough to overturn the world," said Master Ci Yue as his eyes shone brightly.

Fang Lang was stunned. Had a rebellion broke out!?

Fang Lang sighed internally. He knew a little about the problem going on with the Tang Code. The Tang Emperor wanted to perfect the Tang Code but might have suffered the Tang Code's backlash. After all, the Tang Code was the key to suppressing the transcendental realm warriors.

Even though there was not a great number of transcendental realm warriors in the Tang Dynasty, they still existed. Hence, they were extremely sensitive about the Tang Code.

However, not every transcendental warrior was as cautious as Zhao Taifeng.

"The war is finally about to break out. However, the only people who will suffer because of the war would be the common folk."

"Win or lose, the people will suffer…" sighed Fang Lang.

Master Ci Yue was stunned. His simple words sent Master Ci Yue deep in thought. The more he pondered on it, the more meaning he found in those words.

After a long time, he said with a complicated look on his face, "Benefactor Fang, you're undeniably the champion of the Imperial Examination. To understand completely with just one sentence."

Fang Lang smiled but did not offer any explanations.

His snow-white robes billowed in the breeze. After that, he clasped his hands towards Master Ci Yue once more and turned around breezily, taking large strides as he left.

window.pubfuturetag = window.pubfuturetag || [];window.pubfuturetag.push({unit: "663633fa8ebf7442f0652b33", id: "pf-8817-1"})"Benefactor Fang, please be careful after you leave the All-Seeing Buddha Sect."

"Asi Luohan will not let you retrieve the last sword with ease. Asi Luoshan, Zhao Taifeng and the others all do not wish to see the return of Xuanyuan Taihua."

"The third prince, Li Liancheng, has even prepared an army to corner you in a trap. Please be careful, Benefactor Fang."

Master Ci Yue advised Fang Lang in-kind concern as he watched Fang Lang's retreating figure.

Fang Lang cocked an eyebrow and leisurely raised his arm as his figure disappeared into the thick mist.

The Meridian Guild.

The Meridian Guild was located in an extremely unique place. It was situated in the desert. However, the desert was not located in the western regions of the Tang Dynasty. Instead, it was situated in the inner region of the central plains. In fact, there was a lush primeval forest all around the Meridian Guild.

The Meridian Guild was a sect that specialized in researching the power of meridians. As the second guild in the Tang Dynasty, it was very powerful.

According to rumors, the Meridian Guild has the backing of the Tang Dynasty royal family. Besides that, the royal bloodline was also what the Meridian Guild's research was headed toward.

The Meridian Guild had not been around for long. It was an emerging guild. The Emperor formed the Meridian Guild after he united the Tang Dynasty all those years ago. It was established in order to conduct research on the royal bloodlines of the royal families that were toppled by the Tang Dynasty in the War of Eight Nation.

The power of the Tang Dynasty royal bloodline was strengthened through the bloodlines of these royal families. The results of the research were tremendous and allowed the Tang Dynasty to produce numerous great warriors. It also helped the royal family by allowing them to awaken and develop their bloodline so that they could advance even further.

For example, the first prince that died was quite young. Even though his innate talent and ability were decent, there was a huge disparity between his abilities and top geniuses. However, once he entered the ninth-class realm, he exceeded many geniuses who trained hard for many years.

How was that possible?

That was because the first prince was able to master the ability to develop his bloodline power with the help of the Meridian Guild. Hence, his strength rose exceedingly quickly compared to typical geniuses.

Even the third prince, Li Liancheng's cultivation improved at rapid speeds. All this was possible because the royal family had the help of the Meridian Guild.

At that point in time, a thick fog swirled outside the primeval forest outside the Meridian Guild. A figure arrived on the back of an armored white horse, dressed in armor. His eyes were cold and looming.

Swish, swish, swish!

The sound of explosions broke out in the air. After that, numerous strapping figures appeared behind the man's figure.

The fog began to clear, revealing the face of the man. It was the third prince, Li Liancheng!

It was the third prince, who was locked up in the rear palace by the Emperor but defied the Emperor, and left the palace to join forces with the foreign general Asi Luoshan! At that moment, he had appeared in front of the Meridian Guild.

"According to the feedback report, Fang Lang has helped the All-Seeing Buddha Sect achieve victory in the Battle of Pagodas."

"Fang Lang won three consecutive rounds in the Battle of Pagodas, defeating the sacred maiden of the demon tribe, the archdevil of the devil tribe… achieving a shocking blow."

"It is said that the demon king of the demon tribe personally appeared… However, he was forced away by the Buddha of the All-Seeing Sect."

"On another note, Fang Lang has successfully retrieved the Circling Lotus Sword from the All-Seeing Buddha Sect," reported a strapping figure solemnly.

Everything that he reported was detailed information of the Battle of Pagodas.

Of course, it was not strange for him to know about the details of the Battle of Pagodas. After all, the All-Seeing Buddha Sect announced the news of their victory and also the news that they rejected Asi Luoshan's offer to join forces.

That was because the All-Seeing Buddha Sect owed Fang Lang a debt of gratitude. Hence, they would not form an alliance with Asi Luoshan. They would not betray Fang Lang.

The corner of Li Liancheng's mouth twitched. "That group of donkeys definitely won't dare to take part in this war. Those donkeys have always been like this. When the world erupts in chaos, they will close themselves off from the world. Do-gooders."

"Besides that, how could the demon tribe and the devil tribe be such trash! Even the so-called sacred maiden and the archdevil only amount to this. How could they be defeated by Fang Lang so easily!? That's truly laughable!"

"If I'm not mistaken, when Fang Lang took part in the Battle of Pagodas, he had just entered the fourth-class realm. The sacred maiden of the demon tribe and the archdevil of the devil tribe who are known as divine core geniuses couldn't even beat him?"

The third prince's laugh reverberated in the fog-covered forest.

"I'm not surprised that the Circling Lotus Sword has been retrieved. However, the general said that if Fang Lang manages to gather all four lotus swords, it's likely that it could lure Xuanyuan Taihua, who has gone missing in the demon world."

"Hence, Fang Lang must not be allowed to retrieve the fourth sword, the Withering Lotus Sword, in the Meridian Guild."

The third prince gazed at the Meridian Guild on horseback. Behind him stood the strong warriors sent by Asi Luohan, whose cultivation level and strength were pretty powerful. There were also warriors with high cultivation sent by Zhao Taifeng of the Main Path Guild in order to ensure the safety of the third prince.

Li Liancheng was very clear that Asi Luoshan placed great importance on his safety because with him, Asi Luoshan's revolt would not be without reason.

"This is the only entrance to the Meridian Guild. If Fang Lang wishes to retrieve the Withering Lotus Sword, he will need to enter through here."

"Our army is prepared to ambush here. As soon as Fang Lang appears, kill him without mercy!"

Li Liancheng's eyes were filled with killing intent. His intent to kill Fang Lang was completely surfacing unreservedly.

"Yes, sir!"

The warriors of the Main Path Guild and those under Asi Luoshan's command all responded in affirmation.

Li Liancheng's lips curved into a smile. He raised his head to look at the Meridian Guild that was slowly shrouded in yellow sand. A light flashed across his eyes.

The Meridian Guild was a forbidden land for Fang Lang. If he dared to come, he would die for sure!

However, Li Liancheng was sure that Fang Lang… would definitely come to the Meridian Guild.


Imperial City. Royal City.

A breeze blew past, causing gentle ripples to appear over the surface of the lake. Under the illumination of the sunlight, it appeared to be covered in gold.

There was a pavilion next to the lake and a young girl dressed in red sat there quietly. The young girl's surroundings would occasionally break out in rain or gusts of wind. It was as though all four seasons were appearing around the girl. It was as if she could control the weather.

The young girl's aura climbed steadily until she completely advanced into the fourth-class realm and crystallized her unique sword intent.

The sound of gentle footsteps rang out. Jiang Linglong's long eyelashes froze. She opened her eyes slightly and saw a woman with a graceful demeanor walk over elegantly.

"Aunt Pei."

Jiang Linglong stood up and bowed.

Consort Pei's beautiful fox-like eyes focused on Jiang Linglong. A smile that was filled with satisfaction and pleasure appeared on her face.

"That's good. You've become enlightened in the four seasons sword intent. It appears that you have surely been training hard during this period of time."

A faint smile appeared on Jiang Linglong's face.

"Would you like to hear the news about Fang Lang?" asked Consort Pei with a smile.

As soon as she heard her aunt's words, Jiang Linglong's eyes lit up.

"This kid managed to win the Battle of the Pagodas and successfully retrieve the Circling Lotus Sword. At the moment, he's headed toward the Meridian Guild."

Consort Pei sat in the pavilion and languidly stretched her body. Her lithe and graceful figure was extremely eye-catching.

"The sacred maiden of the demon tribe and the archdevil of the devil tribe were both defeated by Fang Lang. This is something that I can't quite believe myself."

"This kid has managed to advance at terrifying speeds. It's no wonder that he's the disciple, who caught the eye of Xuanyuan Taihua," said Consort Pei admiringly.

Jiang Linglong was a little dumbstruck. 'Fang Lang actually defeated the sacred maiden of the demon tribe and the archdevil of the devil tribe!?'

She had heard of these two characters before. Even though Jiang Linglong was enlightened in the four season sword intent, she feared that she would barely be able to get a couple of hits in if she was faced with these two characters.

"Fang Lang… What sort of level has he advanced to?"

Jiang Linglong was a little dazed. When she thought about the youth that tried to get closer to her back then, she suddenly felt as though many years had gone by.

Without her realization, she had started to chase after his footsteps. In fact, even if she put everything she had into trying to catch up with him, she might still be unable to do so.

Consort Pei seemed to notice her dazed look and hid her smile. She said, "There's still one more piece of bad news."

"Li Liancheng is leading an army towards the Meridian Guild to lay an ambush. If Fang Lang wishes to enter the Meridian Guild, he will definitely encounter them. Li Liancheng, Asi Luoshand, Zhao Taifeng and the others are all unwilling to let Fang Lang retrieve the last sword."

"Hence, it won't be long before Fang Lang might encounter a threat even greater than being besieged by the Main Path Guild disciples," said Consort Pei.

When Jiang Linglong heard that, her eyes could not help but freeze, however, the look in her eyes darkened rapidly.

"He needs support. However, I fear that even if I went, I wouldn't be much help," said Jiang Linglong.

Consort Pei shook her head. She reached out a slender, fair finger and pressed it against Jiang Linglong's brow.

"Have you forgotten… whose blood flows within your veins?"

"Even though my older sister lacks cultivation practice, the Pei family was previously a royal bloodline. Not to mention your father's bloodline… You might discover your chance to ascend to great heights," said Consort Pei.

As soon as she finished speaking, the spiritual energy in the entire garden rapidly converged and transformed into a giant whirlpool about the pavilion.

As the whirlpool converged continuously, the Tang Code deep within the Imperial City seemed to release a faint and mysterious wave.

Soon after, that wave began to travel through the air. The spiritual energy in the world was completely enveloped and compressed, transforming into a vermillion nevus on Jiang Linglong's forehead.

Jiang Linglong's aura began to climb steadily.

Consort Pei withdrew her finger and smiled at the young girl with the red mole on her forehead. Her red lips curved.

"Go ahead. Give that boy... a good surprise."

Fang Lang left the All-Seeing Buddha Sect and was walking on foot. The earth speedily shrunk under his feet.

All of a sudden, Fang Lang stopped. He stood in place and an odd light appeared in his eyes. He felt as though the aura inside his body had explosively increased. He was a little confused.

"Huh? It seems like I've accidentally… become stronger."